Wednesday 13 June 2012

Storage - How Do You Store Yours???

Hello friends,
Storage today!  Something a little different.
I was asked a while back (thank you Sandra) how do I store my dies and this is it..
nothing too elaborate at all!
I remove the dies from the back of the packaging and stick a piece of magnetic tape inside.
(I buy the tape from eBay) or you can cut up magnetic sheets.
 I then file the die templates in boxes, these are from Ikea.  I have my own system that I commit to memory -
flowers and butterflies at the front (you're not surprised are you!)
and then banners, labels and so on.
I know..there's quite a few in that box isn't there - I pinch myself sometimes!
Now the interesting question do you store yours?
Send me pictures if you can: 
I would like to do a die storage blog post.  
I'm sure it is going to be fascinating to see all the different ways.
Take care friends.


Unknown said...

Hi Christine, never thought of storing dies this way and sorry but I will have to borrow this idea. At the moment mine are stowed in a canvas bag, which is handy to lug around but very heavy (yes I have a few).


Lynn said...

Hi Christine, Mine are on magnetic sheets (well some of them are) I seem to have more dies than sheets, but....if you don't mind me pinching your idea it solves my problem. I have enough magnetic sheet to be able to store like this. At the moment they're on the sheets in a large plastic stackable box, and they sit on top of my HunkyDory stash. Lynn xx

Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, I have been meaning to organize a "system" for my dies but never got around to actually doing it. At the moment I have mine in their original packets in a wicker box and I just flick through everytime I want one. Yours is a great idea and has spurred me on to having a sort which I will do tomorrow as I am having my grandchildren today. Unfortunately for me, I do not have quite as many dies as you...hehehe.
Have a nice day.
Elizabeth x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Yours seems an excellent way to store the dies I will be really interested to see other ideas too. x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine! Mine are on magnetic sheets, which I cut to squares and store the dies in those little plastic CD wallets. I sort them in a box but in types of die, such as florals etc. My grand dies are stored in a binder at the moment, again on magnetic sheets. Carole Z X

Chloe's Nan said...

Great idea Christine, I think I'll have to borrow this idea too! At the moment mine are on cup hooks hanging underneath a shelf (using the original plastic cases) but this isn't working out very well, have a great day x

hazel young said...
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hazel young said...

Morning Christine love your storage idea. i store mine in an a4 filing cabinet in suspension folder and on magnetic sheets. they are in sets such as flowers in one tags in another etc xx hazel

Unknown said...

This is BRILLIANT Christine!

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Good idea for storing the dies. I must admit that mine are just in the original packages in a tin, not ideal.
Must get them organized now I have a few.
Have a good day.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine i have mine in a plastic container in their own packets , some i got off e/bay with no packaging so i put these onto magnetic sheets, i only have a small amount at the moment so im not finding them a problem , but hey if im lucky enough to get more i will have to find a better way to store them . Elaine H X

Sue Yorkshire said...

Great way to store the dies Christine

I dont have all the packaging now cos I have my smaller ones in cd cases with the magnetic sheet and larger ones in DVD cases. I did start to keep the packaging so I could slide it into the case.

Love yours though its so much neater and no need to buy the cases
Sue xxx

Redanne said...

Well um, er, mine are in a box in a cupboard, no order whatsoever, but I did buy some full magnetic sheets last week and some clear A4 boxes with clips on and I am going to reorganise mine! I am so fed up of not being able to find what I want. Don't have as many as you though, only about 40 at the moment, some very old ones. Your idea is great Christine, I won't inflict a picture of my cupboard on you..........Anne x

Craftychris said...

I use the same method as you but still keep them in the clear packets. Now I have seen your idea of filing, will have a rethink! I can use the plastic packaging for my crafting then too. Thank you for the idea xx

Sue B said...

Morning Christine what a very neat & organised idea for storing dies. I have my grand dies on A4 sheets & put them in a slim A4 boxfile & all the others are still in original packaging although cut open & they are in a huge plastic box but I do spend time rummaging for the one I want. Only wish I had the room to have better storage.
Thanks for the idea though
Sue B

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

I store my spellbinders on magnetic sheets cut to size and put in a cd wallet which I bought from Home Bargains or Poundland - its quite heavy now though but it keeps them safe!

