Sunday 24 June 2012

Miss Havisham's Tea Party

Hello friends - happy Sunday!
Yesterday afternoon I went to Miss Havisham's Wedding Feast Tea Party!
St Mary's Church in Higham (just up the road from me) hosts fund raising events on 
behalf of the Church Conservation Trust.
My big sister works very hard for the CCT and did an amazing job 
preparing a themed Miss Havisham's Wedding Feast.  
Just in case any of you are not aware who Miss Havisham is - she features in Dickens' - Great Expectations.  At twenty minutes to nine while dressing for her wedding day Miss Havisham receives a letter from her betrothed calling off the wedding (he wasn't at all nice - he was out to swindle her of her riches!)  
Humiliated and heartbroken she has all the clocks stopped at the exact point she learns of the betrayal.  
She continues to live in her decaying mansion never removing her wedding dress and 
leaving a wedding cake uneaten on the table.

I thought it would be nice to share some photos with you, here is the decaying table, cobwebs look so real.
 Bouquet of dead  flowers...
The uneaten wedding cake (made by my clever sister) the top tier is real (no cobwebs on that!)
and first prize in the raffle!
It comes complete with mice and a wedding ring!
More decay...
More mice and decay...
A teapot of course!
And 'Miss Havisham' made an appearance too!
I probably should mention our tea was delicious - cakes and plenty of tea 
held at the other end of the church!
Well that was something different to craft wasn't it!
Back tomorrow friends.
Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.


Unknown said...

Hi Christine, spooky, this must have Aiken an age to set up, but so impressive. Are all your family artistic? I would have loved to see the "Tea Party" and met Miss Havisham.


melanie said...

your sister is talented looked great thanks for sharing

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Wow Christine, that looks good. Congrats to your sister, it really looks like fun. How clever is she!! So glad you had nice little cakes to eat with your tea though.
Have a great day. Linda xx

Missmizog said...

What a talented family. It looks like a wonderful day.

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Wonderful photos they bring the event to life. Must have taken an age to create the scenes, how clever is your family.
Cakes look good too.
Have a good day.

Christine Harrop said...

Oh my word - this is absolutely amazing. So clever! I would love to have seen it! Iii'm sure the guests were totally awed!

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Everything looks amazing you must have had a great afternoon. x

Desiree said...

Hi Christine,
Creativity obviously runs in the family. How did your sister recreate the spiders' webs?x

nmty said...

Hi christine, what a stunnng display it looked very authentic, it must have taken forever to put together. Your sister's cake is fabulous. You have a very talented family.

lv norma

hazel young said...

Wow Christine what a realistic and stunning display. Hope you sister is very proud of her creations the set and cake are beautiful. looks like creativity runs in the family xx hazel

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Wow Christine this looks brilliant. I can see your sister is also very talented! What a brilliant take on Miss Haversham's wedding! Hugs Susan x

Lesley said...

Wow Christine what a talented family!! The cake looks wonderful and the table amazing. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Lesley x

nattyboots said...

I was speechless when i first saw your photos, just gone back for another look .

Wow such a fantastic display and so life like, and the cake ! well im speechless again, i wish i could have seen it Christine.

Your Parents must be so proud of you both .

Elaine H X

Carole Z said...

OMG Christine, incredible, well done to your sister..I can just picture Miss Haversham sitting all alone at this table for decades! Wonderful photos, Carole Z X

Sue Yorkshire said...

WOW Christine this is unbelievably real.

Must have taken your sister ages to get it all put together and that cake looks so yummy shame to cut into though


Maggie J said...

Hi Christine - All your family must be artistic, what a great idea for raising funds, I think Miss Havisham's story is a fascinating one and most people have heard of it and your sister did a great job x

Maggie J said...

Hi Christine - All your family must be artistic, what a great idea for raising funds, I think Miss Havisham's story is a fascinating one and most people have heard of it and your sister did a great job x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
WOW WOW WOW love it, your sister (like you ) is very artistic, the cake she made looks far too good to eat. Is this open for the public to see (as I would love to visit).
Sandra (craftynan)

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, The church looks amazing! Two talented sisters in one family. I would have loved to have seen it in person. And the cake - wow! Love the mice. Thanks for sharing.

Janice said...

What a great idea, and what a talented sister you have Christine! It all looks so real & spooky, the little cakes look Jamie would say :-))
Pleased you had a nice time.
Janice x

Redanne said...

Wow Christine, creative talent certainly runs in your family. When you said you had tea I thought you had to use the Miss H table!! Those cobwebs do indeed look real, glad you got to eat elsewhere. Would love to have seen the real thing.... A x

loftylass said...

Wow Christine what a fabulous idea and shows how talented your sister is - the creative talent obviously runs in your family. The photo's are superb and your sister's cake looks so professional and yummy. Everyone must have been in awe. tfs

Susan.... said...

Hi christine,
what a fabulous cake ! The table decorations are superb ! Your sister is a very talented lady..Glad everyone enjoyed the cakes etc ..they also look delish hehe..
susan x

Chloe's Nan said...

Wow! Talent certainly runs in the family Christine. It looks like it was a great afternoon x

Planetsusie said...

Oooh what a clever family you have Christine. The cake looks absolutely superb! In fact the whole table looks really good - very authentic. This was my favourite book when I was younger.

Hugs Sue P xxx

baconbits said...

Hi Christine
As you can see i need help, i have tried to email you via the email listed on this page but it keeps bouncing back. I need help in getting Etch all paste where can i get it.
Amanda x

Elizabeth said...

Lovely post today and educational.
Hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Elizabeth x

Sarah said...

Very the cute little mice!
Hope you raised lots after all that hard work.

Sarah said...

OMG this looks amazing Christine. I loved Great Expectations last year! Fantastic photographs!

Sarah x

Unknown said...

my favourite book! this looks amazing, the creative talent obviously runs in your family :o)

Sarah x

pab1944 said...

wow how great was that to see all that your sister should be in the film industry
love and Hugs
Pauline B

Cinders said...

Hi Christine,
Wow your sister is so talented, must run in the family!
Looks like fun would have been had by all
Best wishes
Caz x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, A very late post today. What an interesting subject to use to draw people in. Your sister is talented . Glad you had a good time. B.W. Carolyn x

Sandra said...

oh my goodness, how totally amazing!
I would have loved to have seen that for real! Your sister is very talented, seems a bizarre thing to say but even the atmosphere looked 'right'! i am totally blown away!
Sandra xx

Craftychris said...

How cool is that! I loved the original film. Your sister is sooo talented - absolutely fabulous xx

Clai01 said...

That looks great!

Unknown said...

This tea party is epic. All the photos are making me inspired for hosting such enjoyable family party in next month. But I would be hosting that bash at some local garden inspired NYC venues. I hope that will be able to find some good venue in the budget.

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