Monday 28 May 2012

Back Home

Hello friends - I'm home!
Thank you for all stopping by my blog while I was away in Turkey and 
I hear you too had some sunny weather so that was nice.
I was pleased I could fit in a Friday Die-Day before I left and I've had quite a few enquiries regarding the advent box frame - a local framing shop made these up for me and I'm wondering whether to request some more and put this together as a kit later in the year...what do you think? holiday - I had lots of sunshine, a very relaxing time, plenty of scrummy food - in fact I think I'm going to find it a little difficult to pick up where I left off but I must...
there is that wondrous creative event called CHA just around the corner and I have 
quite a few projects to make and send off.  
For a while my blog posts may deviate from the 'daily' but I'm hoping you will understand.
Anyway..back to today and I would love to share with you some of my holiday pics.

I stayed in Calis which is near Fethiye - it is known for its beautiful blue bays and I can vouch for that having taken a boat trip ....but more recently because Daniel Craig has been filming the new 
James Bond film there - Skyfall.  I think I just missed Daniel by a week or two...!
You can swim off the back of these boats while the crew cook your lunch.
It is an amazing day out, setting off at 9am and back at tea time, cruising around the bays, dipping in the sea when you feel hot and then settling down for a delicious lunch.
Another rocks and sea was so beautiful...
The beach - I ate in the restaurants opposite frequently but chose to stick with the pool, 
not a big lover of sand! 
This is where I stayed - my friend's apartment is on the left, wonderful view of mountains.
 And this is a friend I made....
So I can most certainly say the best things about Turkey:
the scenery, the food, the people, the sun and the slow pace of life.
I also have to say that a Kindle is just amazing, I borrowed my son's and downloaded 
three books and read all of them - I haven't been able to read that much in years...
I still missed my home, family and Bella though!
Back soon friends and hope you don't mind this being a holiday dominated post and not at all crafty!


Unknown said...

Hi Christine Yes please to a box kit. I intend to make some advent boxes this year and have already prepared lots of little boxes ready for the frame but after a few attempts of trying to make a frame gave up. So I would be interested in a frame kit. Good to have you back, have missed your posts, and yes I understand you are a busy lady and will take any post you care to show.


Linda said...

What a beautiful photo's
hugs Linda

nmty said...

Hi Christine, so pleased you had a lovely time, Turkey looks so beautiful and tranquil.

It would be a great idea to put together a kit for the advent boxes, I am sure it would go down a treat, I would certainly be interested.

good luck with all your new projects.

lv norma

nattyboots said...

I dont mind a blog not crafty Christine i like to know you are having some me time and enjoying your holiday the place looks fantastic, glad you enjoyed it , as for the kit YES !!! a fantastic idea . Elaine H X

hazel young said...

hi Chrstine pictures are wonderful. a kit would be a fab idea. xx hazel

hazel young said...

hi Chrstine pictures are wonderful. a kit would be a fab idea. xx hazel

Elizabeth said...

Good morning Christine, thank you for sharing your holiday pics with us. They look amazing and can quite understand how much you enjoyed it. It sounds like you have a lot on with things to do for CHA so no problem that your posts may not be daily for a while. And yes to a "kit" for the advent calendar for me.
Enjoy your day.
Elizabeth x

Carole Z said...

Good morning Christine..your holiday looks idyllic, thanks for sharing your lovely photos! I would definitely be interested in an advent box kit..brilliant idea! Carole Z X

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I like the sound of the boat trip'! Hugs Susan x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Christine it all looks wonderful. I have done that boat trip and it's a fantastic day. Turkey is such a nice place to have a holiday.

Sue xxxx

Lydia Jordan said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks for sharing your holiday pic with us looks amazing.
Don't mind at all that its not a crafty blog.
Don't envy you all of that ironing you will have I hate it.

Lucycat said...

Turkey looks wonderful really glad you had a great time. x.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us, it took me back to our stay in Turkey just over two years ago. We stayed very close to where you were, our son went to Turkey to get married. Our family & the bride's took over the whole of the complex, & our son & new daughter got married in their beautiful grounds. Our family & several friends also went on a boat trip for the day. We had such a magical time while we were there, we couldn't recommend it highly enough.
Sandra (craftynan)

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, Love the photos. Glad you had a nice relaxing time...:)..xx

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, I am glad you enjoyed your holiday. The photos look amazing. The advent box kit sounds a fabulous idea. I loved your creation as soon as I saw it on t.v. Last year. I can see it becoming a real heirloom. The best thing is if you get bored of the colours you can just change them.

Lynn said...

Beautiful photo's Christine, I ordered the box die from C & C over the weekend, they had it on special discount offer !. Glad you had a good hol, re-charge the batteries. Lynn xx

Andrea said...

Turkey looks wonderful! Yes please to a box kit - sounds good to me. Love your posts x

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, your photos are lovely, what a wonderful place to stay. Glad to hear that you had some time for yourself, reading all those books. I have a Kaisercraft advent calendar that I made last year and it cost an arm and a leg but there seem to be plenty of takers for your idea. Hope the prep for CHA goes well.
Crafty hugs, Anne x

Cinders said...

Hi Christine,
So pleased you enjoyed your holiday and the photo's are lovely.
It would be great for a box advent kit but after reading some of the posts, it may be that some crafters just want the frame and not the boxes.
Best wishes
Caz x

Craftychris said...

Thank you for sharing the photo's, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. I will definitely be interested in the frame kit. I might get the die at some stage too. xxx

Sarah said...

Your photos are stunning...glad you had a good time.
Advent kit would be great!!
Sarah xx

Missmizog said...

Hi Christine
Really peased you had a good break. Photos are great. Think that the kits sound like a great idea.

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Well Christine it sounds like you did some recouperating and that has to be a good thing, so good on you. Glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the photos
Linda xx

Janice said...

Lovely photos Christine, I'm sure it was difficult to leave but lovely to see you back with us. Hope you had. Lovely relaxing week.
Janice x

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