Friday, 29 November 2013

November Charity Kit Winner!

Hello friends

Back today with nice news... announcing the lucky number 
for the November Charity Add-On Kit.
If you ordered a kit it is time to check those numbers :)

The winning ticket is......

If you are the lucky owner it is time to zip over to Waltzing Mouse Stamps 
and select six stamp sets of your choice (just make sure they are in stock).

Once you have chosen your six, pop the details on an email to me
don't forget to include your address and I will ask the very kind Claire at
Waltzing Mouse to send the stamps directly to you.

Claire has been amazingly generous in supporting the Charity Kits,
she has given away stamps three months in a row!

December kits are nearly finished (thank you Mum!) 
Details will be posted here very soon.  The winning ticket prize for December
will be a lovely combo of dies, stamps and pretty paper!

The 'something crafty' today is a project I have shared before...
a French inspired plaque featuring Keepsake Envelopes from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L™ 
The backing is a piece of cardboard box! Hessian-look paper, tickets, butterflies
and glitter encrusted 3D Foam Hearts.
I was thrilled to discover that Scrapbook Adhesives have used my project on their new packaging!
The envelopes really are useful for holding sentimental objects like tickets,
buttons, photos, babies teeth(!) and more.
By the way if you like my little brass stand, they are available here.
Sorry out of stock now but more on their way! :)

Other news: the radiotherapy is still proceeding well,  Elliott is doing brilliantly
although I think the tiredness is beginning to kick in a little.
I'm rather looking forward to a weekend of not driving around the M25!

Take care friends - enjoy your weekend.
Anyone putting up their Christmas decorations?? 


Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Lovely papers etc. The envelopes are so good for so many things aren't they! I am so glad the first few days have gone well for Elliott, sorry that the side effects may be starting to kick in now though. Enjoy your M25 free weekend. We are starting to put the decs up on Sunday. We usually do them around 14th but hubby decided we should start early this year, no compliants from the rest of us. Enjoy your weekend. Congrats to the lucky winner. Take care.

Mrs B said...

Sorry it's early and I can't spell. Should read complaints, though I suppose we are compliant too :)

Chris said...

Love your project, it looks great on the packaging of the envelopes. Hope you and Elliott recharge your batteries over the weekend, ready for next week. My decorations are up, I finished them yesterday, I'm entertaining at the weekend and thought it would be nice for it to look all Christmassy.
Chris X

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, so pleased the treatment is going well with Elliot and I expect he will be tired. I bet your car knows its own way to the hospital by now...
Enjoy the rest from the travelling at the weekend.
No I won't be putting my decs up yet. We are going to Prague on Sunday to the Christmas market. I believe its beautiful AND cold...brrr. The winter thermals will be on for sure.
Congratulations to the winner.
Elizabeth x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, sadly not my number but congrats to whoever it is! I can't believe how quickly my order from your website got to me (well I can from previous orders!); thank you I was delighted with my order and the little extra surprise. One of the items I ordered was the little brass stand and it is gorgeous!
I would normally put my decs up this weekend, but we are out visiting both days and I'm off to Bath Christmas market today - I have Monday off work, so they will go up the moment it's just my door wreath, which gets changed with the seasons! Have a good weekend and break from the travelling, hugs Carole Z XX

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Congratulations to the lucky Winner, I thought it was me until I got out my ticket, 513, twenty numbers out, boohoo haha.
So glad Elliott's treatment is progressing well, you will both be ready for a 'rest' this weekend.
I don't usually put up Christmas decorations until after my Birthday on 12th, I usually work on the '12 days before and 12 days after' scenario.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Mary by the Sea said...

Good morning Christine, so glad Elliott is coping well with the treatment. Enjoy the M25 free weekend.

Have just started putting a few Christmas bits out.. Advent house needs to be filled, but can't do that too early in case I raid it before the first..!!

The little envelopes are so sweet..

Take care, xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Congratulations to the lucky winner.
Love your project,it looks great on the packaging.
I hope you all have a good weekend away from the M25 and treatment. Take care . x.

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
Love the plaque. So glad that you are coming to the end of the first week, Elliot is doing so well - as are you all.
Carpet is being laid today and then up go the decorations on Sunday.
Amanda x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Pleased to hear that Elliot is doing well, it must be very tiring for you both the M25 can be a nightmare, so enjoy your weekend off.
I bet its rewarding when you see your work being used like the packaging.
Never put the decorations up until the middle of December.
Take care.

Valerie said...

Hi Christine, So glad that Elliott is coping so far. Long may it last. Enjoyed your envelope project. Have a good week end of well earned R & R all of you. Love Valerie

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Congrats to the lucky winner ,

Your project is beautiful,i love those envelopes .
My decorations will not go up until around the 20th now the children are no longer at home

Have a good weekend .
Elaine H x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Love todays project and congrats on having it prominently displayed on the packaging.

Elliot is bound to be tired and you with all that driving. Have a good rest both of you this weekend.

We usually put our decorations up about the middle Sunday in December. Having 4 cats the tree is undressed and redressed many times!!!

Love Val x

hazel young said...

That's great news about your design being on the product. Glad Elliott is doing well. Well done to the winner of your prize draw xx hazel

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, glad Elliott is going well, make sure he gets plenty of rest at the weekend. Beautiful project and design and how fantastic to have your work on the packaging. No xmas dec's until after dads birthday on the 5th. Take care. Emma xx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
I'm so glad that the first few days have gone well for Elliot. Sorry to hear that the side effects have now started to kick in. But at least you know that it's working as it should be. We go to friends in Harwich coming off the M40 onto the M25 getting off at Colchester. But I think the bit you do is worse that the bit we do. Much to early for Christmas decorations yet Christine. Congratulations to the winner. By the way, nearly forgot to say love the project

Jean Z said...

Love the project I like the antique look, con grats to the winner lovely surprise for them. So glad everything is going well for Elliott I know what it's like driving to Hospitals every day it's so tiring, all my love Jean Z xxx

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine, I love your project and it will be on view to millions, well done! Well week one is over with and Elliott has done magnificently ~ you both deserve a weekend off!!
Take care and relax.Love and hugs,
Maggie x

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, I love the way your project looks on the brass easel, everything can be seen and the see through envelopes are perfect for keepsakes that need to be protected.
I bet both you and Elliott a glad its the weekend. Make the most of it. We are having a family outing to see the town lights being turned on.
X Ros

Ita said...

Hi Christine,I have being following your blog,but could not leave a comment,great that Elliott progress ,and you are trying to keep the bright side out.
I have been very ill myself and it is a hard slog after 3 months in Hospital,now trying to learn to walk again.
I love your tag to day.

Lacelady said...

Congrats to the winner, and congrats on having your card featured!

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
Congratulations on having your project featured on the packaging. Also congratulations to Elliott for completing the first week of treatment. A good restful week-end is called for!
Anne x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Elliotts first week went well, hope you both have a nice relaxing weekend. Gorgeous make ! How cool you got the picture on the packaging x

Laura O said...

enjoy your weekend ,try to relax.Laura O

Janice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janice said...

I'm just catching up on your posts and going backwards with them! I'm pleased to see that Elliot has been doing well with his treatment, such a brave boy.
We don't put our decs up until the middle of December, but as we're off to Cologne tomorrow to visit the Christmas markets, I'm hoping I may a few new ones this year!
Congratulations on your project being featured on the packaging, and also congrats to the winner.....sadly it wasn't my ticket .
Janice x

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