Tuesday 8 May 2012

A Dream Handbag..Design and Win!

Hello friends,
I'm back from my couple of days away.  The weather was ...changeable!
Nonetheless had a brilliant time and I'm sorting my photos to post on my blog very soon - 
thank you so much for all your kind comments.
Back to today...something different and exciting to share ...first of all, hope you don't mind - 
just a little bit of me waffling/explaining things first..
Before I embarked on craft 24/7 I had another passion and that was...writing.
For a number of years I tried my hand at short stories, novels and poetry.
My writing adventure had some wonderful high points and one of them was winning 
The National Ford Fiesta Short Story Writing Competition  - (amazingly the internet link still exists!)
To be the winner was wonderful but what was also thrilling was the fact it was in conjunction with the hugely successful writer, Carole Matthews.  I first met Carole approximately 15 years ago.
Carole is one very talented, lovely lady - her books are romantic, uplifting and funny and I'm a huge fan!  
So, when Carole mentioned she was running a design a handbag competition to celebrate the publication of 
her book Summer Daydreams, I was very happy to join in.
Let me explain how this competition works and how us crafty people can get involved.
Simply create a design that measures16cm x 16cm, you can use mixed media, photography, illustration, pattern - it just has to be your design.
Helen Rochfort, the inspiration behind Carole's book will be judging the entries and the lucky winner will have their design made into a handbag!  
There are also three runner up prizes of signed copies of Carole's book.
This is one of Helen's bags...you can guess why I love it!
There are lots more details to read about this brilliant competition - there are links and handy hints too, all can be viewed from Carole's website here.
Helen Rochfort has done a You Tube video too.  Grab a cup of tea and biscuit.
Have fun creating, the fact that mixed media entries are accepted is brilliant news for us crafters!
Best of luck to all that enter.
Take care friends.


Missmizog said...

Morning Christine
Glad you had a good weekend. Love the diversity of your blog.

Unknown said...

You bring new ideas to waken us up in the morning. Would never have thought of entering this competition but food for thought. Look forward to seeing your photos.


Elizabeth said...

Morning Christne, so pleased you had a great weekend. Look forward to seeing the photos. Interesting blog today I am sure it will inspire some wonderful creations from your followers.
Elizabeth x

melanie said...

Glad you had a great time away this ia a stunning challange but not for me .Melanie x

kelly said...

Morning Christine,glad you had a fan time.Well you are a lady with many talents hey!
Wow the bag looks amazing,thanks for giving us details of the competition.
Have a great day,kelly.

Ali W said...

Hi Christine, you never cease to amaze me, you always bring fresh ideas and introduce us to some inspirational people, your blog is so informative and interesting every day. You wouldn't happen to like the bag because it just happens to have a huge butterfly on it, would you!! Lol.
Thank you so much Alison :)

nattyboots said...

Morning Christine im so pleased you had a fab weekend,nice idea on the handbag i would give it a go, but alas im not good at getting the finished picture across to where it should go i just havent got a clue. Elaine H X

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Glad you had a enjoyable weekend, look forward to seeing your photos.
I expect a lot of your followers will be having a go at the competition but I'm no good at this sort of thing so it;s not for me.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine,

You are so talented and well done on winning a prize for your writing, maybe a craft book could be your next project????
I love handbags too but not sure I could design one though

Sue xx

Lucycat said...

Really pleased you had a nice weekend. Looking forward to seeing your photos.
This competion looks really interesting. x.

Cinders said...

Hi Christine,
So pleased that you had a fab weekend and can't wait to see your photos. Don't think I'll enter the comp as I don't have the confidence forthat sort of thing.
Have a great day
Caz x

Craftychris said...

Writing too, I am impressed - you are a lady of many talents! The competition sounds exciting but not something I would be able to enter myself - I am sure there are many very clever people who will though. I am looking forward to seeing your photo's xx

Lucycat said...

Hi .I am back again today just to say this competion did seem to be to much for me but I now realise it is only the design required so no different than a card or layout so I will now start thinking. x.

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, glad you had a great weekend..this competition looks very appealing..I will be taking a look! Thanks for sharing this, Carole Z X

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, glad you had a good weekend. Wow, this is not what I was expecting today, congrats for keeping us all on our toes! Going over to have a look at the video. Well done on winning the writing competition, hope you are keeping it up. Fabulous handbag too. Anne x

Sandra said...

Well Christine that blog has certainly got the cogs whirring! You do come up with some fab and creative ideas. I will get my thinking cap on and maybe have a go, have you got your design in mind already, will it feature a butterfly or two, maybe that could be the shape???? It was also good to get your blog update on twitter this morning!
Sandra xxx

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