Sarah x

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, This is how I store mine as well after someone said on CR&CR they stored them in original packaging on magnetic strips! (Perhaps it was you!!)..I find this is best for me...Someone also said about cutting out each die in white card and putting it inside the folder. Then when you want to make a card you can arrange the die-cutouts how you want them on the page,and when you are satisfied with the layout, you can then cut out your chosen dies in card/paper you want...:)Also I've seen on Utube some people stash them in cd plastic sleeves..but I prefer our option..;)..Enjoy your day...xx

Ita said...

Hi Christine at the moment i have mine in the packet they come in in a long pretty box,i would love to know how everyone else stores them ,and Cazanne49 that is a great idea about cutting them in white thanks

nmty said...

hi Christine

you have a really good system for storing your dies. I may well be adapting to your way. I will send you a photo of mine this evening. I never realised you could get magnetic tape, would be cheaper than the magnetic sheets.

thanks for the ideas
lv norma

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, Um, very interesting subject this storage of spellbinder dies. I've enjoyed reading some of the other crafters ideas of storage (curiosity gets the better of us sometimes)and I must say, that I store mine like yourself on strips of magnetic sheet but i leave them in the original package. I have recently purchased 'Really useful boxes' in various sizes as they are made to linkup and stack nice and orderly in my craft room. Well, thats it, I've said my bit on storage. Best wishes Carolyn x

nesscraftyqueen said...

Oh Christine, I wish I had seen your storage system before I spent a fortune on magnetic sheets and fancy zippy plastic pockets. This looks brilliant so well done you.

Enjoying your blog, only discovered you following your recent C&C shows which I enjoyed too.
and I have your little doggy.
Crafting hugs
Ness xx

Cinders said...

Hi Christine,
Great storage idea, think that I might change my way of storing them for yours!
I store mine on A4 magnetic sheets in plastic ring binder sheets in types eg butterflies, birds, flowers, mats and grand ect. There then placed in an A4 box with the picture cards on top of each sheet, not ideal as I have to take them out to get to the ones that I want to use if their on the bottom. Will send a picture it will proberly make more sense then lol.
Have a great day
Caz xxx

Anonymous said...

I had left the dies on the back. inserted in a clear envelop and taped the # and name in 11 pt. at the top left of the clear envelop. But the envelop gets stuck if I haven't gotten around to removing the double sticky tape and added magnet yet. Prefer yours with the dies inside and still leave the clear labeled envelope, over die holder.
I file by shape: Labels, circle, oval, square, rectangle, geometric, flowers/leaves. insects/nature, edglets, accents/motifs, misc. I also keep a word table sorted by Product number to check before bidding, ordering and buying anything after buying duplicated a few times.
Also store Grand sets in my empty e-reader box and my Grand borders in an extra long decorative box from Michaels with the internal strong magnets. The two GRAND boxes stand on their sides like beautiful covered books with stacks of photo boxes with the dies next to it, The matching Heartfelt Creation Stamps, JustRite Stamps and any others are in covered Medium Flat Rate Box With sets sorted by Product number within brand. They have their own table sorted by number per brand to avoid duplicates. My next step is to tape the matching die number in the same place I labeled the dies. I now have 1.5 Flat Rate boxes of Heartfelt, .75 box of JustRite and part of a photo box of Hero arts, Stamp.. etc. that match dies.
Turning 70 Saturday. love layering cards but hands shake too much to trim with scissors so fell in love with dies. Please excuse my misspelling and double letters. Often from that same shaking. Love your Blog. Wish this comment had a spell checker.
GG Judy Jackson

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine,
I have just emailed you my contribution to the post you want to do. I hope my idea is of use to someone, though I think some have adopted something similar already.
I did a show and tell about this on my blog recently as you know and was chuffed when you asked me to join in the post you are going to do.
Can't wait to see lots of other followers fab ideas.
Hugs Linda

Janice said...

What a great idea this is Christie, especially for te larger dies. Think I might hav to copy too! My squares, circles etc I have put on magnetic card and use a cd canvas zip up holder which works well. I'm always looking for storage ideas, ESP on Pinterest.
Janice x

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