Friday, 4 February 2022

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

I hope you have all had a good week so far.
Yet again I am staggered how quickly the days fly by but 
heartened to see that longer evenings are ahead.

It's February and so far a mild one here in the South East.
I have reminded myself that for the last two years 
we have had snow in February though -
this was 7th February last year.

According to Bede, writing in the 8th century, 
February was known as the “month of cakes” because this was 
when gifts of cake were given to the gods. 
I think that just means we can eat more cake than normal. 
All my baking items are packed away in anticipation of the new kitchen,
so cake has to be shop bought right now but we are managing!

Thank you for Mitchell's birthday wishes.
We ventured out for a meal in Bluewater which felt like a real treat,
we haven't done that in ages.

It was a bit of a double celebration as Mitchell applied
and got a new job, still working within IT - he is now moving
to a company that develops software for dental surgeries.
The beauty of this job is regular hours. He has been working a 6pm - 2am
shift for quite a long time now and craving some normality.


My hyacinth bowl is growing beautifully but irregularly,
unlikely to have all blooms at the same time but it will last longer.
The purple/blue is so lovely.
I'm unsure about the weathered look of the metal pot - 
I keep thinking it looks like it needs cleaning!


Crochet squares continue on a slower pace with Lily observing the
ends that still need to be sewn in.

Yet again a project that was supposed to be stash busting will require
the purchase of a few new balls of yarn, it's a conspiracy I'm sure.


I've been catching up with Brit Box offerings and discovered
Hotel Portofino.

The daughter of a wealthy industrialist moves to Italy in the 1920s 
to set up a quintessentially British hotel in the beautiful town of 
Portofino as Benito Mussolini's brand of fascism was on the rise.

Watch this if only for the breath taking scenery.
Oh my goodness Portofino looks stunning, the vibrant
colour of the sky, sea and pastel painted properties.
Apparently some of this series was also filmed in Croatia. 
It is a nice series, it feels like one of those dramas that work for afternoon viewing.

If you happen to have Britbox look out for Magpie Murders
coming soon.  I read the book by Anthony Horowitz and it is wonderful
so fingers crossed the telly adaption is just as good.

Also on Now or Sky is The Gilded Age
Set in America in the late 1800s and written by Julian Fellows.

It is Downton Abbey - just with railroad tycoons.
With the upstairs affluent society and downstairs servants with their woes.
Very watchable even when seeing them dodge the muddy puddles 
on unmade roads in those dresses.

Charity Kit

This Sunday is Charity Kit Day, first one of the year since moving
to alternate months. Here's a sneak peek.

The post will go live at 7am on Sunday and I will post over social media too.

And that has been my week so far.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend, I'm playing catch up at home 
but hoping to fit in some crochet time.

Take care friends.


CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. Congrats to Mitchell on his new job.

Michele said...

Morning Christine.
Another great chat thank you.
Congratulations to Mitchell.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Love that February is the month of cakes. Glad Mitchell had a lovely meal and birthday. Congrats on his new job. Love the Hyacinth and lol about the weathered pot. Love your crochet. Looking forward to the charity kit. Have a great week, stay safe xx

Carolyn said...

I too wonder where the days go , we have a lovely morning here in Wolverhampton so the washer is on , might try and get into my craft room .I have some hyacinths coming through in the garden and the cyclamen are starting to flower, I always put them in the garden when they have finished in the house and they have really spread. Hope I am awake early enough for the charity kit . Wishing Mitchell all the best in his new job , he was working very unsociable hours wasn’t he? Xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mitchell on his new job! Have a great week (however fast it flies)! WakeyL

Littlelamb said...

Thanks for catch up. Congrats to Mitchell on his new job. Much more sociable hours. Hyacinths look lovely. I had a basket of 5 pink ones last week for my birthday. They are now almost out. It does say to keep turning them around so they grow straight but although I have been doing that they are still leaning to one side. Still lovely though. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Jackie Durrant said...

Hello Christine not sure why but your blog seems to arrive on Saturdays nowadays. It's a dry and sunny morning and fortunately no sign of snow though there still a lot of the winter to go so who knows!! I have hyacinths in the garden just beginning to show themselves so there should be a display in a few weeks. Congratulations to Mitchell on his new job so nice to hear that he is doing so well. I was at my brothers this week and we went to a nearby Turkish restaurant and had a lovely meal though we were the only ones there. It was so nice though to actually be out. Now the Olympics have started I probably won't be doing anything but watching for the next week. Enjoy your weekend xx

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