Friday 4 October 2013

My Crafty Space

Hello friends
I'm talking about my craft space - the reason is that at some point today my 
craft room is going to pop up on this brilliant blog - Crafty Storage.
If you haven't come across this blog before be prepared to sit for hours and
be inspired by so many ideas.

When I first started crafting I never thought I would have a proper craft room.
I would find beautiful rooms on the internet and sit and drool! 
Like most crafters I started by using my dining room table, that's not so bad 
when you have a small craft collection but then everything grows -
your stash, your ideas, your 'crafty needs'! 

In my little VT I moved from the dining table into the conservatory - perfect lighting but ....
a bit chilly in Winter!
It was at this point I began to work with Design Teams and realised I needed a place 
that was far more organised and a tad warmer!
My first proper craft room was on the second floor of an office centre - 
I was in heaven - so much space!
But give a crafter space and it will be filled with more stuff and...
...more crafters! My first step into running classes.
Within six months I began to look for different premises and, as many of you know,
this is when I found my little studio/shop.
Now my craft room is the middle room, I miss having a window but I'm pleased I chose
a bold wallpaper to brighten the room.
 My quiet corner with plenty of storage.
 My desk looking VERY tidy, that's a rare thing nowadays!
 And within a few steps I'm in the studio/shop and that's definitely a happy place to be.
I hope you enjoyed my little crafty space tour today.
I will be back very soon - have a brilliant weekend dear friends.


Janice said...

Morning Christine
I follow this blog and love nothing more than peeping at others craft rooms.....I'm a nosey wotsit!
Yours is a lovely story. I'm so jealous of any the craft rooms you've had along the way. Congratulations to you for appearing on this blog.
Have a good day.
Janice x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Its lovely to have a trip down memory lane you must be so thrilled with your studio now! Have a good weekend, Susan x

Mary by the Sea said...

Morning Christine, I have my craft room in the 3rd bedroom of my little VT. But very untidy and not organised, just unpacked everything from storage and got on with the rest of the house. Now its time to take control, so I will definitely have a look at this blog.

Your room is so clean and bright and makes me realise this must be tackled....

Have a wonderful weekend... Mary, xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
You must have many happy memories about your crafting journey. Thanks for sharing.
Have a good day.

Wendy L said...

Thanks for the trip, very interesting seeing other folks, spaces. Xxxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Thank you for showing us this nostalgic trip through your crafting journey. My craft room is the second largest bedroom and it is packed to the gunnels with crafty goodies, I could open my own shop ha ha. I keep trying to organise, but it always ends up a complete mess when I'm making anything ha ha. I will be having a look at that Blog, as I'm nosey too, and might pick up a few good ideas.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Lovely crafting space Christine. Have a fab weekend xx hazel

Anonymous said...

Its gabulous to see how your crafty space has progressed Christine. I love looking at crafty spaces. I love the crafty storage blog ! Have a great weekend hope you are all well xxxx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Congratulations on appearing on the other blog. I will be looking after this! Thank you for sharing your craft space journey. I am very envious as I have to pack everything away as we don't have a spare room/space. Have a good weekend. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,it's really interesting to see how your craft studio has grown from its humble beginnings! T.F.S. Have a super weekend. Take care,
Maggie xxx

Jean Z said...

Lovely to see your craft room mine is full to the brim, I had an extension built on and it is too full but I love it love Jean Z xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Your crafting space is so light and airy, even with no window, and so organised. I have the smallest bedroom and its full from floor to ceiling and now my desk space is rapidly filling up!!! Really need to have a clear out and get rid of the stuff I don't use

Sue xx

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, thank you for peek into your crafty journey, my craft stash is slowly taking over the house! Emma

Valerie said...

Hi Christine Your craft room oozes peace and relaxation. Mine is a continuous mess, except when it gets tidied, which it does about once a week just before l start crafting again. But it never looks like yours, too much stash l think. Looking forward to looking at your blog suggestion. I love looking at other peoples ideas for storage, bit like looking through windows as you walk along a street. I think we are all Nosey Parkers at heart. Have a good weekend. Valerie

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
You are so tidy, it all looks very inviting! Anne x

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, I feel sure you have read my thoughts as if you remember from my email that I am planning my first proper craft room, and having spent over an hour browsing, I know where to go for my storage when the time comes. X Ros

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Love todays pics. Your last one looks very tranquil. Mine seems to be in permanent disarray now matter how often I tidy it.

Love Val x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Lovely to see your craft room and studio etc, it looks so tidy it must be a real pleasure to spend your time there.
I hope you have a good weekend . Take care,....x.

Lace said...

Lovely to see all the pics of your progression into craftiness!

Maggie said...

Hello. What a great tour of your craft rooms. I have been so lucky and just had my study completely revamped into a fantastic space with so much storage room - I thought. It's now full again. Who needs a garden think I? xxMargaretxx

Mac Mable said...

Great to see your journey, thanks for sharing it with us. Everything looks so neat and tidy and what a great space and great shop x

Layerlass67 said...

Morning Christine. I have been following your Blog since your conservatory days and this is a lovely reminder of where you have been.A lovely journey. I'm still on the dining room table as my 'boys' like to eat in the conservatory...bit difficult when my other son and his family turn up. Craft stuff is stored all over the house. Maybe one day....
Take care, Christine. Gemma xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
How far you have come in such a short time ,
I think i need to move house , as i do not have a spare room i have to get my crafty stash out of the boxes in my walk in wardrobe ,{ have more Craft than Clothes ,Oh dear }

Have a good Weekend
Take Care
Elaine H X

Laura O said...

how I wish I had a craft room ,at minute it is everywhere and im using the kitchen table to craft on.Well done on your fab craft room that is so neat by the way.Laura O

LoraineC said...

How you have progressed, lovely photos I am able to have the use of a small bedroom but feel the need to get more organised thanks for the link. Have a good weekend x

Craftychris said...

Wonderful photo's of the craft room journey! What a happy place you have to craft in now - wonderful! I use a spare bedroom but it needs sorting out, will definitely check out your link when I have a coffee and time to browse! Thank you xx

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