Wednesday 30 October 2013

A change of days....

Hello friends
I'm going to feel totally confused today as I'm working in London.
I've switched my working days so that I can take Elliott to the hospital tomorrow.  
It will be a case of constantly reminding myself what day it is!
Huge progress has been made with the mask and Bob the Board.
I'm so proud of how Elliott has battled with his anxiety and fears.

I hope you are all okay following the storm?  
Just some very minor damage to the VT, 
back gate didn't quite withstand the gusts but amazingly the fence
remained standing - it is leaning but still sort of upright!

I've been going through some of my earlier projects and it has been nice
to revisit them.  I don't think my style and tastes have altered a great deal so I remain
true to my inner-craftiness!
This is a festive card that I've featured before.  
I wanted to show that there isn't one Christmas die used here - 
it is Ironwork Motifs, Labels Twenty-Two and Classic Petal Edgeabilities.  

It is a good idea as soon as you buy a die to cut/emboss
just a plain piece of paper or cardstock - you can then see so many shape possibilities.
Please stop by at the end of the week because the 
next Charity Add-On Kit will be revealed.
A little tease picture....
or two.....!
Take care friends.


Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Fabulous card Christine I have the Ironworks set so I must have a go. So pleased Elliott is making good progress, I hope all goes well tomorrow! Susan x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Just a reminder, it's WEDNESDAY : )I have to check on my phone to find out what day it is, my memory is that bad, so you have my sympathy! Just a reminder Christine, it's WEDNESDAY : )It is such good news that Elliott has, as we knew he would, been battling the mask and Bob the board. Good on you Elliott! Just a reminder Christine, it's WEDNESDAY : )I love the card, it is amazing what you can make out of dies and stamps if you spend a while playing with them. Just a reminder Christine, it's WEDNESDAY : )Take care.

baconbits said...

Morning Christine
Such good news about the progress that Elliot has made.
Love the card its good to see Christmas with different dies.
Amanda x

baconbits said...
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Jean Z said...

Hi Christine glad everything is going well with Elliott's mask and board love the card love Jean Z xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Brilliant news about the mask and Bob the board, Good Luck tomorrow Elliott, I will be thinking of you.
Lovely Christmas card, I have the ironwork dies so must give this one a try.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Great card, don't have the ironwork dies but they do look good on your Christmas card.
Good luck and hope all goes well for Elliot tomorrow, which I'm sure it will.

hazel young said...

Lovely card Christine. Glad Elliott is progressing well. i have to remind myself often of what day it is lol. We missed the storm was supposed to be heading right for us but we were very lucky and it didn't. Have a great week xx hazel

Lacelady said...

Lovely card Christine, and I'm so pleased for Elliott that he has managed to come to terms with the scary stuff. Good luck for tomorrow.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

Im so pleased Elliott is progressing well,he is a very determined brave young man ,who will conquer all life is throwing at him at the moment , Go Elliott . X

I must do as you say Christine and get my dies onto card ,then have a play { i tend to get my dies then i dont know what to do with them } i have the Ironworks and i must say your card looks very pretty and festive ,so i will be giving it a try with other dies i have that i think will adapt .

We had wind and rain on Saturday night , and just rain since with sunshine yesterday and today so i think we have been very very lucky .

Have a good day
Elaine H X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Really pleased Elliott is doing well,I hope everything goes well tomorrow.
Your card looks really pretty.
Looking forward to seeing your add on kit it looks very interesting. Take care. x.

Mac Mable said...

Great idea to use the ironwork die as a snowflake idea for Christmas. Glad Elliott is coming on so well...brave wee lad x Looking forward to the next charity kit coming x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

I have used that Ironworks die as a snowflake its beautiful

Hope the day switch doesn't confuse you to much today... and that Elliott is OK tomorrow. He really has been brave and you may have to suffer and eat a Big Mac after his treatment


Janice said...

Morning Christine
Lovely card today, I don't remember seeing it before.
Great news about Elliot, sounds like he's doing well. Love your tease for the next add on.....can't wait to see it completely!
Have a good day and hope all goes well at the hospital tomorrow.
Janice x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
Soo glad Elliot is progressing with the mask, well done Elliot!!! :) Good luck tomorrow x
Nice Christmas card, reminds me to look through my stash to see if I have anything that would work that way, as you say, it pays to go through older things to remind ourselves what's there.
Carole N xx

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, good luck for Elliott tomorrow, im glad its going in the right way with the mask and bob the board. Gorgeous Christmas card and good to see older dies in action. Sending a big hug. Emma

Laura O said...

great to hear Elliott is doing well ,best of luck tomorrow .Laura O

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, I really like the Christmas card, unusual colours but very effective.
I am so pleased that Elliott is climatising to the task ahead and fully agree with your pride in him.
The add on key is so cute I am looking forward to it.
Take care, all the best for tomorrow.
X Ros

LoraineC said...

So pleased Elliot is making progress with Bob and his mask really hope things continue on a smooth path !! X

loftylass said...

Gorgeous card Christine .... love the sneak peaks..... Hope all goes well tomorrow.
Take care

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine and WELL DONE to Elliott for being such a courageous and determined young man and working to conquering his fears. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping all goes well.I love your Christmas card ~ will have to get the iron works out again!
Take care, big hugs to you all.
Maggie x

Janice said...

Morning Chris, looking forward to next recipe. Have a good day a work and hope all goes well tomorrow for Elliott. Janice xx

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine - I too will be thinking of you tomorrow, I'm a fully fledged member of Team Elliott!!! Be strong and stay focussed.

So glad you only had minor damage in the storm.

Hugs to you all Sue Pxxx

Maggie said...

Hope your day at work went well. It's marvellous news to hear that Elliott is the winner over Bob and The Mask. Well done him! Still thinking of you and sending positive thoughts. xxMargaretxx

SusanP, Kent said...

Lovely card - the ironworks die looks just like a snowflake. Good luck for tomorrow. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Elliott has done brilliant. Hope all goes well at the hospital. Looking forward to seeing the new kit x

Carolyn H. said...

Hope all goes well tomorrow For Elliott. Love the card, your right Christine , your talent and style hasnt changed, remain true to yourself, we all love you for it!. Carolyn x

Ann said...

Hi Christine

Love the card you have given me inspiration to dig out my ironworks dies and make some cards it looks just like a snowflake.

Hope everything goes well at the Hospital tomorrow Elliott has done so well you must be so proud of him sending you both love BIG gentle hugs and lots of positive vibes Annxx
PS looking forward to the add on kit.

Teresa said...

I hope that all goes well tomorrow and hope to hear some wonderful news... Hope your day is filled with sunshine :)

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, I'm playing catch up! Love the tease! Hope all goes well at the hospital today, hugs Carole Z X

Mary by the Sea said...

H there Christine, a day behind but loved the sneaky peek of the next add on kit. Can't wait.

I hope all has gone well at the hospital for Elliott. He has worked so hard.

Amazing what can be done with non xmas items.

Take care, Mary, xx

Unknown said...

Funny I was making some Christmas cards and pulled out the Ironworks set thinking it was a snowflake, two great minds and all that. Hope all goes well for Elliott I would love to be there and hold his hand and help him through all his battles. Take care you both.

Wilma x x x

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
I've kept fingers crossed for Elliott - he has deserved the day to go well. And it would be so good for him to have a break and get some good news, no matter how small.
Have a good day tomorrow, and a good weekend.
Best wishes, Rose

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