Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Good Start!

Hello friends
All your good wishes certainly paid off - thank you. 
Elliott sailed through his first radiotherapy treatment yesterday.
We have been warned that later it does get more difficult but we are happy right now,
he has coped with his mask and is feeling confident.
Heading off to the hospital again today feeling a lot more positive.

Here is a photo that I forgot to share with you.  When Elliott was having brain
surgery in King's, the staff gave him a soft toy dog. 
(Elliott chose to name him Ned - short for needles!)  He has become a sort of mascot.
When Elliott attended the Marsden to have his mask moulded the staff automatically
made one for Ned and here he is wearing it.
As you can see it does have a sort of Hannibal Lecter look about it! 
Everyone's kindness has totally overwhelmed us and another amazing gesture is from
blog follower, Anne Riley Davies. A parcel arrived and we discovered it was a 
Radiotherapy Calendar for Elliott.  A gift for every day of his treatment!
Anne is sending them in batches and this is numbers 1-5. 
As soon as he finished his treatment yesterday he opened gift number 1 and
he was very pleased to discover chocolate teddies.
I was very touched that he instantly gave one to Mitchell! 
Thank you so much for your kindness Anne.

Today a very different card to share with you....it isn't my usual style at all!
I was asked to use this owl stamp - Christmas Hoot by Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine and
I turned my hand to a bit of colouring.  It truly was a first attempt but I think he looks
quite a happy festive owl!  I'm pretty sure my creative niche remains in die cutting but
sometimes it is good to step outside of our comfort zones.
Thanks again everyone and I will be back soon.


Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how Elliott got on yesterday. I was wondering how he managed his first session. Well done Elliott, we knew you would get there! Please can we have a pic of Ned without the mask, I would like o see what he looks like. Aren't people wonderful, what a great idea,and how kind,of Anne. I mentioned yesterday that I loved the owl card in Cardmaking. I didn't realise that you don't colour Christine. He looks gorgeous so you obviously have the knack! Can't believe it's your first effort! You will all be in my thoughts. Hope all continues to go well. Wonder what you will get in parcel no. 2 Elliott? :)Take care.

Cinders61 said...

So very happy to hear of your successful day yesterday. Well done Elliott! What can I say Anne. What a wonderful gift you have given to Elliott. There truly are some lovely people around! Gillian x

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. Great News that Elliots first session went well. What a lovely idea to have a present to open after each radiotherapy too. What a thoughtful lady Anne must be to think of this. Great treats in store Elliot. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

Carole Z said...

Morning Christine, I am so pleased that Elliott's first day of treatment went well and what an absolutely wonderful gift from Anne, a really kind and thoughtful idea. Super photo of Elliott & Ned too! I really like your card and super colouring! I warn you. colouring will be addictive...it was what got me into card making in the first place, as Dad was an artist and cartoonist so I was introduced to Promarkers quite some time ago..I find colouring really relaxing and can get lost in it! Lots of hugs for Day 2, Carole Z XXX

Unknown said...

So glad to hear that Elliott's first treatment went well. There are so many horrible things we hear about in the news that it is heartwarming to hear about Anne's lovely gesture.

baconbits said...

Morning Emberson Clan
So glad that yesterday went well, thank you for taking the time to let us into your world and to be able to wish you all the luck in the world. Well done Elliot great achievement.
What an amazing person Anne is - so thoughtful.
Love the Owl he looks super.
Hope all goes well today,.
Amanda x

Janice said...

Hi Christine
I think we'll all be pleased to read your blog today.....so many anxious ladies wanting to know how Elliot got on yesterday.
It's absolutely brilliant news to hear that his first day went well, such a boost! Love Ned!
What a fabulous gift from Anne, so very generous of her too, and something for Elliot to look forward to.
I love your card today, something different from you as you say. I really enjoy colouring with my Promarkers, as Carole said, it's very relaxing, so it may become a new hobby for you!
Hope day 2 goes well.
Love Janice x

Wendy L said...

