Friday, 26 March 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday, hope you are all doing ok.

It's a tiny bit Easter-y at home this week, we have an Easter tree
and I received lovely chocolate eggs from a friend. 
I've had this metal tree since the boys were little and the eggs have 
been collected over the years.

I had to take the photo quickly before the beautiful eggs got eaten.
Not the best photo but the only one with all the eggs looking perfect 
and jewel-like in their box.
Now the boys are men I did question whether to put up the tree
but yes, we need the little things.


 In the news this week: Tom Daley - swimming fame,
took up crochet in lockdown and now designs his own patterns.
I was so thrilled to read this, for too long crochet has been associated with
grandmas and now apparently it is cool! 

You can read more about Tom Daley being a crochet influencer here.

And in my little world of crochet - more squares.
This the colour scheme for my 'Hello Spring' blanket and I admit
to loving it a lot.
Someone on Instagram likened it to Peter Rabbit colours.

As mentioned, the plan is to have a blanket for all four seasons 
and after a lot of faffing I've decided on all colours.
(To be truthful I really enjoyed the faffing but it did take a while).

Here's 'Hello Winter' - finished earlier this year.

And this is the colourway for 'Hello Autumn'.

Hello Summer - the yarn is on order so I will have a proper photo 
when it arrives.

And in between this I'm doing a large dark grey bed throw
as a commission which isn't at all colourful so I'll spare you that one! 

Other stuff:

I had my vaccination on Tuesday which coincided with a full year 
since the first lockdown.  Later that day scrolling through my phone,
I came across this...

A full year since the announcement of the first lockdown - a lot has happened
and yet little has happened.
I haven't been anywhere, I haven't seen hardly any friends but lots of change
with work and lifestyle. 
I admit to liking my work and lifestyle more, a lot less stress 
but you cannot help but wonder what the future holds.

As for the vaccination - I was a bit poorly afterwards but thankfully the
side effects only lasted a day and goodness that is very 
little to put up with on the scale of things. 


Gardeners World - BBC1

They should dispense this programme as calming medication.
It's so lovely with the bird song, the snippets of Monty's dogs playing
among the pots and plants.
The only downside is that I want ALL the plants and my garden
is teeny tiny!  I'm managing to fit in quite a bit though.

And talking of my garden...
I shall leave you this week with a final photo - 
Squirrel Biggs as we call him is back and this time eating 
the blossom off my tree! 
I love him but...! 

Keep well friends, enjoy your weekend.
I shall be in my cabin working on April's Charity Kit.

6 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you a lovely Friday chat.
Yes it has been a year of nothing and everything.
Thank goodness for on line shopping,
I managed to get my great grand children their
christmas and Birthday gifts. Oh and craft bits.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Lovely Easter tree and eggs Christine. Love your seasonal blanket and looking forward to seeing them all when completed. Lovely squirrel photo. I know what you mean about the visitors to our garden, I have a black bird that comes and pulls my plants out of their pots, very frustating. Have a great week looking forward to April's Charity kit next weekend. Stay safe and see you on Good Friday xx

Sharon said...

Hello Christine, I love your Easter tree. Easter is the time if year my mum loves the most. She decorates her dinner table with little chicks and things. It's always lovely to see it.

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, love the idea of an Easter Tree. I've made my great nephews and niece Crazy Carrots for Easter - Material sewn in the shape of a carrot and filled with mini eggs. I got them in the post yesterday. The colours of your blankets are so pretty I shall look forward to seeing them completed. I did try the link to Tom Daley but came up with a registration for a zoom meeting!! Something awry. My garden is looking lovely with all the spring bulbs at present, no squirrels around here though we used to have a lot playing on the big trees at the end of my mums garden and they gave her a lot of pleasure. I hope your mum continues with improved health. Have a good weekend xx

karenlotty said...

Great chat I love your crochet but I don’t do blankets! I will look at Tom Daley’s site for ideas Most of the adult garments I have seen are usually in American terminology which is OK but I get a little confused when it comes to shaping!
I love your Easter tree Such a great idea
We need to think about plants and things for our new garden I am not a gardener so it will be very low maintenance stuff
Take care

Hope and Chances said...

Tom Daley link is now working, something was definitely awry before!

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