Friday 18 May 2012

Friday Die-Day!

Hello friends,'s's Friday and it's Die-Day!
Upon Lydia's request I've gone all Daisy!  I'm featuring Daisy Flower Topper.
I know I've used these on cards and projects frequently but I thought it would be nice to show 
you how I create these floral lovelies.  
You receive four dies with this set, three petals and one flower middle.
This is how they look cut/embossed.
 Stencilled through with distress ink - so much more striking.
 You will see from this image I also like to use some distress ink around the edges of the petals too,  it softens them a little.
My method of creating a dimensional daisy is to take the largest petal layer and tweak the outer leaves downwards, for the other petal layers I tweak the inner leaves upwards.
 It looks a little clearer here, the largest petal layer works as a platform.
Plenty of foam pads (much like the Aster Flower Topper featured last Friday).
You can flatten the flower a little bit, purely your choice.
 The finished flower with middle added.
 Equally as pretty using patterned paper.
 And extra nice if you use other mediums, here I've used felt.
It cuts like butter in the Grand Calibur® - if you haven't tried cutting felt please do...but it is addictive!
 I've decided I'm going to add a button to the middle and sew on a little brooch pin,
a quick and easy gift.
As always, please mention/email me any die requests for Friday Die-Day.
Before I go, I want to say a special hello to Ita, it is her daughter's wedding today, she has been working so hard on making all the invitations and more - wishing you a wonderful day and sunny weather!
Take care friends.


Unknown said...

Hi Christine more ideas and inspiration. I so enjoy Die Day Friday as I have some of the dies you choose to demonstrate and you introduce some great ways of using them. Keep giving ...


Missmizog said...

I have these dies and use them frequenty.
Love this ideaof dies on Friday.

jucrook said...

I love what you have done with the felt. I have these dies and am off to buy felt for a school project for my son. I think that I will have to buy some extras and make some brooches for friends. I wondered what I was going to be up to today........ And now I know. Thanks Christine.

nmty said...

Hi Christine, lovely demo today, I especially liked the felt one. May have to invest in some felt and have a go!
thanks, keep the ideas coming! lv Norma

Elizabeth said...

Good "Friday Die-Day" morning Christine. Another lovely demo on these pretty flower dies. I like the way you have created the dimension with the petals and how pretty it looks in the patterned paper too. Must have a play this weekend.
Congratulations to Ita and family.
Elizabeth x

Lucycat said...

I really like Friday Die Day thank you so much for your demos. x.

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, love Friday Die Day! Spllbinders flower toppers are all so amazing! Carole Z X

hazel young said...

Hi Christine, i have these dies and there lovely, ive used them on felt like you have suggested and definately cuts like butter. This die is so versatile as you can cut the petal out and have them folded in or out. Loving die day friday keep them coming xx hazel

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine, yet another great tutorial, such useful dies. Anne x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Oh wow Christine I was going to ask you to show this one too!! Lovely its always so good to see them actually made and how you do it - very inspirational!! It would be nice to see different uses for the accent dies i.e. Ironworks,Floral, Parisian and Lace Doily and the Motifs (these are the four I have but I know their are other newer ones like Persian and Moroccan). Love Friday die days big hugs Susan x

Chloe's Nan said...

Great tutorial as always Christine, thank you. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Congratulations to Ita and family x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
love your flowers, thank you for giving us such great inspiration.
Sandra (craftynan)

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Thanks very much for your take on these dies love the way you have used them the felt flower looks wonderful.
You have given me lots of ideas thank you.

Love Friday die day.

Craftychris said...

Absolutely lovely die and its fab to see what you have done with it. All the flowers are gorgeous and the felt one will make a lovely gift. I hope Ita and her family have a lovely day. xx

Janice said...

Hi Christine, really love this tutorial, thank you!
As you might remember I already have this set and love using it, but it's certainly good to have some extra tips and techniques.
Janice x

Oksana said...

Hi Christine, what a good idea! Beautiful creations today and I like the idea of making a brooch.x

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, thanks for another wonderful Friday die day! Love the felt flower. I have a Big Shot and it cuts felt well with the Bigz dies but not quite as well with the Spellbinder ones - the Cuttlebug is the same in my experience, just in case anyone might be wondering. Shims do help though. Thanks for the demo Christine, your creations are beautiful, as usual. Anne x

loftylass said...

Morning Christine - thanks for the great tutorial. I have this die (unused as yet!!) looking forward to trying my hand at various materials.
Love your Friday die day.

nattyboots said...

I bought some felt off E/bay a few weeks ago ,then i didnt know what to do with it . Well guess what ? your idea has solved it , i love these die days Christine please keep them coming. Elaine H X

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I have these dies and enjoyed the way you've used them..will be trying your method...:)..Enjoy your day..xx

Cinders said...

Hi Christine,
Gosh I did'nt think that I would need these dies as I already have the Aster dies, but after seeing your demo they are on my must have list. Could you please demo the Nestabilities Mirrors, thanks
Best wishes
Caz x

rlovew said...

Beautiful flowers. I got my first spellbinders yesterday so I will have to go back and see if you have featured any of those I picked up.

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, Love the broach. I need one for my jacket. Thanks for the tutorial.

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