Friday, 1 November 2013

November Charity Add-On Kit!

Hello friends

Today the reveal of the November Charity Add-On Kit in aid of Ronald McDonald House, 
Camberwell.  Very prompt this month although I cannot take credit,
it is all thanks to my family again - my mum is a die-cutting diamond!

What does the kit contain this month?
I have had some lovely button and string tie envelopes especially made.
These took some hunting down! Finally, a British lady living in Hong Kong, 
running a bespoke stationery website came to my rescue.
My idea is to have these with a little key charm - a place for your secret recipe.  
A little chalkboard sign too -
it complements the one from the last kit.

Also included - a little shopping notepad, essential to list all the ingredients you need
before you go shopping.

A butterfly!  How could I forget a butterfly? I thought it was about time 
each of you had one to adorn the front cover.

And, to keep your book completely organised, divider tabs, five assorted colours, 
you can colour-code your book and/or write on the edge of each tab.
Of course, the recipe card too - Date Crumble Cake this month,
delicious cold but warm with custard is also very yummy! 
As always, with each kit you will receive full instructions and a lucky number.
Amazingly again the winner will pick 6 stamp sets from Waltzing Mouse Stamps.

The price for this month's kit is £5.50 - this includes postage and packing.  

A PayPal button is below but if you prefer to pay by cheque then just
drop me an email - 

If you wish to buy more than one kit I think I may have finally created the button
with the facility to do just that!
(It has only taken me a few months to crack it....!)

The lucky number draw for October's Kit will be within the next day or two -
Elliott will pick out the winner.

I will just talk a little bit about December's kit - this is going to be a SPECIAL one! 
Not just because it is Christmas but it will also be the final one for the Recipe/Notebook.
It will be larger than normal and also some additions will be made to the lucky number prize :)
Anyway, I must not get ahead of myself ....

In case any of you have missed any details regarding the Charity Kits,
please do not hesitate to get in touch.  There is still spare kits available from 
the very beginning - never too late to catch up :)

Huge thanks to you all for purchasing, these little kits are such a brilliant way to
raise money for a very special charity.

Yesterday was a hospital day and it was an amazing breakthrough,
Elliott was able to have a CT scan wearing his mask clipped down to the table!
I was allowed to be in the room to prepare him and then stepped into the monitoring room during the scan. It was my job to speak to Elliott through the microphone - it was just like the
ones you see at the supermarkets - press the button down to talk.
I had to resist the urge to say "hello shoppers, today's offer is...." or "clean up in aisle 9!"
Instead I remained composed and did a countdown of time and, with the help of the
radiotherapists, explain what was happening.
This means we are now back on schedule for the treatment to start very soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Take care friends.


Unknown said...

Wonderful news that Elliott is making great progress with his treatment, what a brave young lad. The kits are beautiful and i bet you are glad your whole family are able to help out. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

Wilma x x x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. What fabulous news! Go Elliott!!! Once again be proud of what you and the rest of the family have helped that young man achieve Christine. On to the looks so pretty...I love the secret recipe bits and bobs. Have a great weekend. Take care.

Mary by the Sea said...

Good morning Christine, well done Elliott, we all knew you could do it.

Love the new kit, my order will be winging its way.. looking forward to the december one.

Going to Detling today they have a Christmas craft and gift show. Hopefully give me some ideas for presents.

Take care, Mary xx

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
Way to go Elliott - that is fantastic news, you must all be so proud of him such a breakthrough.
Love the next kit secret pockets and everything.
Have a great weekend
Amanda x

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine,It's brilliant to hear how well Elliott got on at the hospital yesterday.Full steam ahead now with the treatment!
I love the new kit and thanks go to Team Emberson for their combined effort~ I'm looking forward to receiving it.Take care and have a good weekend.
Maggie x

Janice said...

Morning Christine

Fantastic news, well done Elliot, and you too of course, for helping him through the ordeal on the 'mike'!
Love the new add-on, have placed my order. Next month's one sounds very exciting.

I'm off to the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair today with my sister after winning the tickets recently in the Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine, so looking forward to that!
Have a good weekend.
Janice x

Chris said...

A big WELL DONE to Elliott, another big thing out of the way, he has been so brave. Now treatment can get under way. Lots of Luck to him. Your new kit look lovely and the cake scrummie.
Chris X

Cinders61 said...

That's a fantastic step forward for you all. Well done Elliott. Your patience has paid off! The strength of your family unit never ceases to amaze me! Gillian x

Jane Willis said...

Well done to Elliott on making such great progress with the mask. Good luck with the treatment.

