Friday, 7 January 2022

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday.

Finally this week it felt like winter, we got quite a cold snap, cold enough
for Bella to sport a knitted jumper and for me to put my big coat on.
I am pleased to report it wasn't this jumper for Bella which has been
a bit of a crochet faux pas!

It definitely needs some addressing/correcting.

On my birthday last year I received a Sarah Raven voucher,
(if you haven't discovered this gardening website go take a look - 
be warned it is really too nice).
I waited for their sale and snapped up this lovely tin container of potted
hyacinths which should be Delft Blue when they flower,
(I've heeded the warning of them being poisonous to pets so it was just placed
here for a quick photo).
There is something soothing about watching bulbs grow, the promise
of new, especially when Christmas is over and the tree greenery 
(albeit I had a tiny tree) has gone.

I am still on a tidying/clearing mission indoors and tackled a bigger job,
organising my yarn.  I have now got pretty much all of it into one cupboard,
not perfect, but feels nice to have it in one place.

That pile of blankets is my keep pile, I pop a different one at the end
of my bed each time I change the duvet.
And talking of blankets...
thank you for the blanket purchases, there's still some available 
in my blog post here with the bargain prices.

And,, there is a kit sale here.
Previous kits at reduced prices, each price still includes postage.
A couple of designs have already sold out - thanks to those who have purchased.
I need to clear my 'kit shelf' ready for next month and any extra for charity
is always brilliant, so thank you.


Around the World in 80 Days

I loved this!
David Tenant plays gentleman adventurer Phileas Fogg who sets out 
on a quest to travel around the world and back home in a period of 80 days.
Scenery is amazing although read that it was filmed in just two places,
South Africa and Romania.
Mr Tenant never lets us down, his acting is just superb.

Also on BBC and iPlayer is Father Brown.

He is back with another new series - the ninth in fact.
Each episode is cosy, serene, you get swept along by the idyllic village, 
the sight of Mrs McCarthy's scones and then you remember a murder or two
has taken place.  It is perfect afternoon viewing 
(or, for me, in the evening when I finish work).

Other news

I am afraid I'm ending this blog post on a sad note,
our beloved Darcy was put to sleep yesterday.

She went downhill suddenly, the vets ran a scan
and discovered her kidneys were failing. She was coming up to 17.
Such a trooper what with coping with losing an eye a few years ago. 

I so love having animals until it comes to saying goodbye,
always feels way too soon and never gets easier.

As a kitten.

I am going to remember her for being the perfect barometer,
she loved her outdoor shelter but the minute it was nippy she was on my bed/chair.
I will remember her for being a furry alarm clock, her insistence to get me out
of bed knew no bounds, if I tried to ignore she she would even 
attempt to chew my eyelashes.
She would meow like a little bird, little short chirps and purr as loud 
as a motorbike running.
Her imperfect white nose with the line of white, looked like someone
got jogged with a white pen drawing in her details.
She would respond to two names - Darcy and DD (DD short for Darcy Diane 
because all the women in our family have the middle name of Diane!)

Goodbye beautiful girl.

Take care friends,

7 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
So sorry to read about Darcy.
Thank you for the lovely chat and Lovely Bella.
I am trying to sort my craft room until I find
some ptetty papers the rest you can guess.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. Sorry to hear about Darcy-lovely photos of her.


karenlotty said...

I am sorry to hear about Darcey But like you say she was a grand old lady
I am on annual leave this next week and need to get out a CAL I bought I know I have gone wrong somewhere but it’s knowing how far back I’ve got to go! It’s an intarsia blanket with about 20 odd bobbins of yarn on the go!
I have some Christmas television to catch up on too
Take care xxx

Anonymous said...

Sad news; think that's why I'm not a pet owner. Beautiful purchase from gifted birthday money. Well done on starting a clear out; I've yet to get motivated. Have a good week. WakeyL

hazel young said...

Love the photo of Bella in the crochet faux pas, she looks very happy. Love the planter and I'm also fan of the Sarah Raven website. Love your tidy and declutter bug. I have the intention but daily migraines have been getting in my way. I've been watching Father Brown too and death in paradise is back tonight with a new series on BBC1. So sad to here about Darcy, that bit about here eating your eyelashes did make me giggle. I think it is good that you named your first pattern after her. Sending hugs take care stay safe xx

Littlelamb said...

So sorry to hear about Darcy. Lovely photos and the one of Bella. Enjoy your Hyacinths. Trying to do some craft tidying but cannot stand for long without my leg being painful. Very slow going. Shall watch Death in Paradise tonight.

Margie said...

So sorry to hear about Darcy - she was a lovely cat and reached a grand old age. I'm trying to do some tidying too - one cupboard at a time but not getting very far because I keep finding interesting things I'd forgotten about! I need to get some time to play now, especially when my granddaughter has taken to enjoying crafting (well, making a mess!) Happy New Year to you and your family. x

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