Friday, 30 August 2013


Hello friends
Thank you for all the get well messages - I think the cough is subsiding,
either that or I've got used to it!
Yesterday Rose asked what stamp I used on my card, it is from
Flourishes and called Tag Lines - all the details are here.

We have reached Friday and what an eventful week in the
Emberson household.
Both my boys are enrolled in college and will be starting very soon.
A quick snap of Elliott.  Mitchell managed to avoid the camera!
An update regarding Elliott at King's Hospital yesterday. 
We didn't quite hear the news we had hoped for - a different consultant talked
us through the latest MRI.  I am grateful for his honesty but it did leave us reeling a little.
Much more of the tumour is still present than we expected, further surgery is
deemed too risky.  We are relying upon radiotherapy to do its magic.
Sadly, Elliott's sight will not improve in his right eye - in fact they are concerned it will
deteriorate further so careful monitoring ahead.  My amazing brave boy simply announced:
"Oh well, I will just wear a monacle!"

Kits have proved successful and I can confirm we have reached the
target for Elliott to claim a bird on the Tree of Life!
In fact I have been in touch with the Charity with regards to the next step.
More kits going out today - heartfelt thanks to all those who have purchased.

And, talking of kits - today I can share with you photos of Valerie's kit.
She has chosen to make her notebook into a log for her Spellbinders dies - great idea.
Ribbon looks beautiful threaded through the lace.
Valerie also added tiny flowers to the basket - so sweet.
The decorated kraft wallet inside.
So thrilled to see the different ideas and how adaptable this kit can be.

In between working and crafting this week I managed to take a beautiful walk with
Bella in the woods behind my parents' home.  This is the place to unwind
and think things through...
 It is forever changing ...
Bella pretending she totally owns the woods!
The light seemed to bounce off everything ...
 At the edge of the woods it opens out onto farmland.
I hope you all have a brilliant weekend.
Take care friends.


Laura O said...

Sorry the news is not so good,your amazing so upbeat.Lets hope the radiotherpy works wonders .A walk in the woods is great for the mind alright .Love seeing what others do with their kits .Laura O

hazel young said...

Morning Christine sorry to hear news about Elliott, its great that he is taking it all in his stride. fingers crossed they can resolve everything with the radiotherapy. The kits are looking great and so pleased you have achieved your milestone and will be getting a bird on the tree. Take care and have a great weekend all of you xx hazel

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Sorry you did not get good news at Kings,hope things get better soon.
Love the kit, people have such good ideas.
Bella is a lucky little dog ,the woods look a great place for a run. Take care. x.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I hope your cough is getting better, I can sympathise.
What dashing news you got from the Consultant, but Elliott's positivity is enlightening, especially the 'monocle' quip, he is such a lovely young man, and his positivity will carry him through. Lets all extend our arms and give you all a 'collective hug'.
So lovely to see piccies of others' kits, and brilliant that you have got the 'birdie'.
Lots of love to you all from Patricia xx

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine, sorry Elliott's news wasn't what you hoped for but he's a brave young man with a good sense of humour~fingers crossed that the radiotherapy goes well.Pleased that Elliott will be putting that bird on the tree soon! Loving the pics of the finished kits.
Take care, Maggie xxx

ginny c said...

Sorry the news wasn't good at kings, Elliott is such a brave boy with a wonderful sense of humour, lets hope thing will get better, I have a recipe for a tea cake old W.I which I would like to send to you and if you like you could use it for your fund raising (it was in a cookbook that we old for the silver jubilee and everyone loves it when I make it) best wishes to you all ginnyxxx

marg said...

Hello Christine!
Sorry your news wasn't so hopeful.... but Elliott sounds so positive who knows what the future holds!
Thank goodness for the Wood to unwind in yes ?
Take care all of you!

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, sorry to hear the news wasn't so good for Elliott. Sending a big hug and positive thoughts to you all but especially Elliott. Love the book turned into a die log. Emma

Janice said...

Chris, what can any of us say to the depressing news from the hospital. I cannot believe how you all manage to stay so cheerful. Lets hope he will eventually come out from this horrible time to be (as he is now) a wonderful man with a great future. All the best for now. Janice xx

Lacelady said...

Oh Christine, so sorry to hear about Elliott's news, I do hope King's treatment works, Elliott seems so resilient, he is the bravest lad!

nattyboots said...

Your Woods are like ours , such a lovely place to go when you want to think and reflect on things .

Im sorry the news was not better but radiotherapy works wonders and im sure Elliott will take it all in his stride , hes such a brave strong young man .

