Tuesday 22 April 2014


Hello friends

Back to normal today and cracking on (still thinking about eggs!) with lots of things.
First off I placed together the squares for the next Charity blanket.
This one is now a third of the way complete - lots of work has been going
on behind the scenes with these squares.
Don't forget I'm having a Knit and Natter Charity Event on Saturday 3 May.
All the details are here - it is going to be a free event, drop into the shop for
knitting and lots of natter!
Cake too!  Please do not worry if you cannot knit, you can just call in to say hello -
everyone welcome.

I had a little 'helper' with organising the squares yesterday...
she's a little minx so we have to be careful with the knitting as she runs off with the squares!
Today is the announcement of the Decorated Heart winner!
Thank you for all the comments.  
Bella was put to work... honestly she lives a charmed life, wood walking, 
eating and cuddles, about time she did something!

This is her picking and chewing a winner...!
 This is definitely the one... 
And now the winner revealed!
Congratulations Sandra (aka Cotswold Crafter).
Please drop me an email:  hope-chances@live.co.uk

Have a great day everyone, more of yesterday's sunshine please!
Take care.


AnneRD said...

Good morning Christine. Firstly, well done Sandra on winning the heart, it's so pretty. Love the blanket design, but don't envy the job of piecing it together Christine, or is this a job for mum? Glad to hear that Elliott's hospital visits are going well. Anne x

Stamping Bubbles said...

Congratulations to Sandra. The blanket looks great too. Back to work for me today after a fortnight with my family. Enjoy your day.

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine. What a lot of work it takes to make the squares into a blanket ~ I love the colours you have put together. I think that Darcy is perhaps trying to tell you she would like her own kitty size blanket! Bella did her job of choosing the winner very well ~ congratulations Sandra! Take care. Hugs,
Maggie x

Chris said...

Hi Christine, congratulations to Sandra, and good luck sewing the pretty blanket together. Hope you all enjoyed your Easter and chocolate buttons.
Chris xx

Janice said...

Good morning Christine, albeit a damp one here!
Looks like another beauty of a blanket ready for finishing off, gorgeous colours too.
Congrats to Sandra...a wonderful prize.
Have a lovely day.
Janice x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Congratulations to Sandra, you lucky, lucky girlie.
The blanket layout looks fabulous,, I don't envy the stitching up though haha. Kitties are always 'in it, near it, or caused it' haha.
Bella takes her 'job' very seriously, you are lucky to have got the paper off her haha, so funny.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine ,
Congratulations Sandra,the heart is lovely.
I love your blanket,the colours work so well together.
Your knit and natter day sounds good,you always sound so busy.
I hope you have a good day. Take care. x.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. What a lovely choice of colours on the blanket. You (and your Mum?)are going to be very busy joining them aren't you. I'm sure Darcy thinks she is helping :) Congratulations to Sandra, you lucky thing. I hope the sun comes out for everyone, it is a really grey dull day here at the moment! Take care.

Debbie Tinks said...

That's a good way of choosing the winner ...
Happy crafting ...x

Carole Z said...

Good morning Christine and congrats to Sandra!! Love the photos of the blanket and squares..especially the one with Darcy peeking in the background :) Have a super day, hugs Carole Z X

EmmaT said...

Good Morning Christine, congrats to Sandra on winning the heart and well done to Bella for picking the winner. The blanket is looking good, seems to me cats love helping (or hindering!) us craft! I wish you all a lovely week. Hugs Emma x

Wendy L said...

Lovely post Christine, love the pics of Bella doing a good job, but it wasn't my name LOL Sob sob.
The next blanket looks great, my fave colours, I will be sending more squares to you when i get over there in may. xxxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Congrats to Sandra for winning the beautiful heart.
Love the colours you have put together for the blanket, don't envy you sewing it together.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, love the blanket lovely colours. Congrats to Sandra
on winning a lovely prize. love Jean Z xx

baconbits said...

Morning Christine
Oh how I wished I lived nearer as I would pop by for knit & natter - although it would be more natter than knit as I can't knit lol.
Can't wait for the heart to be a kit.
Amanda x

Maggie said...

Hello Christine. It's a soggy view outside my window today. Just the right sort of weather for a bit of clearing up and putting my craft room back into some sort of order. Lucky Sandra to be chewed by Bella so thoroughly. What a lovely prize to get. Have a great day. xxMargaretxx

Lacelady said...

Morning Christine, its cloudier here today, which is a shame, but we were well treated with sunshine over Easter. Blanket looks great, in spite of the 'help' LOL. and congrats to Sandra. Well done Bella.

ElizabethS said...

Morning Christine, yes me too I would love to pop for a knit and natter, any excuse for that, hehehe.
Congratulations to Sandra on your win.
I am pleased Bella has redeemed herself slightly by the work she did picking the winner out. Bless her.
Elizabeth x

Sandra said...

Good morning Christine,
Wow you have really brightened my day, thank you so much, and to Beautiful Bella for picking my name!
I was feeling really miserable as the house seems very lonely, empty and quiet today as the family have all gone off to work and school, I hate it, I love having people around me! But I will go and hide out in the craft room.
The knitted quilt is looking fab, very colourful, I have one to finish, a week by week magazine one, I never got round to finishing it, I also have a week by week quilt one that I haven't started yet too, I know you have too Christine , have you started yours?
Thank you lovely blog friends for your kind wishes,
I will be hanging the heart with pride in my new refurbished craft room!
Hugs to you all,
Sandra xxx

hazel young said...

Lovely photos and well done to the winner xx hazel

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christina
Wish I lived closer so I could pop in. Congratulations to Sandra. Take care.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine .
Congrats to Sandra ,you lucky girl enjoy !

We have heavy rain today Christine after yesterdays beautiful sunshine

The blanket looks as if its coming along nicely { such a lot of hard work goes into crocheting the squares together im sure but so worth it .

Take Care
Elaine H X

Ita said...

Hi Christine,both projects are lovely,you are a busy lady congrats to the winner.

LoraineC said...

Congratulations Sandra on winning the heart, what a wonderful job you are doing with the blankets Christine they are a amazing x

Carolyn H said...

Well done to Sandra.
Those blankets are really keeping you busy Christine.Hope everyone that can pop into the shop enjoys the day, as always, wish I lived closer, not much of a knitter, but I can natter!!!
Carolyn xx

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