Gorgeous card, well done Elliott and very thoughtful of Anne, wonderful. xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, So, so, pleased that Elliott got through his first day with flying colours.
Poor Ned, does he have to wear 'his' mask all the time haha, but such a lovely piccie of Elliott.
What a lovely and thoughtful lady Anne is, what a beautiful gesture and lots of lovely items to open after every treatment, well done Anne you lovely lady.
Love and hugs to you all today, Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

Morning Christine so glad the first day went well. What a lovely gift that Anne has sent, how very kind. Beautiful card excellent colouring skills x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Really pleased Elliott done so well yesterday. Coming home to a gift everyday is such a lovely thought from Anne,so kind.
Love your card today,I would never have known it is your first attempt at colouring.
I hope today goes as well as yesterday. Take care. x.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

So pleased that yesterday was a success and Ned is a lovely doggy.

What a lovely thing for Anne to do and how generous of Elliott to share his goodies with Mitchell

Love your owl he is really cute and festive


nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
What a Lovely happy blog,im so pleased all went well for Elliott Yesterday and may it continue.
A lovely idea from Anne,and a lovely picture of Elliott and Ned .

Your card is LOVELY ! i love it Christine ,i dont do coloring myself either so MMmmm i may just ask for some promarkers for Christmas , i noticed your lovely little tag again { is it a die ? } it is so cute.

Take Care
Elaine H X

Jane Willis said...

So pleased that everything went well. And what a lovely gesture from Anne, I'm sure the anticipation of the treats will help to keep him going when things get tough.

Mac Mable said...

Great read today. So glad everything went well with Elliott. What a very kind gesture of Anne to do the mini parcels for Elliott, a very kind lady x
Pretty owl card too and the colouring in was gorgeous x Thanks for sharing x

Anonymous said...

Morning Christine so pleased all went well yesterday. Well done Elliot Hope it continues to go well. What a kind lady Anne is to think of the gifts. Lovely owl card well done on your first colouring project Christine. Sophy n Gran

Carolyn Bell said...

Hi Christine, Elliott , Mitchell and Ned, so glad the first treatment went well, you are always in my thoughts, love Carolyn x

Anonymous said...

Your post has really brightened my day. Well done Elliott, Anne what a lovely gesture and a cheerful Christmas owl card. JuliaTx

Mary by the Sea said...

Morning Christine, so glad all went well for Elliott yesterday. We all knew he could do it. Neds a trooper too!!

What a brilliant idea of Annes, we are all intrigued to find out the contents of all the packages!!

Love the new website.

Take care Clan Emberson, fingers crossed all keeps going well for you...xx

hazel young said...

Glad yesterday went well Christine. What a wonderful idea and such thought from Anne. Gorgeous card love the owl. Take care and fingers crossed for today xx hazel

Magzeeann said...

Good morning Christine. What a heart warming read you have given us today. Well done Elliot for sailing through day 1, I'm sure the thought of Anne's daily treat helps!What an incredible idea from Anne, her thoughtfulness is so inspiring.
I love your card today Christine, it makes me smile.Thinking of you all and sending love and hugs.
Maggie x

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
So pleased to hear that all went well yesterday.
Glad the calendar was well recieved, thanks to all for your comments. As you can see I lack Christine's design skills in packaging!
Anne x

Claire said...

What a wonderful gift for Elliott and so thoughtful. I am so pleased he is coping well and he really is a little star. I haven't commented for a while but I do pop on daily to check how you all are. Take care. Claire

Anonymous said...

Well Done! So pleased that Elliot sailed through his first treatment, Ned too! What a lovely idea of Anne's, and I love todays card Christine, I hope you try another soon even if its not your style.
Hugs to your all Carole N xx

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, just love the card and the owl is so cute, I love owls, and well done to Elliott so glad it all went well. Very thoughtful of Anne to send this gift to Elliott well done. All my love and prays are with you all Jean Z xx

Maid of Kent said...

Morning Christine, just love your card. Your colouring is great. Promarkers are fabulous and make our work look professional. What a lovely thing Anne has done. Well done Elliott you have done well. We are all thinking of you. Crafty hugs Ann x

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Christine, for taking the time to tell us all about Elliot. I am glad everything went well, hopefully that continues each visit.
And you still make time to craft, superwoman!!
Janice W

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
What a lovely post today, Elliot sailing through the fist treatment session and such a thoughtful idea from Anne, what a kind and generous lady she is, I'm sure it was appreciated by Elliot.
Love your owl card, and the colouring is super, you could do this whilst Elliot has his treatment.
Take care.