Your kits are looking fab with their many uses and styles we are seeing .
Im so pleased you have Elliotts bird { it didnt take long did it ? } well done to all .

I may not be around Sat & Sun Christine
we have our 50th Anni party tomorrow night so will be very busy ,and Sunday we are renewing vows so wont have much time , however i will catch up with you all on Monday so have a lovely weekend everyone

Take Care
Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. So sorry it wasn't the news you were hoping for but He's a strong positive boy and radiotherapy is an amazing thing.
Take care.
Love Val x

Leats said...

Hi Christine
Life sucks, sometimes.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Elliott is a brave boy and I wish him lots of love and prayers, hope his treatment goes well. good luck to both boys on going to collage two of my Grandchildren are just going to start at collage. love Jean Z xx

Unknown said...

Hi Christine
Sorry to see that Elliott didn't get the news he was hoping for, my fingers are crossed that the radiotherapy does the trick. It will be a long slog for you all, so keep going to those lovely woods to unwind, Bella looks as though she loves them.
Take care all Sue xx

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, the sooner this week is over the better I think. Lovely photo of Elliott.
X Ros

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, the sooner this week is over the better I think. Lovely photo of Elliott.
X Ros

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Good Morning Christine, so sorry to hear that the news about Elliot is not what you/we all wanted to hear but Elliot is being so brave and very positive. He is a lovely young man and looks so cheerful given the circumstances. We are all going to push on to encourage Elliot to make a full recovery which I'm sure will happen. Must stay positive. Thrilled Elliot has the Bird on the Tree - what is next on the tree for us to aim at? We will get there!

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Not good news for Elliot, I'm so sorry. He seems to be a very positive young man, I'm sure he will take all further treatment in his stride and hopefully the outcome will be much better for him. Keep strong.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all. Take care. Claire

Mac Mable said...

So sorry to hear the sad news of Elliott today. He is such an inspiring boy! Extending the arms too for the collective hug x
The photos from the walk in the wood where just lovely x

LoraineC said...

Life is full of ups and downs and I feel sad that you are having a down, but there will be plenty of ups to come. I'm sure there are times when you want to climb in a box and put the lid on and come out when everything is ok, but deep breath!! I'm glad Elliot achieved his bird and still has a smile beautiful photos I wanted to be there in those woods xx

Ita said...

Hi Christine so sorry that the news was not what you expected,and has knocked you back,but you are strong and you will bounce back ,slowly,Elliott is a wonderful boy,his answer to his eye problem shows wit and hope.
The name of your blog ,says it all at the moment.HOPE AND CHANCES.Congrats to both Michael and Elliott on starting collage.
Lovely photos.
Big hugs to the 3 of you.

Cinders61 said...

Your strength shines through Christine. You are a great role model for your boys and Elliott's reaction proves this. Thinking about you all as always and good luck to the boys as they start college xx

The Hardy Stamper said...

So sorry that the news wasn't good for Elliot, let's hope that the radiotherapy works. I am so glad that Elliot is staying positive - you must be so very proud of him. Sending you hugs.

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Although the news for Elliot wasn't quite what you were expecting to hear, I hope that with the radiotherapy, things will really improve for him. What a great attitude he has to it all, his reply to you says it all!
Once again, you will all get through this next stage, with the help and support of your wonderful family, and hopefully with a little help from us your cyber friends.
Your photos are stunning, and I love Valerie's interpretation of your kit.
Congrats to the boys for their enrolment won't be long now.
Janice x

Tilly Talksalot said...

Hi Christine. Great that your boys are off to college. Such a shame that the news at Kings wasn't what you hoped for, but maybe the radiotherapy will help. Loving all the ideas for the kit, am just off to place my order. Have a great weekend. Janette X

Toni said...

Christine, you are so right when you say 'what a week of mixed happenings in your household'. I'm so sorry to hear that the news about Elliott could have been better from the hospital. Having said that, you must be so proud of the positive way in which he is dealing with all this. He's such an inspiration to anyone in a similar situation.
As for you Christine, I really don't know how you carry on with things the way that you do, with all this going on around you. You are marvelous and I can only assume that keeping going with the shop, kits, fundraising etc gives you something else to think about and helps you in it's own way.
Well done with achieving your new target. I knew it wouldn't take long. I love seeing what everyone is doing with their kits.
Bella's woods look really peaceful so make sure you have a few more visits this weekend to relax you a little.
Take care
Toni xx

loftylass said...

Hi Christine - you have two sterling sons... and Elliott's upbeat attitude towards his treatment will obviously help him get through this most terrible phase in his life..... so pleased he got his bird on the tree. Love all your photos.... the woods look very inviting.
Hugs to all.
Heather W

Anonymous said...

