Friday, 5 February 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday and hopefully it's not too early in the day to show you an array of food!
These were the charcuterie boards I put together for Mitchell's birthday.
The second one I made up for Mum and Dad, they joined us via Facetime.

Glad to report the boards were a success.  Would I make them again?
Yes, but allow myself more time, I seriously underestimated how long it takes to curl
ham slices, arrange carrots, celery etc.
Also cheese and pineapple isn't normally found on a charcuterie board -
that's an Emberson thing!


I am still managing to keep on track with the Attic 24 Meadow Blanket 
Crochet Along. I believe the final colour rows will be announced today and then we will
be embarking on the border.

There's a brilliant Facebook Group - Hooked on Attic 24
and I was delighted that they used my blanket as the background for their banner pic.
My crochet has certainly changed in two years,
I didn't like granny squares or bright colours when I first started.

I also finished a cushion this week.
I've put it up for sale initially here on my blog - the yarn tab here
in case any of my lovely followers would like it.
I'm near to finishing a second one - busy crochet fingers!

I went with a plain treble crochet back and rainbow buttons to insert the cushion pad.

I'm sending it out as a cover only (easier to post), it just needs a 
14" x 14" cushion pad, I've found the cheapest on Amazon here
they are polyester hollowfibre and do the job.

Feel free to pop over to my Yarn tab for more details.
I was thrilled to have sold two blankets this week through my Folksy shop 
so the stock there is a little depleted - another reason to crochet more! 


As you can imagine quite a lot of viewing again this week,
weather has been so wet and bleak it is the perfect excuse.

The Queen's Gambit - Netflix

It's about chess! 
Well it is is and it isn't - the story follows the life of Beth Harmon, 
an orphaned chess prodigy and her rise to the top of the chess world 
while struggling with drugs and alcohol. 
Taking place in the 1950's to 1960's - the fashion alone is wonderful.

His Dark Materials - Seasons 1 and 2 on BCCiPlayer

I remember talking about season 1 back on my blog in November 2019
and being very excited after the first episode. 
I've now reached the end of season 2 and truly hope that season 3 comes around soon.

Based on Phillip Pullman's novels in an alternative universe that
looks very much like ours except each person has a Dæmon - 
an external physical manifestation of a person's 
'inner-self/soul' that takes the form of an animal.
It has to be said again - I love the idea of having a Dæmon
but imagine the shame of a slug or something instead of a soaring eagle! 

I love this series, it's very moving and gripping, with stars like James McAvoy,
Ruth Wilson and Lin Manuel Miranda not to be missed.

And finally my friends this Sunday is Charity Kit Day.
Here's a little sneak peek.

This month's charity is the Bumblebee Conservation Trust 
A friend of mine has bees and she said it is always a worrying time 
after Winter seeing how many bees have survived.

Please stop by the blog on Sunday, post goes live at 7am
and I will also post on social media with links.

That wraps up this week's natterings.
I would dearly love to get into the garden this weekend and do some pruning
but the rain just isn't stopping right now and everything is soggy.
Oh well - crochet it is then! 

Take care friends, keep safe, keep busy.

7 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Another great chat thank you.
I do beleive it will be a crochet week
we are forcast a lot of snow.
Looking forward to Sundays charity kit.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great to read all your news. Love the crochet projects especially the plain cushions cover with the bright buttons.


karenlotty said...

Lovely chat Those charcuterie boards look delicious Definitely my kind of food being diabetic!
The crochet looks stunning I am crocheting boobies! Our Health Visitors Have asked for them to help teach lactating mum’s
My favourite tv watch at the moment is It’s a Sin Very emotional and poignant I had just started working for the NHS So you can imagine the challenges and changes that had to be made
Take care x

Margie said...

Charcuterie boards look fantastic Christine. Bet everyone enjoyed them. Think I'm going to have to get back to crocheting now there's a forecast of even more snow and rain and we're still waiting for our vaccinations before we can go out anywhere. We watched The Queens Gambit and really enjoyed it. Have you seen The Light between Oceans and The Dig? Another couple of good films to watch. Take care and stay safe xxxx

christi said...

your charcuterie boards look wonderful. made me hungry to look at. eat what you like, it's just a suggestion for the boards. a step up from "got any snacks, mom". have a wonderful week. love your crochet work. it's beautiful!

Littlelamb said...

Love the blanket and the cushion cover. As others have said with the weather ahead I also think it will be a crochet week. Had the first vaccine yesterday. Pleased about that.

hazel young said...

Love the food boards Christine you did a fantastic job. Love the crochet projects and well done on your sales. Have a great week stay safe xx

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