Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Making Christmas Cards

Hello friends

Do you recall recently that I purchased some bits and bobs from ....

and I created this card.....
Well, because I had quite a lot of stuff left over I decided to make another card and
here it is.... very similar, just some slight variations.
DotComGiftShop liked it and asked if I would put together a simple guide.
I agreed and it is now being featured on their blog - here.
A speedy simple design - it is so easy and can be produced in stages -
why not get the family to help.

Talking of family - Elliott was at King's College Hospital in London yesterday
having his eyes checked.  Sadly his sight in his right eye is getting steadily worse.
We are hoping that the radiotherapy will work its magic and his optic nerves may recover.

We were encouraged by the consultant who said it is perfectly fine to live with sight
in just one eye, you can drive, play sports etc.  We did laugh at this because Elliott and
sport really do not go together - he is a computer geek!
Interestingly the consultant reassured us that there is no proof that sitting in front
of a computer screen for hours on end is harmful to the eyes.
I smiled just as much as Elliott with this news seeing as we both are guilty of sitting and tapping away at our computers for most of the day!

Hope you are all having a good start to the week, heating on full here and I promise
to get a photo of Bella sporting one of her new jumpers -
she does look cute but then I am just a little bit biased!

Take care friends.


Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Another beautiful card Christine. Sorry to hear about Elliott's eyesight but the consultant sounded reassuring if the worse came to the worse. Good to see that Elliott is still smiling after all he has been through! Susan x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous cards, adore that paper. So glad Elliott and you still have a great sense of humour which is needed to get through your trying time.

Wilma x x x

Magzeeann said...

Morning Christine, what a beautiful card again ~ so cheerful!Sorry to hear about the deterioration in Elliott's eyesight but your upbeat attitude will help you both.Big hugs,
Maggie x

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
A super card today, love all the dots.
Glad you both have such a positive attitude and a sunny diposition both help through troubled times - as does lots of laughing and smiling which I am sure you both do.
Amanda x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Yet another gorgeous card. Sorry that Elliotts right eye isn't so good, but as you were told it won't stop Elliott doing anything. Keep on smiling. At least you won't worry about all of the time the pair of you spend in front of your screens now :)Keep warm. Take care.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Beautiful cards and you explain the instructions so well

Sorry to hear that Elliotts sight is getting worse, you both keep so positive and cheerful

Sue xx

Linda said...

Hi Christine
Love the cards, just when I thought I had made enough Christmas cards along you come and inspire me all over again.
Sorry that the news for Elliott is so mixed. A very dear friend of mine who sadly died last year lost the sight in one eye when she contracted measles as a child. Did it stop her, no way, she drove a car, worked all her life ending up as a midwifery tutor at a major teaching hospital and had a full and happy social life. So young Elliott life is out there waiting for you to grab every opportunity,
Take care all of you
Linda in South Shields

hazel young said...

Stunning card Christine. Sorry to here about Elliott's sight fingers crossed the treatment works. Big hugs xx hazel

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
A really lovely card,and very good instructions.
So sorry to hear about Elliott, let's all hope and pray that there will be better news after his radiotherapy.
Love to you all. Take care. x.

marg said...

Hello Christine!
I am hoping for Elliott's sake the Radiotherapy works, that would be so good for all of you!
I love the card Christine and all your choice of fabric and colours.
Take care
Love Marg

Anonymous said...

Morning Christine lovely card will have to look on this website. Nice to see you are keeping your spirits up. Sophy n Gran

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. A very pretty couple of cards.
I lost the sight of my right eye through illness when I was a small child. Now in my late 60's I have to say that it's not affected my life in any way. In fact my left eye seemed to become even better and it's only in the last couple of years that I've had to wear glasses. However this happened such a long time ago and the Doctors know and can do so much more these days that I hope and pray the treatment works for Elliott.
Love Val x

Lacelady said...

