Wednesday 15 January 2014

Pom Pom Crazy!

Hello friends

I am loving having Elliott work with me, he is so enthusiastic and is coming
up with some brilliant ideas - he is worth the expense and the McDonalds! ;) 

He excels with his website slider/banner designs so new ones will
be appearing very often.  
The first Coffee and Create class is on the website - it is looking a little lonely
at the moment but it will soon be joined with many others!
The first class is going to be Pom Pom crazy!
If you managed to see Kirstie Allsopp's Crafty Christmas programme on Channel 4
last month you will have seen Pom Pom Makers - a very nifty clever gadget,
which I could not wait to buy.
You no longer have need of cereal packets, cutting into circles and endless threading of wool....
This device means you can make pom poms in minutes! 
I decided it was essential to my crafting needs so I purchased one, two, three and a few more!
(And more are on their way - a slight addiction I fear!)
 At the class we are going to incorporate a pom pom in decorating a gift box
(Square Petal Top Box) and using Spiral Blossoms cut from felt.
All materials provided including coffee/tea and the very important homemade cake!
But if you are coming along why not bring some wool of your own and 
play with the Pom Pom makers, I'm planning on some pom pom bunting!

Knitted squares update: these are some that are being sorted into toning colours
and sizes.  It looks very much like there will be enough for at least 3-4 blankets.
Joining has begun...I am crocheting the squares together as this seems neater and
I need to polish up my crochet skills!
I am planning to donate one blanket to The Royal Marsden, one to the
Ronald McDonald House in Camberwell. Remaining blankets will be raffled to raise funds.
Some squares were knitted with pretty baby colours so my lovely Mum is making 
those into a special baby blanket and knitting a fancy edge - photos of that to follow.

I am incredibly grateful to you for all the time and effort that you have put into 
knitting all the squares, an amazing response.
If you are still not stop!  It is still fine to send squares, as mentioned 
before, I think this could be an ongoing project.

Tomorrow I return to my London job!  
I've been away for over six weeks so it will feel a little strange but I'm looking 
forward to catching up with everyone.
Elliott will be dealing with any orders so things should tick along seamlessly. 

Goodness, my blog posts are getting longer!
Take care friends - I'm back soon.


Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Glad Elliott is getting on well : )I saw Kirsties programme and thought the pompom maker looked brilliant. How many hours as children and adults have we spent cutting out the circles, (that middle one was so difficult to do as a child wasn't it!) And then the winding/threading, it seemed to take forever, if you wanted a good, tight finish. The blankets are going to look beautiful. I'm sure you will just slip back into your London job. Hope all goes well. Take care.

Magzeeann said...

Morning Christine. Great to hear that Elliott is such an asset and full of wonderful ideas. I have happy childhood memories of hours spent pompom making!The class sounds like lots of fun,wish I lived closer:( Take care, love and hugs to you all,
Maggie x

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
I am loving your nice long posts in the morning. Enjoy your first day back at work and I'm sure Elliott will hold the fort admirably. I too wish I lived closer so I could attend your classes, may take a trip one day.
Have a good day.
Chris X

Valerie said...

What lovely pom poms. I can think of caterpillars and snowmen. It is a shame I am away for your first coffee/class/chat. Hope work is not too much of a shock to the system. Keep sane, Valerie

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, So glad things are going well with Elliott's induction, he seems to be a fantastic attribute especially with the website, he has a good teacher with the crafty side.
I watched Kirstie's programme, and as I used to use cardboard circles to make my pom poms, but always had problems cutting the edges so the wool could be threaded through the middle of the circles, and always had to give them a 'haircut' when finished haha, these gadgets seem fabulous.
Your blankets seem to be coming on really well, I wish I could crochet.
I hope your London job is OK when you go back, I know it will be strange at first.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I really like the look of your class,pom-poms,gift box and cake, what could be better.
The blankets are looking good too.
Really pleased Elliott is doing so well perhaps you may get a little time to yourself. Take care. x.

hazel young said...

Lovely that Elliott is getting on with his job. Love the cake and create idea wish I lived nearer. glad you blankets are becoming to form and you have plenty of squares. I saw the pom pom maker they are so good and easy to use. Hope you have a good day back at your London job xx hazel

Wendy L said...

All sounds as if it is going along hunky dory, thanks goodness.
I knit tiny little hats for babies and young kiddies and they go to a charity for kids abroad. I have some chunky wool, is this any good for knitting your squares 'cos I am willing to do some and post them to you when I come to UK. Let me know.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Oh happy memories of making pom poms and also French knitting! Its good to read that Elliott is such an asset to you its great to have someone else to bounce ideas off. Good luck with your job I am sure you will slip back in like you haven't been away! Susan x

Janice said...

