Wednesday 30 April 2014

Updates and Baby Birds

Hello friends

I think a 'tip on a Tuesday' worked well, I wonder if I can come up with more...
For those of you who asked further questions - Elizabeth your base plate bubbling and 
Mrs B with your handle situation - please feel free to email me:

A definite Spring-ness is in the air, my parents have a bird box with a camera inside
and the baby Great Tits have just hatched!
Not the best photo as it is taken from the TV screen projecting the image but look
at all those hungry beaks open!
Now for some updates:

All the Create A Flower dies are now available apart from the Create A Lily,
a real later bloomer!  This one will be arriving in a couple of weeks.

News on the Tool n' One - I actually had a dream about this the other night, 
it is obviously permanently on my mind! 
The news I have just received is that it should be dispatched from USA
on 1 May - that's tomorrow!  Everything comes to me via a fast courier service so very
much hoping I will be posting them out to you all the beginning of next week.
I promise to keep you updated with every bit of news I receive.

Keeping with the thought of Spring and Summer not being too far off - how about a pretty
decorated bag project?
I bought a little bag from Primark, took off the original decorations and
added Bitty Blossoms and Curved Borders cut from felt.
The extra embellishments are Flowers One blanks, layered with some
glitter glue and button.  Ribbon and small heart bezel.
This would work well on the little canvas storage boxes you can buy.

Truly delighted with the new customers that are visiting the shop, blog and website -
welcome to you all.

Take care friends.


Chris said...

Morning Christine,
Isn't nature wonderful, we have two boxes of nesting Blue Tits this year, those little birds work so hard when the little ones hatch, they fly in and out of the boxes tirelessly when feeding their young. Your decorated bag is really pretty, and love the felt Bitty Blossoms, what is the best glue for felt, would cosmic shimmer be strong enough to hold them together? Hopefully not long now before we receive our Tool in One, I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
Chris xx

Diane said...

yippee! Can you see me doing my happy dance in my pyjamas???. Not a pretty sight!
What a lovely bag, every young girls delight!

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine. Love the decorated bag and the news on the 'babies'! Hugs,
Maggie x

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hi Christine, the little birds who nest in my neighbour's bird box have been very busy too. I love this time of the year.
The bag is beautiful. Bitty blossoms is a great die for cutting felt flowers.
Enjoy your day

PharmacyMichele said...

Fed some ducklings on the way home from work last nights-theres a duckpond in the hospital grounds. Can't wait for my Tool n One to arrive-its naughty of Spellbinders to have given you a delivery date they just couldn't keep to.
Love the redecorated bag.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty bag. JuliaT x

Janice said...

Morning Christine
What a great photo from the bird box, such amazing technology today!
I love how you've altered your bag. I'm sure you'll have plenty of people asking you where you bought it from. 😊
Top tip Tuesday sounds good to me, although we're happy to receive your tips any day of the week!
Enjoy your day.
Janice x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, we have Great Tits nesting in our box this year, no camera but they are very busy! We also have two pairs of blackbirds nesting either end of the garden, one pair seems to be there every year, though it's been so long it must just seem that they are the dame ones, lol..the only nesting birds we are missing this year are robins, which I am quite sad about as they always get so tame..having said that the male blackbird comes out for his mealworms every day when I get the hens out!
Your decorated bag is absolutely fabulous! hugs Carole Z X

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, The piccie of the baby birdies is a definite Awwwww !! We have a blue tit nest in our climbing hydrangea at the side of our bay window, and Lizzie (our cat) spends ages sat on the windowsill watching their comings and goings, I wish we had a camera inside.
Your embellished bag is beautiful, the colours complement perfectly, I love it !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

marg said...

Good Morning Christine!
Not a good sleep last night... BP machine attached to me and going off every 1hr all night......
but I'm up now, and loving your little bag, so sweet Christine!
Lovely little birds wonderful to watch them feed their young, already had the Robins, now its Long tailed, Blue, and Great Tits in the Fruit trees.
Desperate now for the tool its been so long nearly forgot what to do with it lol
Take wishes to the boys and hope they are well!
Love Marg

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Yes a great tip yesterday ,my mats are all spotless and ready to get messy again .
Im loving your pretty bag,( another great idea of yours) Bitty blossoms are a lovely flower .