So sorry you did not get good news yesterday. I really hoped it would have been better for you all. Glad you have reached the total for the bird. Will be thinking of you and ill be keeping my fingers crossed that the radiotherapy does the trick. Take care xxx

AnneRD said...

Have missed commenting for a while, but back on track now.
Not the best of news from the hospital, but what a great son you have with such a positive attitude and sense of humour. Have placed my order for the new kit and am so pleased to hear that you will soon reach the new target.
Anne x

mags said...

Hi Christine, sorry that the news you received from Kings wasn't as good as hoped. Hope things go okay with the radiotherapy and Elliott is certainly being very postive and upbeat. I did have to smile about the monocle comment. The kits are lovely and so pleased you have a bird on the tree.

Carole Z said...

Oh Christine, big hug, I am so sorry that you didn't get the news you'd hoped for, love Elliott's humour:) also love the idea for the die folder..superb X

CraftyJo said...

What a wonderful young man you've got there. Both your boys sound like lovely guys, well-grounded and positive thinking - well done you for doing that :) Keep strong x

Anonymous said...

How amazing Elliott is you must be so proud of him, I hope the radiotherapy works and you have some good news soon. What a lovely wood to walk in it must be very peaceful, take care Christine crafty hugs to you all.
Pam S

Teresa said...

Saying prayers for Elliot until he is better and then some :) and thanks for sharing the lovely photos of the forest, I would love to have that behind my house :) Lots of Hugs, Teresa

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. You have had a real up and down week haven't you! Elliots positive attitude and humour to the news from the docs will see him through this horrid phase of his life. You have reared a fantastic young man, be very proud of yourself Christine. The woods are so beautiful, at least you have some where that you can go to. That is so important. Take care.

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful person and have a wonderful family. Elliott is a great guy and Mitchell. Love the kit ideas and woods. Keep well. Good wishes
Phil D

Anonymous said...

What a week you all had. Its wonderful to know your boys are organised for college and how handsome Elliott looks - well done all. Elliott is so positive and up-beat about his situation at the moment and that is great to hear, it will keep you all going through this difficult time. Glad to hear he has reached his target for a bird on the tree.
Love the photo's you shared of your 'peace and tranquillity wood'its a real haven and even has its own 'queen'.
Take care all of you.
Caroline MacH

Maggie said...

Hello. I've just had some glorious days on the Italian coast and have come back refreshed and ready to face any problems. I hope your walk in the woods helped in the same way. Elliott will continue to be brave I'm sure and that will help him fight this horrid tumour. Keep up the good work on behalf of this marvellous charity and we'll help how we can. I love your blog but wish I was nearer to help in a more practical way. Instead you have us all for moral support. xxMargaretxx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
Thank you for letting me know what stamps you were using.
So really sorry to hear that the news about Elliott is not as good as you had hoped for. And please tell your son that I take my hat off to him, he has such a positive attitude that the cancer will not beat him - of that I'm sure. I'm not sure that I would have such a good attitude (am a bit of a whimp).
Those woods look just what you needed - that's what I'm missing - our woods/mountains were 10 minutes away from our house.........
Hope your cough is retreating...
Have a good Sunday
Hugs, Rose

Mary by the Sea said...

Good morning Christine, so sorry that the news was not better from Kings. Elliott is such a positive person. Fingers crossed with the radiotherapy.

The woods are a beautiful place to walk and think.

Have just had a couple of days in London with family. Managed a beautiful walk each day along the Thames. So soothing for the mind.

Take care, Mary xx

Stamping Bubbles said...

What a brave boy Elliott is. I read your blog every day and I am amazed at Elliott's ability to take everything in his stride.
Keep smiling Elliott, you are amazing.
Love to all your family.

SusanP, Kent said...

Elliot must get his positive attitude from his mum! Amazing! Wishing him the best possible outcome from the treatment and I hope he really enjoys his business studies. Good Luck to Mitchell on his ICT course too. :D

SUE said...

Hi Christine,

I am so sorry to read the news about Elliot, he is a very positive young man, I sincerely hope the radiotherapy will do the trick, you are all a strong and loving family, that will help to see you through this next stage, stay positive.

Hugssssss to you all,
Sue xx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

Sorry to hear that Elliot's news is not so good. Your woods look a lovely place to reflect and unwind. I was waiting until I returned off o holiday to purchase a kit as our post is really unreliable if you are not in to take the delivery. So, I wondered if any kits are left. If so, I will try and find the paypal button to buy one.

Seth said...

Thinking of you, Elliott and your whole family. Hoping that things work out well and the radiotherapy does its job.

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