Pretty card Christine, but I was sorry to hear about Elliott's eye - I do hope that absolutely nothing else arrives at your family's doorstep - you have far too much to cope with as it is. Sending ((((Hugs)))) from Ireland.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Love the card, looks bright and cheerful. I'm sorry that Elliot has a sight problem, He's coped so well with everything that's been thrown at him lets hope this won't be so bad. On a positive note my late father only had sight in one eye, he lost it when his brother threw a snowball at him which had a stone in it and the injury caused the loss of his sight, it didn't stop him doing a thing. Also my husband lost the sight in his eye about 7 years ago due to a detached retina hasn't stopped him either. So Elliot stay positive.

Craftychris said...

Beautiful cards - will hop over to see the 'how too'. Sorry to hear about Elliott's eye but positive news from the consultant that if he loses the sight he can carry on as normal - brilliant! I am as glad as you and Elliott that computers don't cause harm!! Take care all of you xx

Jean Z said...

Love the card Christine,Also love the way you and Elliott are taking all the things that are being thrown at you in your stride, just keep strong all my love and prayers are with you Jean Z xxx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine,
I do like your cards ,and very nice backing paper ,and lace ...i will look at the site later.
Sad news about the eye ,but im sure you are both taking it in your stride and radiotherapy will work its magic
Keep positive both of you ,you will get through all this upset

Take Care
Elaine H x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Fabulous card, and lovely that they asked you to give a tutorial.
Sorry to hear the news about Elliott's eyesight, but thankfully the consultant had some reassuring news too, that's great that Elliott will now be able to do lots of sports, considering he couldn't before, that's fab ha ha. Elliott is such a resourceful young man, when he has had to put with so much in his life, and he is still smiling, and that resourcefulness will get him through. Huge hugs to you all.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Janice said...

Morning Christine, sad news regarding Elliott, but keep positive, modern medicine is fantastic these days with lots of advancement in all areas. Hopefully they will be able to save his eyesight. My Fingers and everything else is crossed for you!!! - makes typing and crafting a bit awkward lol !!.
Happy birthday for tomorrow. Janice xx

Mac Mable said...

Love the two cards, such pretty colours and love the styles. Sorry about Elliott and his eye but hope things will eventually get a wee bit better x. Looking forward to photos of Bella coming through x

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. Wonderful cards. Sorry to hear about the deterioration of Elliots sight. But the consultant made it sound really positive. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

Laura O said...

great card today, glad to hear there is positive news even in the negative one .keep the chin up.Laura O

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, I didn't really know what washi tape is used for. Two lovely cards and another showcase for your talented designs. There has to be an end to Elliott's trials, and believe in the doctors who are treating him.
X Ros

Maggie said...

Hello. This is a lovely card. I shall have a look at that website. I do find a sense of humour invaluable when there is trauma to face and it sounds as if it's working for you and Elliott too. Wishing you both all the best. xxMargaretxx

Janice said...

Hi Christine, I love this card too made from your leftover goodies! Congratulations on appearing on their blog, really nice instructions too.
Elliot is an amazing lad, and sounds like he always sees the positives when told things. Technology and medicine advances every day, so I really hope things go well for him.
Janice x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, what a lovely festive card (well cards).
Sorry to hear about Elliots eyes but you are absolutely right to be positive about it.
Look forward to seeing Bella sporting her new outfit...
Elizabeth x

Anonymous said...

Fab cards Christine. Sorry the news wasnt the best but with luck the radiotherapy will sort it. Happy birthday for tomorrow ! Xx

LoraineC said...

Super cards Christine, sorry the news was not the best hopefully the radiotherapy might help if not I'm sure Elliot will cope as he has with everything else that has been thrown at him x

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, sorry that Elliotts eye is deteriating, fingers crossed it improves after the radiotherapy. But as long as he has one good eye he can play those computer games! Sending a hug. Emma x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, sorry I'm late commenting and so sorry that Elliott's eye is getting worse, sending a big hug and hoping the radiotherapy will improve things, Carole Z xx

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