Friday 14 March 2014

Friday Die Day

Hello friends
Yes, Friday is here and Die Day is here!
Still with my floral theme, this week's featured flower is
You receive 6 die templates with this set - as you can see the petals are all set out in one
die template (large, medium, small - 2 of each).
This makes it so much easier, no fear of losing small dies and speedier
when cutting/embossing.
This is how they look cut/embossed.
For my flower I've cut three leaves, two disc florets (although only a yellow one is pictured!)
three petal bases (2 large, one small), the calyx and for the petals,
8 large, 8 medium, 8 small (that means using the petal die 4 times).
You will see in the petal bases there are small slots for each petal to insert.
This makes it easy to align each petal.  I've chosen at this point to lightly ink the tips and edges
using Fired Brick Distress Ink.

Each flower base finished with corresponding petals.
To shape the petals use your pokey tool and lightly curl the petals upwards.

All curled lightly!
You can then layer them up, affix with Cosmic Shimmer.
From green cardstock cut/emboss the calyx and affix to the back of the flower.

Shape the two disc florets by drawing up the petals to create a 'cup'.
Place one inside the other for your flower centre.
Attach the leaves to the reverse.
I've placed a ruler so you can get an idea of the flower size.

You can create a black flower centre if you wish, I preferred mine left pink!
A side view.
 I'm in such a dilemma as to which flower is my favourite - I think I'm going to have
to settle and just say they are ALL beautiful!
Create A Gerber Daisy will be arriving very soon - should you wish to pre-order the
details are here.
Have a brilliant weekend everyone and I'm back tomorrow.
Take care.


Magzeeann said...

Morning Christine. Another beautiful flower today~ I like the way the petals fit into slots. Sending lots of positive vibes your way for your visit to the hospital~ enjoy the Big Mac Elliott! Love and hugs,
Maggie x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Hi Christine another beautiful flower you certainly make them look easy to use. Hugs Susan xx

Valerie said...

Hello Christine, all these new flowers are lovely. Like you, I would not be able to pick a favourite, best wait to see them in the flesh, hope you will have the samples in the shop. Good luck for Elliott at the hospital today. Have a good week-end. Valerie

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, brilliant tutorial and I love the gerber daisy but then all the create a flower range are lovely.
Hope your appointment with Elliott at Kings goes well today.
Elizabeth x

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, I love them all just like you and I am so glad you demonstrate them it help a lot. Hope all goes well with Elliott! love Jean Z xxx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant ! Love the tutorial . Good luck today will be thinking of you both x

Carole Z said...

Morning Christine, another beautiful flower! Wishing Elliott well at the hospital today, enjoy the Big Mac afterwards! Hugs, Carole Z X

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Well it's Friday again, where do these weeks go !!!! and todays FDD doesn't disappoint, what a beautiful gerbera flower.
Hope everything goes well today for Elliott.
Lots of love and huge hugs from Patricia xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. I love the Gerber, but like you think that the whole set are beautiful. Like the slots, ensuring you get even spacing, very clever. Hope all goes well today, and that Elliott enjoys his Maccy D's : ) Have a good weekend. Take care.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Thanks for your tutorial,you always make it easy to follow .

Hope Elliott goes on ok today .
Take Care
Elaine H X

hazel young said...

Gorgeous die Christine, makes a lovely flower. good luck at hospital today. Hope you have a great day xx hazel

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. I haven´t got a favourite. They are all beautiful.
Good Luck today.
Love Val x

Lacelady said...

Morning Christine, another lovely set of dies, and I agree with you, they are all super.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Another great tutorial, the flowers are lovely, don't have a favourite as yet will wait until I've seen them all.
Good luck at King's today.

marg said...

Hello Christine!
Thank you for you flower demo's I have several sets on order and appreciate the tutorials for future use! Thank you!
Have a nice McDonalds Elliott, after you know where!
Take care Christine
Love Marg

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Great tutorial,all the flowers are lovely really hard to have a favourite.
Hope all goes well today. Take care. x.

Maggie said...

Good morning. This is beautiful and although it would take time passing through the machines so many times, it is really worth it in the end. An embellishment that would be great all on its own. But which one to choose. A dilemma. Fingers crossed for today with Elliott. Enjoy your Big Mac. xxMargaretxx

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. All the flowers are fantastic. Good wishes for today
Phil D

ros hodgkins said...

Hello Christine, A really lovely flower and very stable with a slott for each petal. Have a great weekend everyone.
X Ros

Linda said...

Hi Christine, love these dies, like you don't know which to buy, if only the pot of money was bottomless.
Thinking of you all today

baconbits said...

Afternoon Christine
Love the Gerbera and one of my favourite flowers.
If only I had a tree that grew money.... then choosing would not be an option
Amanda x

Janice said...

Another lovely flower Christine, and a great tutorial.
Hope all has gone well today at the hospital for Elliot. I dare say it included a visit to McD's afterwards!
Janice x

LoraineC said...

Hope all has gone well today, very hard to choose I think the sunflower is in the lead at the moment!! X

Planetsusie said...

This is lovely Christine - I need to add this one to the others I have!! Funnily enough I bought a Gerbera from Tesco four years ago, it was on sale for £1.50 and there was one flower! I keep it in the kitchen window and hubby re-potted it last year for me. This year we can see 12 flowers so far! Gerberas are such a delight and this die is therefore a MUST!!!!

Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

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