Thursday 9 January 2014

Celebration Time!

Hello friends
Well we certainly had a busy day yesterday and did some celebrating.
A quick photo heavy blog post today.
 Checking in for the last time...
The package is from Anne Riley Davies - 
(thank you for Elliott's last day gifts and knitted squares - photos to follow).
Once we said an emotional goodbye to the radiotherapy nurses we stopped
at the M25 services for McDonalds - one of Elliott's addictions!
Elliott has asked me to point out that he does actually own other clothes,
this particular PacMan hoodie seems to appear in nearly every photo!
We then ventured to Bluewater where he chose iced chocolate in a very nice
chocolate cafe called Cocobar.  I indulged a little too... 
 When Mitchell finished work he joined us (note the phone in his hand...teenagers!!)
The pug t-shirt is a bit of a family joke, he wanted a pug dog but we got Bella instead!
We then went to see The Hobbit 2, wow - a long film!  
Very enjoyable and total escapism.  
We still have a couple of special meals planned so the celebrating will continue.

It is going to feel a little strange not to be travelling to and fro the hospital each day
but I am looking forward to getting to grips with all my plans.
My new diary has already been put to good use!
Thank you for all the wonderful comments yesterday both on my 
blog and Facebook.
If I owe you an email I will be replying today as I am clearing my inbox and in-tray!
Take care friends.


Lynn said...

Morning Christine, so glad that Elliott's completed his radio therapy and that you don't have to do the daily travel, I'm sure you'll quickly get used to having the extra time....time to craft perhaps? Lynn xx

Mary by the Sea said...

Congrats that the radiotherapy is over Elliott. The Cocobar sounds wonderful, yet another reason to go shopping at Bluewater.

take care, xx

Chris said...

Morning Christine,
Yippee, no more M25. Elliott looks so happy standing outside the hospital. Nice to see your celebration photos, keep on celebrating.
Chris X

Janice said...

Morning Christine
What a great set of photos! Congratulations to Elliot, he's done so well these last six weeks. So pleased you all enjoyed the celebrations.
I walked past the Cocobar on Monday when I was in Bluewater and thought how lovely it looked. Will be giving it a try next time I'm there!
Enjoy your catch-up time now Christine.
Janice x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, wow what a celebration and a good time was had by all and no mistake. So pleased for you.
Yes I agree the Hobbit is a long film. I saw it in Holland when we visited our daughter after Christmas. I wasn't expecting a cliff-hanger end was you?
Take care
Elizabeth x

Anonymous said...

Well done Elliott! I enjoyed the Hobbit (& the
Lord of the rings films) & looking forward to the next one. JuliaT x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Congratulations to you all, no more M25, and 'celebrations' are the order of things. You all certainly had a fun-packed day after saying farewell to the radiotherapy unit.
The piccies are fabulous, t-shirts aside I bet you are glad you got Bella haha.
Lots of love and huge hugs to you all from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Looks like a fantastic day was had by everyone.
It will be great for all of you not having to do the hospital run and Elliott looks so happy.

Love to you all.
Val x

Valerie said...

Well done for coming through all that treatment Elliott, sounds like it was a great celebration to end a very good day. Hopefully life will now get back to normal, busy but enjoyable. Time for you now Christine. Getting the shop going full time should keep you busy. Love Valerie

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I am really pleased you all had a really great day yesterday,you all deserved the celebrations, the photos are lovely. Take care .x.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Happy uplifting blog today, so pleased that the radiotherapy is over for Elliot it must have been a strain for you all. Great photos, Mitchell and his phone, made me smile all teenagers seem to have one attached to their hand.
Bet you are buzzing now to get back into the normal swing of things.
Take care.

ros hodgkins said...

Hello Christine,Normal service resumes at long last. Lovely photo's of your boys,and so glad you can all move on to enjoying your lives again
X Ros

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, lovely photos of a very happy Elliott at having finish his treatment. Love Emma xx

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, such good news that Elliott has finished his treatment
I hope all goes well for all of you this year and you can get some sanity in your lives all my love Jean Z xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, lovely to see your celebratory photos. Hope all goes well now and some normality returns to your life.
Love and hugs
Carole N xxx

Maggie Phillips said...

Morning Christine.Well, it's over~ well done Elliott!! Love all of the photos, enjoy the continuing celebrations. Sending lots of positive vibes your way for a trouble free year. Take care, love and hugs to you all.
Maggie x

hazel young said...

Lovely photos, so glad Elliott's treatment is now complete. Glad you had a lovely time celebrating yesterday and I hope you enjoy your other celebrations that are to come. Have a great day xx hazel p.s love the diary.

loftylass said...

Hi Christine... so pleased that Elliott has completed his radiotherapy and all that it entails. You all look as though you enjoyed the celebrations which I'm sure will continue for a while!!
Enjoy your time now getting your shop up and running again.
Hugs to you all.

Wendy L said...

Well done Elliot on completion. Tough road.
I think my parcel has arrived from you, just going to Johns shop to pick it up. Cant wait. xxxx

Lacelady said...

Oooh, a big congrats to Elliott for getting through the treatment - that daily drive into London must have been awful, so well done to you for doing all of that, You can have a lie in tomorrow!

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Thank you for posting the lovely pics of Elliott and Mitchell. You sound like you all had a good celebration, with more to follow. You all deserve it after a long hard haul. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the news and pics. Keep well and crafting.

Good wishes

Phil D

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Congratulations what a fabulous feeling! A real reason to celebrate and lots of chocolate - yummy! Susan x

Teresa said...

I have to say this is my favorite post of all. The happy end to the treatments :) Thank you for posting all the wonderful pictures of this very special day and hope that you all have a wonderful weekend... Many, many hugs for you all :)

SusanP, Kent said...

Congratulations to you all on getting through the last few trying weeks. You deserve as many celebrations as you like! Lovely photos Christine recording a great day out. Looks like Mitchell and I have the same red smart phone, but I bet his has more 'bells and whistles' than mine :-)
Good luck with your plans.

Maggie said...

Such a great blog as it's so positive and cheery. Lovely to keep track of you guys and know that when you celebrate you do it in style! Well done to all of you getting through such a tough time. xxMargaretxx

Laura O said...

Elliott looks so happy to be finished ,and it sounds like you all had a wonderful day together.Laura O

Anonymous said...

Wow! what lovely pics Elliott look great, so pleased it has come to an end. Now you can all get on with doing things you want to do
Take care xxx
Pam S

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
At long last Elliot has finished his radiotherapy. Love the chocolate that Elliot is having. Not to keen on McDonald's though.

LoraineC said...

Congratulations! Lovely to see happy photos, long may your celebrations continue x

AnneRD said...

Great photographs and so please that the course of treatment has been completed. Well done Elliott, you have done so well, an inspiration to us all. Anne x

Carolyn H said...

Sooo pleased you all enjoyed the meal and film yesterday.Elliott looks very happy in the photo's. As you say Christine, it will take some adjusting to, bet the 'craft therapy' that is next on the list wont!
Take care, love carolyn.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great celebration ! Xx

Unknown said...

Fantastic, well done Elliot how far you have travelled and overcome your fears. Look forward to the future, make the most of every day. Christine hugs and blessings for you and the boys for 2014. I hope to one day travel East and visit your shop. xx

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