Friday 6 July 2012

Friday Die-Day with a bit of difference!

Hello friends,
It's Friday and today Die-Day is a little different.
Today I'm featuring Ironwork Accents and Ironwork Motifs but I'm doing it with a longer tutorial.
I wanted to show just how versatile the Accents and Motifs ranges can be.
But firstly ...remember this?
An Aster Flower Topper created from book pages.
I know at the time some of you were a little aghast at me pulling apart a book but would it help if I said I put every bit of that book to good's how....
A little while ago I created a project for Spellbinders using Ironwork Accents and Ironwork Motifs and I thought it would be nice to share it with you again, including the full step by step instructions.
NOTE: This is a long post, photo heavy and a cup of tea/coffee may be required! 
An altered book....
Front image.
Look away now if this upsets you...!
Firstly select an old book, remove the book pages by slicing down the edges of the inner covers.
We want to work on the cover so all those pages can be kept for future projects.
Using regular white paint brush the edges, neatness is not required.
Sand to remove brush marks.
Eat a whole box of porridge sachets (or store those separately)!
It just so happened my book matched this box size, raid your larder for the right size box.
Cut to shape and reinforce with pieces of chipboard, stick with double sided tape.
Start to cover with patterned paper.
Create an inner platform from a piece of cardstock.
Pop this inside, the edges look quite rough - that's good...distressed is what we are after!
Continue to apply decorative paper, I've used script for the base of the platform and 
a striking black and white paper for the inner cover.
Start to cut/emboss various elements from the die templates.

Using some fabric to create flowers, build up your picture and....
Finally a peek at inside..
Something a little different.  You can of course leave the inside empty to use as 
storage for jewellery, notes etc.
Finally a card using the largest Ironwork Motif - looks very much like a snowflake here.
Have a great weekend - let's hope Mother Nature remembers it is Summer!
Take care friends.


Linda said...

Very beautiful
hugs \linda

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, WOW what a project, I have these dies and this inspires me to get them out and do something different. Although I think this project is beyond my capabilities just now you have given me ideas on how many other uses the dies can be used for.


Craftychris said...

Gorgeous project! I have the Ironworks Motifs and love them. My husband buys a lot of books from charity shops and car boots and if any of them start falling to bits from so many reads, they find there way into my craft room for me to alter totally guilt free xx

nattyboots said...

A great tutorial and project Christine i just love all of your ideas ,

I have these dies and just maybe ? over this wet weekend we are expecting i may give this one a go .

Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever the weather.

Elaine H X

nmty said...

Hi Christine, brilliant tutorial and a brilliant project. The ironworks dies look fabulous and i would never have thought to do this with an old book. Looking forward to the next Die day!

p.s. the frame arrived safely, thanks

lv Norma

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Thanks Christine. I have both these sets and haven't really used them so it is really good to see how pretty they are! I like the idea of using it as a snowflake and think that is definitely one I will be doing!! Thanks again for the inspiration!! Hugs Susan x

Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, what a brilliant project and tutorial. Where do you come up with these ideas from. You give us so many, thank you. Love the card too, another to add to my ideas list.
I don't think the weather is going to play with some sunshine this weekend. We are predicted to have flash flooding here - fingers crossed we don't. It is upsetting to see what some people in the country are having to cope with.
Have a lovely crafty weekend everyone.
Elizabeth x

melanie said...

Fantastic tutorial ,these dies will go on my wish list now ,Melanie

hazel young said...

morning Cgristine hope mother nature does. Love the project its fantastic and thanks for the tutorial xx hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I absolutely love this project. I have these dies and haven't used them yet, will definitely be getting them out now. I have 3 bookcases full of books, I'm going to be looking at them all in a different light from now on, because I definitely want to try your project. Love the paper you have used aswell, looks so vintage and I would never have thought about using fabric for the flowers, great idea, thanks for sharing your tips with us. Lots of love from Patricia xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Another great project and tutorial,how do you keep coming up with so many ideas. Thank you. x.

Carole Z said...

Morning what an amazing project, I have these dies and am really inspired by it..especially as like you, I am guilty of using old books for flowers! I blame Sue Wilson for suggesting it a long while ago on TV :)
Have a happy crafty Friday everyone! Carole Z xx

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, I haven't tried altering an old hardback yet; but it is something I fancy having a go at. Despite being a self confessed book addict & being surrounded by books I am having to hunt in charity shops for books to alter. Mine are too well cared for & are showing no signs of falling to bits. I couldn't possibly use a book that still had life in it (LOL!).

Chloe's Nan said...

Oooo this is wonderful Christine, I've had these dies for ages and haven't used them to their full extent yet! I have recently started on a wedding card using these dies, the theme is winter wonderland so I too thought the largest could double up as a snowflake, have a great weekend x

Unknown said...

Beautiful projects. I love all the intricate die cut details. I have been having a hard time tearing books apart, but I am coming around. :)
New follower.

papercompulsions dot blogspot dot com

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Amazing tutorial it must have taken a long time to put this together so many thanks. It looks sensational.
You are so clever. Very pretty card also.I have been asking my husband to look out for old books for me but no luck as yet.
From a rainy Kent.
Have a good day.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine.

This is fabulous and I shall be looking in charity shops for hard back books

I have these dies and I love them and would love to see more die days with them

Sue xxxx

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, such a great idea for an old book. I don't have most of the beautiful dies you show but I am getting pretty good at improvising! Your tutorial today has been amazing, thank you so much and the end result is stunning. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Sarah said...

Amazing project Christine! You're such a talented lady! Love the Ironwork accents and Motifs!

Sarah x

Unknown said...

Have these dies and have an old book so guess what I am off to do now. Brilliant idea x

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine - this is a lovely project and the tutorial is one that I could follow!!! I have the dies but need and OLD book. Will nip out to our local charity shops to see what I can pick up. I really do see why you are on the Spellbinders DT, I love your talent and just hope a little bit rubs off onto me!

Hugs Sue P xx

Sue B said...

Oh wow Christine you come up with some amazing ideas. Love the giant flower & the book/box is brilliant. Love all your projects.
Sue B

Lesley said...

Wow, what a lovely idea and no waste. It makes you feel so much better knowing that you are not a vandalising books and no guilt either???? Stunning...

Hugs Lesley

Sarah said...

Love this project and your step by step makes it do-able. Old book hunting I think!!

AnneRD said...

A brilliant tutorial and such a lovely finished project. The ironwork dies really come into their own in this one. Thanks Christine. Anne

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

This is absolutely amazing Christine.
Such a clever idea to use up old and definitely unwanted books and create something so unique and in style.
Hugs Linda xx

loftylass said...

Great idea Christine. Love the project and great instructions - now where did that old book go???
Off to look now. tfs

jean said...

hi Christine love the idea of using things and recycling them ,saves on land fill also is a gift or for yourself.well done .Julia was on tv yesterday can you tell me her name or blogsite thanks take care.

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