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, thank you for the update, im glad the first day went well. What an amazing idea and gift from Anne. I also love your owl card and the colouring is fabulous. Good luck for today. Emma xx

Layerlass67 said...

Mornng Christine, so glad all went well yesterday and very well done Elliott. What a lovely gesture from Anne too. Something for Elliott to look forward to each day. Lovely card too Christine. Love & Hugs. Gemma xx

Maggie said...

Hello. Wow clever Elliott and Ned for being so brave. Lovely Anne for being such a kind person, we can learn a lot from this crafting family we belong to. Thanks for sharing as we all think of your family often I'm sure. Best wishes. xxMargaretxx

Anonymous said...

Ah the news of your first day of Elliott's treatment is good to hear. Your kind friends package and gift is just awesome as my U S relations would say. I love your card - its just great. Keep well. Good wishes as always

Phil D

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, Well done to your very brave son Elliott, that's now taken away the "not knowing" fear away, and the kindness of Anne is wonderful.
I like your owl very much, and I would never have guessed you are a new to colouring.
X Ros

Janice said...

Morning all, so pleased that all went well yesterday for Elliott...I hope it may continue to do so. What a lovely thought from Anne. Something for Elliott to look forward to after his treatment. Janice xx

Lacelady said...

So good to hear Elliott did well with his first treatment - how nice of the staff to make Ned a mask too. Well done to Elliott!

Love the card, you made a great job of the colouring.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. You must be feeling so happy that all went well yesterday. A good omen for future days.
What a kind lady Ann is.
Love the owl on todays card.
Love Val x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, you must be very proud of Elliot, he is doing amazingly well. I too would be touched by Anne's thoughtfulness. I got a tear in my eyes when I read what she has done. How truly kind is that Anne - wonderful. I am sure you could patent the idea too???
Lovely card too Christine, it still has a "Christine" touch to it, to me anyway.
Hope the therapy continues to go well.
Elizabeth x
P.S. Love the teddy's nickname.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Oh Christine I am so pleased to be reading this, it must be a huge relief to you too that he is able to get on with his much needed treatment. I am sure you all feel a lot more confident to carry on with the treatment and if it does become more difficult then you will all face that bridge when you get to it. How lovely of Anne to do that I am sure it will help Elliot in the days ahead. Keep on with the colouring Christine I find it very relaxing! Susan x

Vickie said...

Please know that prayers for Elliott are reaching God from California.

SusanP, Kent said...

Excellent news on the treatment. Well done Elliott (and Ned)! I hope the success continues.
Your card is beautiful Christine. The owl is so cute and I love that he looks so festive. I've
recently discovered that colouring is very therapeutic.

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

I'm glad to hear that Elliot's first radiotherapy session went well yesterday. Let's hope that it continues. What a lovely though that Anna had. hope that Elliot enjoys his goodies. I didn't realise that you didn't colour Christine. For a first effort this is lovely. Lots of hugs to you all, and a special hug to Elliot from me.

LoraineC said...

So pleased to hear that today went well, I know there will be some difficult times but a relief that Elliot and Ned coped with the mask and the treatment today and what a lovely lady Anne is and of course mustn't forget the card, excellent as always x

Carolyn H. said...

Hi Christine, Didnt get chance to write comments over the weekend but I was thinking of elliott going for his treatment.
so pleased to read today all went well for his first session.
What a lovely idea from Anne.
Lovely little card too.
All best wishes for your future treatments hosp. visits over the next few days.
Love, Carolyn etc

Laura O said...

so glad to hear all went well yesterday ,enjoy your little pressies Elliott you deserve them.Laura O

The Hardy Stamper said...

I am very pleased that everything went well for Elliot yesterday - fingers crossed that it stays like that! How sweet of Anne to send those gifts too!

mags said...

Glad to hear that Elliott's first treatment went well. A lovely gesture from Anne too. I am sure there will be some great treats in store.

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