We had a Woodpecker in our tree waking us up early in the morning for the last 8 years but sadly not this year , i do miss him and hope he will appear soon.
Our friend the robin made an appearance yesterday when john was weeding the flower beds , and the blue tits and nuthatch are feeding well on the feed station ,{ when the squirrels have been shooed away that is .}

Have a good day
Take Care
Elaine H X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Great picture of the baby birds,nature is wonderful.
Love your bag,the flowers make such a difference.
I look forward to all your tips any day of the week.
Have a nice day. Take care. x.

Sandra said...

Good Morning Christine, cute photo, I have to say it looks like tea time at our house, I know how that mummy bird feels!
Christine that bag is gorgeous, what a fabulous idea!
Are all the tool n one's spoken for if not can I have one too please, save endless hours with a pokey tool!
Keep the Tuesday Tips coming!, maybe we should all take part?!
Hugs to all
Sandra xx

hazel young said...

great bag and bird photo xx hazel

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I now have a lovely dust free embossing mat, what a great tip thank you, and yes please keep them coming.
Love what you have done to the little bag, you have made such a pretty gift, nobody would know it came from Primark.
We have two bird boxes but only one seem to have any action this year.

Debbie Tinks said...

Love the bird picture and the bag is great ...
Happy crafting Christine ...x

Unknown said...

That bag looks terrific. Great use of dies, and a bit of upcycling is perfect, you end up with something totally unique.
Janice W

loftylass said...

Morning Christine.... love the photo of the chicks. Loved the gorgeous bag too, you never cease to amaze me with your ideas - must get to that shop my 10 year old granddaughter will love having a go at that. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, I love your decorated bag so pretty love Jean Z xxx

Val Jones said...

Love the bag Christine. Primark here I come.
What a lovely photo. It´s a wonderful time of the year. Sounds as though I´m going to burst into song!!!
Love Val in Spain x

Lacelady said...

Morning Christine - thanks for the update on the tool n one, but how frustrating there was another delay. The last time you mentioned it, I understood that it was going to be dispatched on 21st April. For goodness sake, they are really keeping us waiting, aren't they.

Love the bag with it's pretty flowers.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Yes please to more Tips On Tuesday :) It always good to hear of anything that makes crafting easier, cheaper etc. Thank you, I know that you would help with any problems. Luckily I have been sorted but poor Pam S Witney hasn't had much luck has she!
I love the bag, you end up with something that is unique that didn't cost a fortune :)
How lovely to see all of those little Great Tit mouths. Your Mum and Dad must get a lot of pleasure from watching the whole process. My parents have Blue Tits in a nest box beside the conservatory, and have done for years, which they watch while eating. It's amazing just how much food the parent birds have to supply isn't it!
I hope the Tool'n' One parcel turns up soon. It is obviously playing on your mind, bless you!
Take care.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

I love your bag, it looks amazing

We had some blue tits nesting in our garden a couple of years ago, I didn't see them in the box but when they all came out they were like butterflies fluttering about


baconbits said...

Morning Christine
WOW I love the bag and so personal think I might have a go.....
Amanda x

Maggie C said...

Hello Christine. What a lot of birds mentioned in your comments today. I expect love of nature goes with love of crafting. I have my window open just above my craft table and the bird song this morning has been magical. Love the bag and think my boring old supermarket shopper deserves a makeover. xxMargaretxx

Laura O said...

wow that gave a plain bag such a lift ,Laura O

JJ said...

Lovely photo f the birds, so many in one nest! Great bag too, looks beautiful.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

ElizabethS said...

Hi Christine, what a lovely post today with little birdies and beautiful craft project. You have a knack of making something from nothing.
Have a lovely day.
Elizabeth x

SusanP, Kent said...

Feeling a bit groggy today, but the baby birds cheered me up. Love the felt embellishments. A decorated bag would make a lovely kit if you were able to source enough bags.

Janice said...

A beautiful bag, Christine, what a brilliant idea. Will definitely be having a go at some time to make one. Janice x

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ita said...

Hi Christine I love this idea with the basket ,it would make a great gift,for taking your craft things with you .i also think it would be a great baby gift.
Thanks for the inspiration .

AnneRD said...

Great idea for the bag Christine, can be co-ordinated to match any summer outfit. This will be a lovely project for my youngest grand-daughter. Anne x

Anonymous said...

Wow fantastic bag ! Need it......
How cool for your mum & dad seeing the birds hatch & grow x

LoraineC said...

Gorgeous bag Christine and how cute are those little mouths. We have a box in our garden which had blue tits for many years and then great tits came and made the hole a bit bigger but I don't think they are there this year. The box has been there for 26 years and probably needs to come down but my father in law made it ( he is no longer with us ) and I would feel sad to take it down. Sentimental or what! X

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