Friday, 19 February 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday!

In a world where hair makeovers are only possible if you are a dog, 
I give you a Bella 'before and after'! 



I'll be honest I do actually prefer the 'before' all cuddly and curly.
It grows so quickly so I'm not fretting,
she also has to have a regular manicure - alright for some!


It's an easy peasy one this week and all credit to Mitchell.
A homemade take on Ratatouille aka using up fridge items!

Slice a courgette, onions and tomatoes.
Pour into an ovenproof dish a carton of passata or tin of chopped tomatoes
(you may want to drain them a little to reduce liquid).
Arrange all your slices. 
Sprinkle with dried herbs.

You can if you wish top with grated cheese, 
(we had ran out so told ourselves we were being healthy).
Cook for 20-30 minutes until onion is soft.
Serve with pasta and/or garlic bread/crusty bread.

And update on the air fryer (featured on last week's Friday Chat Day
if you missed this riveting gadget update!)
Mitchell breaded some chicken and that cooked up lovely.
Simply floured, egg and breadcrumbs whizzed in a little mixer.

And he even made some chocolate brownies,
although they were more like little sponge cakes - not complaining!


Hold onto your isn't a blanket!
It's a scarf and a gift for a friend whose birthday is today.
I checked - she's unwrapped it already.

It was lovely to crochet something that worked up quickly.
For crocheters out there, it is treble stitches into the back loop
to create the ridges.
Adding the tassels took longer than making the scarf!
I found out how to do those from a YouTube video.

Yarn is from Aldi, I ordered three balls not realising they were 
humungous so I should be able to make around another 20 scarves!


I think I spent longer this week looking for things to watch than actual viewing.
My search did uncover this gem on Amazon Prime

Dark Waters

A tenacious attorney, played superbly by Mark Ruffalo, uncovers a dark secret that 
connects a growing number of unexplained deaths to one of the 
world's largest corporations. 

Warning: you may be checking your saucepans after watching this...

And I will leave you this week with a snowy scene and a beautiful fox.
My sister sent me a video showing her regular morning visitor,
she drinks from the pond in their garden.

Have a lovely weekend, we are promised mild weather and my goals
are to tidy cabin, plan the Charity Kit for March and get out
into my tiny garden that has generated quite a lot of gardening challenges -
i.e. what is dead or alive?

Take care friends, keep safe, keep well.

7 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for my Bella fix she is beautiful either way.
Let's hope it gets a bit warmer for her os she will need
her winter coat, who needs an excuse to shop.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

jdunkley said...

Good morning. Dylan had his makeover on Tuesday. As with Bella I prefer him fluffy but in this wet weather the damp dog whiff was becoming a little overpowering. Now he is flagrantly 'baby powder' perfumed - temporarily im sure! The recipe looks delicious this week. Mummy, crusty bread, garlic bread 👌😋

jdunkley said...


Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, what a lovely long chat. I think Bella looks better "before" but lucky that she can have a haircut! Mitchell's recipe is one I have taken note of and will give it a go sometime. He really is a dab hand in the kitchen now isn't he! It would be nice to think scarf weather is behind us but I think your friend will get good use for a few weeks more yet. Looks so warm and a lovely colour. We used to get regular visits from foxes at my mum's and they'd laze about on the top lawn as if they owned the place.. I wasn't so happy with the little parcels they used to leave though!! I hope your mum and dad are doing ok. Have a good weekend xx

karenlotty said...

Love the chat Bella looks adorable both before and after But before is my favourite too
I like the look of the recipe - I love roasted veg
The crochet looks beautiful I love Aldi yarn and always buy some when it’s in the store Never thought to order it online I will take a look later
Have a great week Take care

Littlelamb said...

Think I like the before Bella but perhaps because I can’t have a haircut and it’s getting a lot longer than usual. Love the crochet. Haven’t done any this week. Back has been bad and just moving an arm seems to make it worse. Hopefully next week. Cooking looks good. Have a good weekend. Supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow. Last Saturday was able to have a walk around our local lake. A lot of it was frozen but after Saturday we have had rain every day and it gets slippery walking around it. So best not to. Take care and stay safe.

hazel young said...

Bless Bella so cute. All the food looks delicious. A gorgeous scarf love the colour. Lol my garden is the same the snow and frost didn't do it any favours. Lovely fox photo. We used to have a fox that would lay in the garden and watch my foster children eating there dinners. Have a great week xx stay safe xx

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