Thanks for bringing us another great add-on. I'm so thrilled with my recipe book I even dream about it!


lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Well done Elliot in overcoming the mask. Good luck with the treatment it will be over before you know it.
The kit looks lovely Christine, I didn't purchase one as I already have something similar which I have had for years. I would like to purchase the date cake recipe if thats possible please.

marg said...

Hello Christine!
I have been following your updates!
I am so pleased its all beginning to come through for you and Elliott!
Well done that Lad!
Take care all of you

Mac Mable said...

Ooooh wonderful news on two counts. That really is great about Elliott and as a complete stranger to you and your family but an avid blog follower of yours it's such good news and a massive step that we've all been following.
Thanks for updating us on your blog and great charity kit again x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Brilliant news about Elliott, lets hope his treatment can start soon. As usual, huge hugs to Eliott and all the Emberson family.
I have just ordered my next add-on kit, looks really lovely.
Have a good weekend.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

nattyboots said...

WHOOP WHOOP ELLIOTT !!, you gorgeous wonderful young man you , well done !! you have brought a tear to my eye with this news im right proud of you { and Mum of course }...

A lovely add on kit Christine well done to your family for all the hard work ,
Have a great weekend
Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. So pleased that things seem to be going a better for you.
Love Val x

Jean Z said...

I am so pleased Elliott made good progress and could stand having the mast on so brave. also the kits are very nice love Jean Z xx

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, that's fantastic news that Elliott was able to keep the mask on during the scan. Its all going the right way. Lovely looking date cake. Emma

Anonymous said...

Great news about Elliott doing so well and progressing. Your kit looks great. A busy mom,creative star and a very caring person. Keep well. Good wishes Phil D.

Unknown said...

Well done Elliot. Another step closer to completely mended.
That's quite a family outfit you have with the production line, Christine.
Best wishes to you all
Janice W

LoraineC said...

Great news about Elliot's treatment, congrats Elliot for being so brave and well done Christine for being cool, calm and collected!!! Thanks to your Mum and all your family, off to order my kits now, I shall miss them when they've finished xx

Maggie said...

Hello. Well done Elliott!! What an achievement for you both. Love the kit and order already placed. Onwards into a better future now. xxMargaretxx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant that Elliott was able to have the scan wearing the mask, such a brave young man. Glad things are back in track. This months kit look fabulous as always. I will pop you an email. And of course well done to your mum xx

Carole said...

Well done Elliott - and Mum too of course! xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Well done Elliott.
Love this months kit,the cake looks really nice too.
Hope you all have a nice weekend. Take care. x.

Laura O said...

Great news,well done Elliott.Another step along the way .Nice kit Christine.Laura O

Janice said...

Hello Christine, brilliant news regarding Elliott. You must be brimming with pride. Have ordered the add on kit. Made the coconut and lemon cake yesterday - went down very well with family members. I have laminated my recipe cards so they don't get ruined. Have a good weekend and hope all goes well with the car. Janice xx

Susan{, Kent said...

Great news! Well done Elliott and of course, Christine for maintaining composure! Quite a breakthrough.
On another note that Date Crumble Cake looks amazingly delicious - my mouth was watering just looking at the picture! What stars your family are with the preparations. Hope they got some cake :)
Have a great weekend.

Carole Z said...

Evening Christine, such good news about Elliott! Love the new ad on and just ordered mine! Hugs for a happy weekend, Carole Z X

Toni said...

Hello Christine, well done on the new kit, it's lovely.
An even bigger well done is appropriate I think for Elliott going so much further with his treatment. All the 'home helping' with the mask and 'Bob' has obviously paid dividends and helped him big time. I knew he could do it and I just hope things keep going in the right direction for you all.
Have a good weekend
Toni xx

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine - how lovely to read the news of Elliott's triumph at hospital. Well done. I bet you both felt wonderful.

Just off to buy my add-on kit. The cake looks yummy!

Hugs to you all Sue Pxxx

hazel young said...

Wow Christine that is wonderful news about Elliott. The kit looks fabulous and well done to family for rallying round. Have a great weekend xx Hazel

The Hardy Stamper said...

Good news that Elliot is making progress - well done Elliot!

Sally said...

Hi Christine,
I am so pleased to hear that Elliott is dealing so well with 'bob' and the mask, it certainly sounds like you have finally turned a corner. Well done Elliott, I think you deserve all the McDonalds you want. But then again, not very heathly. Christine, I will be getting the kit, it's a lovely kit, I like the idea of 'the secret recipe' .
Take care, enjoy the weekend. Sally xx

Anonymous said...

You both are wonderful to have progressed so far and to keep so up-beat about everything. Great work Elliott.
Love the sound of your date cake...
Take care all.
Caroline MacH

Anita Braddock said...

amazing projects and the cake looks Scrumptious. thanks for sharing.

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