Morning Christine
I didn't manage to get on yesterday, so just wanted to say that I loved your card yesterday that was shown at the CHA, what a great compliment to you!
So pleased to hear Elliot is doing well too. I love the website banner, he is so clever!
I can't make the Pom Pom class unfortunately, but am looking forward to seeing your next ones. I used to love making Pom pom's as a child with the cereal packaging!
The blankets are going to look super when finished, I'm sure the charities will be very grateful. My aunt's neighbour crochets squares and makes blankets which I take to my local hospice, who are really pleased with them.
Hope your return to work goes well, I'm sure your colleagues will be as pleased to see you as you are them!
Janice x

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Love the pompoms it's lovely to have a go at different things. I am glad Elliott is an asset to you keeps him busy too, he will be running the business soon, hope all stays well for you love Jean Z xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Another lovely post today, Elliot doing well, lots of squares, and classes to organize, and back to work, which will be strange after so many weeks off.
Take care.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Another lovely post today, Elliot doing well, lots of squares, and classes to organize, and back to work, which will be strange after so many weeks off.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Your blog news is my first go to each day and is so nice. Great to hear about Elliott being so helpful and all your craft news. Happy days ahead with classes, blankets, creating and your London job. Keep well- good wishes
Phil D

marg said...

Good Morning Christine!
Glad all is going along as you wanted it to!
So pleased to hear Elliott is working well, that is such a blessing for you and him!
Take care
Love Marg

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine. How brilliant is Elliott bet you love working with him. Love the pom pom maker, I do remember making them with the cereal box too

Good luck with putting all the squares together and I hope your first day back at work goes well


Anonymous said...

Must be nice tohave Elliott helping out. Looking forward to future classes and good luck with your first day back, I used to like making pom poms and as Susan says french knitting. But I never actually made much out of those long snakey knits! JuliaT x

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, glad Elliott is doing well and holding the fort while your away. So many beautiful squares for some gorgeous blankets. Emma

Maggie said...

Hello Christine, How about a pompom blanket, or at least pompoms on every corner! They did look fun when I too watched the programme. Very much enjoying your chatty blogs so keep them coming. Have a great day Elliott and enjoy being back at work Christine. xxMargaretxx

ros hodgkins said...

Hello Christine, It is so lovely to read your blog as your enthusiasm is back and I am sure returning to your London job will be the next step in returning back to your old self.
I saw the pom poms being made and they look great fun.
Well done Elliott for injecting your ideas into your new job, always good to please the boss.
X Ros

Janice said...

Hi Chris, I watched Kirsty on tv when she was using the pom-pom maker. What a brilliant idea. Can't make your Tuesday morning classes but am looking forward to other classes that you may do. Hope it's successful. Janice xx

SusanP, Kent said...

Lovely newsy post today. I remember making pom-poms, but I haven't a clue what I used to do with them. I think Mum used to get me to make them to keep me out of mischief ;) Even the old-fashioned method would have been so much easier if we'd had Splellbinders Dies to cut the circles! Love the 'banners and sliders' on the website - Genius!

Ita said...

Hi Christine what a cheerful blog post,Elliott is a fine young is Michael.You are very lucky to have the support of your Family.And hope 2014 will be a good year,I also wish for a better year,as I have being very ILlL
Spending almost 5 months in Hospital .I did follow your blog but could leave comments.
I love the pom pom machine it looks fab in the felt.

Teresa said...

Happy to see all the wonderful new things coming along at the shop... the box class looks really fun and I am so happy that life is normal again and that Elliot is holding up the shop for you :) Such great news!

Unknown said...

Hi Christine,
So it was you who bought all the PomPom makers! I saw that programme and tried to buy one and they were like hens teeth to find. Glad things are looking up for you. Love Carol xxx

Carole Z said...

HI Christine, what a lovely post! So pleased all going well for Elliott in his new job:) Wish I lived closer to come along to a class...hope all goes well at work tomorrow, I'm sure it will! Carole Z XX

LoraineC said...

Good luck returning to work, always hard after a long break x

Laura O said...

great to hear all is going well ,blankets are looking great too ,Good luck in the job tomorrow.Laura O

Carolyn H. said...

So pleased to hear that Elliott is enjoying his job.
Hope all goes well for you too on the job front.
As for the blankets, I cant wait to see pictures of them completed. Just the individual little squares look so cute with the little hearts in the centre. Well done to all those volunteer knitters.
Wish I could join you in the pom pom class. Love Carolyn.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Elliott is enjoying his work. Good luck in returning back to work tomorrow. I have just booked the coffee and create class (really looking forward to seeing you again) and, have pre ordered the spellbinder tool thingy. Luv Sandra P.

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
A heartwarming blog, great to hear that Elliott has started in his new post, he is going to be such an asset. Blanket is going to look stunning. I enjoyed knitting the squares, will have to start another batch, so therapeutic . Anne x

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