Friday, 29 July 2022

Hello friends!

Hello friends

A blog post at last.
The aliens decided to return me, turns out I was a faulty
abduction specimen! 
Joking aside, I have been absent from blogging and social media
for many months, definitely not what I planned.

I've been a bit of boomerang with hospitals, not content with a new hip
I popped back to have my gallbladder whipped out.
I am very much hoping that is my lot for this year and I can
concentrate on getting up and running - literally.

Nurse Bella is exhausted from day and night shifts.

Now, you would think with all this recovery time I would have
done a ton of crochet, sadly not the case as really didn't feel up to it.
I did make a bit of progress with my Battenburg Blanket,
it is a lot of joining and ends.

I've got projects planned so hope to get on with those once
the cro-jo returns.

Big thanks for the emails and messages - very much appreciated.

My family has been on hand to help and lift my spirits.
Elliott turned his hand to gardening,
what used to be Darcy's shelter is now a little bed for pot plants.
An old mirror dressed it up.

And my sister did a lovely tea for the Jubilee and Bella eyed the cake.

So not quite back to the old me but getting there.
I am returning to work on Monday, a phased return for a couple of months
working from home.
I'll be blogging again, not quite returning to the FCD's.
Again, lots of thanks for the lovely wishes.

Take care friends - have a super weekend.


Anonymous said...

So lovely to see a blog post today. Fingers crossed that you are now done with hospitals and can return to your normal routine. Bella really does look like she was eyeing up the cake!


hazel young said...

Great to hear from you Christine and to see you getting back to your usual self, even if slowly the progress is what matters not the speed. Love nurse Bella photo, bless her. Love what Elliot did to Darcy's shelter and your crochet blanket. Your sisters cake looks so good, I bet it 'stay around for long.
Take care of yourself until next time xx Hazel

Chris said...

Oh my, you have been through the wars Christine. I hope recover quickly. My husband had his Gallbladder removed this year too and made a really quick recovery thankfully. Take care and don’t try to do too much too soon.
Chris 💗💗💗

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.... I was going to email you as you had been absent for such a long time, but it seemed intrusive (not being a direct friend). OMG you have been through the mill. Hopefully this is all behind you and your recovery continues smoothly. Take care x. WakeyL

ali said...

Its lovely to see you back blogging, you have been missed, hopefully you are feeling lots better. look after yourself Ali x

karenlotty said...

Lovely to see your post
Take care

Littlelamb said...

Lovely to see you back Christine. Hopefully you will continue making good progress and no more visits go the hospital. Take care.

Christine said...

For some reason I have lost your blog but came across a charity card so I have been searching and found you! Just had a catch up and oh! My! You have had your hands full.
I can quite understand your lethargy, the body puts healing first on the list of to dos. I fell back in May (why I haven't been on line very much), didn't break my hip but still healing..... Never seen such bruising and swelling. lol
You rest up as much as you can and try not to worry, when you're frantic again you'll look back with fond memories.
I too love Father Brown and have now found Rosemary & Thyme.... pleasing telly from times past.
Take care.
Xxx said...

Hi Christine.
I am so happy to see a blog from you
I am a bit late to the party to.
I hope all goes well for you now.
Take care Kitty.

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