Friday 29 June 2012

Friday Die-Day!

Hello friends,
Thank you for your brilliant support yesterday with my reveal of new dies.  
You never know which new dies are going to be allocated to you to showcase, but so far I've always been thrilled with the ones I get to play with!  
Using the Premium Craft Foils really adds that extra pizazz to a project.  
I've discovered that here in the UK you can buy them from here (free postage and packing too!) 

Also yesterday my blog got a makeover courtesy of the brilliant Laura Jane - so what do you think?
A couple of people have mentioned that the link text is difficult to see..I'm going to work on that - it appears it looks different dependent upon your computer - I've been making the boys call it up on their laptops etc!
I am loving my butterflies that wings look like hearts.

Right that's enough of me chatting on..we need to get to Friday Die-Day....
This week I'm featuring Romantic Rectangles
You receive 4 die templates with this set.
 This is how they look cut/embossed and stencilled.
I would recommend that when you are cutting you use a piece of waxed paper, the edges are intricate and it makes removing your cardstock/paper from the die so much easier.
 I think it is safe to say that most weeks I'm going to be featuring a tag! :)
Here I've used number 3 die template (smallest is always no.1 and count outwards).
I've inserted the tag inside the die so that only the bottom will be cut/embossed.
(Very much in love with my smaller plates - certainly cuts down on 'winding time').
 Here you can see how it has just cut/embossed a strip along the bottom of the tag.
 I've gone for red!  Applied some dotty paper and then from plain red paper cut/embossed No.2, attached with foam pads.
 And because I like to hold on to things - I'm using the Daisy Flower Topper I made some weeks ago...
 My signature piece of ribbon and twine.. it's lacking a butterfly isn't it - what was I thinking!?
Don't forget I'm still 'taking orders' on Friday Die-Day - drop me an email by using my super new button on my sidebar..can you tell I'm a little bit excited about my new blog!
Have a brilliant weekend dear friends. 


nmty said...

Hi Christine, thanks for this great tutorial, these are great dies, but I never thought to only use part of it to cut. Another great idea to try. thanks.
lv norma

Linda said...

What a great tag, very beautiful
hugs Linda

baconbits said...

MOrning, Keeo the tags coming, they finish of a present just the right way.
Have a great weekend
Amanda x

Elizabeth said...

OMG Christine, I could not believe it when I saw the die you are featuring today - I actually have it. I am going to have a play tonight and that's for sure. I absolutely LOVE the tag and would not have thought of using the die that way to make a border at the bottom of the tag. The colours and everything - just perfect. Thank you for a brilliant tutorial - you always come up with something different.
The sun is shining at the moment so let's hope it contnues. Have a great day.
Elizabeth x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, thanks for this great 'die day'; I have both these dies. I use the rectangles a lot, the large one is a really good size - I always have to use wax paper with it as it's pretty hard to release, but I had never thought of using just one edge! Amazing, will have to try this...thanks Carole Z xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Another great tutorial you always bring something new to us,the tag is lovely.
Your new blog is really nice you have every right to be thrilled with it. x.

Janice said...

Thanks for another brilliant tutorial Christine, love this tag.
Janice x

Marisa Job said...

Great tag Christine! That is one of the flowers I designed for Spellbinders. Love the way you used the rectangle die to edge the tag. Hugs!

hazel young said...

Love this die Christine i on my long wish list that just keeps on getting longer. Loving the sneak peeks at spellbinders some amazing dies coming soon, so guess what my wish list just keeps getting longer and longer. Loving the tag and the use of this die xx hazel

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, love the new look blog, very girly, love the butterflies too. I have these dies and you have opened up my eyes on how to incorporate them in different ways, thanks for making me more aware of what to do wih them


Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Thanks for a great tutorial, would never though of using part of the die in this way will have to have a play with this idea.
Another one of my go to flowers featured as well love them.
The tag is so pretty.
Have a good day.

nattyboots said...

Morning Christine do you know ? i just love your tags i have never thought to dress them up as you do so im pleased we are going to have one every week as they finish off the present nicely ,

Thanks for the tutorial iv not got these dies but i do have a square one i can try so will have a play later.

Elaine H X

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

What a lovely tag and I love how you have cut the bottom using the die as a border.

I do have these dies - Mothers day pressie - and I really love them cos they are so versatile and thanks to you another idea of how to use them
Sue xx

Chloe's Nan said...

I have been looking at this die for quite some time now, seeing this demo has convinced me that I definately need it!! The blog make over is really lovely - I do find the comment button a little tricky to see tho, perhaps it's the size of my screen? Keep up the fantastic work Christine and thank you for sharing all your ideas x

Maggie J said...

This is lovely Christine and it is so helpful showing how to use the dies to get different effects like just decorating the bottom of the tag.
Maggie J

Maggie J said...

This is lovely Christine and it is so helpful showing how to use the dies to get different effects like just decorating the bottom of the tag.
Maggie J

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina I really love the new look on your blog I hardly reconsider it!
I really thought what you did with the Die was very clever and if it's o.k. with yourself something I would like to try myself.
Kind regards from Sam x

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, thanks for showing us how to use the rectangles as edgeabilities by threading the card through the middle. It allows for perfect co-ordination.

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I love Friday Die Days..I like the way you used only part of the die to cut the end of the tag..another useful tip..Love the end result. Am going to try this!! Enjoy your day...:)..xx

loftylass said...

Hi Christine - I love Friday Die Day....... Keep the tags coming please (we will be needing lots shortly!!) Love how you cut the bottom of the tag - hadn't thought of that..doh! The blog makeover looks 'very you' - neat and clean.
Have a lovely day.

Planetsusie said...

I love this tag Christine. This is my total favourite die!!! I think it is gorgeous - even though I have never used it for a bottom edge - I am going to have a go. I love the colours used, they go really well together.

Hugs Sue P xx

PS I love your new blog design - although I do have trouble with the pale colour of the links. My mince pies ain't wot they used to be!!! LOL

Sue B said...

Am loving the tag you have made. I have thought about getting these dies but have now decided they are a must.
really like the colours too.
I also like your new blog design but also liked the old one.
I'm easily pleased!
Sue B

Craftychris said...

Loving the tag! Never would have thought of using a die to cut just the end of the tag - fab idea, thank you. Another set of dies to add to me wish list. Its my birthday soon - Spellbinder dies may have to become 'hints'. xx

Redanne said...

Hi christine, I cannot believe that I commented on your lovely new blog yesterday but forgot to mention how gorgeous the butterflies are!! Yes, they do look like hearts. Today's tutorial has been brilliant, I absolutely love the tag you made, it is fabulous. Thank you for Friday die day! Crafty hugs, Anne x

melanie said...

Thanks for this tip have never thought of doing this will try it out Ihave this dies set .melanie

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Brilliant Christine I have these dies and what a different way to use them - I would never have thought of that! Thanks for the info re the foil! Have a great weekend hgs Susan x

Anonymous said...

Hallo Christine, Another late post from me due to my all time favourite sport being on TV - Tennis/Wimbledon - sorry.
Love the tag and those dies. Purchased them post your Scrap page with photo of your Mum on it.Had'nt thought of using it to create an edge of a tag but will be trying it out as I too love tags.
Have a good week end, best wishes Carolyn x
P.S. Glad you picked up comments regarding new Blog. I do like it apart from blue print. x

Bea said...

Great ideas Chrisitine - thanks for sharing - I now know how to get edges from my dies as I didn't think to put the card through the die and ended up with a very hit ir miss result - thaks again

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine,
Fab as always, thank you. I love the tag, it could just as easily be used for journaling too.
Hugs Linda x

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