Friday, 12 February 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday and brhhhh - it's so cold!
Hope you are keeping warm, safe and well.
Thank you for joining me for another round of ramblings and natterings.


I've fallen behind a little with the Attic 24 Meadow Blanket CAL,
possibly because I'm doing two projects  - the stripes and the Harmony squares.
And because I've been distracted this week, flitting from one
thing to another and not really achieving a great deal.
No particular reason - do you have days like that?

It's all fine on the crochet front, I think there is a catch up week soon so I'll be 
able to get back on track and sew in all the ends. 
Loving the colours, I'm following the colour story design which starts with 
the darker colours and works up to the horizon and skyline.
This is just a snippet photo, the finished design will show the shading in its glory.

I did find time to do this - a blanket stack.
I had seen pictures on Instagram like this and thought I would have a go.
I just piled up the blankets that were in the lounge so not all of them(!)
It has made me smile, each one is a single bed size.

My Folksy shop is down to one item as just sold the cushion cover 
so I need to get that crochet hook working. 


Storm Darcy has definitely made an appearance.
We've had Storm Bella earlier this year and now Darcy,
both names of our pets.
I took this photo before a second lot of snow arrived so it is in fact a lot whiter now.

My city job kindly sent me a gift voucher for Christmas and I've just got around
to spending it.  I'm questioning whether this is for me as Mitchell selected it.
It is an air fryer.  All new to me, do you have one?

So it works by hot air - like a fan oven but with little or no fat so healthier.
With that in mind the first thing we cooked was chips!
Even forgot to photo them as they were yummy and demolished in seconds.
We then tried carrots, I love roasted carrots and the air fryer did them perfectly.

We've done salmon - delicious and only took 12 minutes.
And then, (because this is a new gadget and we get excited)
we found a fruit strudel in the freezer and put that in.
Came out fabulous.

I'm thinking this is a good purchase if only because
Mitchell is using it and doing the majority of the cooking.
Tons of information online and YouTube videos if an air fryer appeals to you.
This lady Fabulessly Frugal (yes spelled like that!) on YouTube is very good.


Margie recommended The Dig on Netflix last week,
wonderful thank you.

Based on a true story and starring Ralph Fiennes as Basil Brown,
it tracks the excavation at Sutton Hoo in the late 1930s.
It's wonderfully shot and the interaction of the other 
characters is very touching.

Indian Summers - Amazon Prime

First aired on Channel 4 in 2015 and I'm just watching it!
 Set in the foothills of the Himalayas during the summer of 1932. 
It focuses on the social politics behind the decline of the 
British Empire and the birth of modern India. Sounds a bit heavy going doesn't it?
Do not fear - there's all sorts of relationships and sauciness going on! 
Julie Walters plays a magnificent part.

Charity Kit:

Lots of thanks to those who have purchased, they are on their way but
I suspect some extra delay with the snow.
If you missed it/fancy another one there are a few left.
Please visit the blog post here.

And that wraps up my week.
This weekend - Elliott is having his vaccination,
he is on the CEV list so has queue jumped considerably.
I'm hoping to have mine by May/June.
I think the weather calls for a roast dinner - I wonder how much of that will
be done in the air fryer! 

Take care friends - keep safe, keep warm, keep well.

Much love,

6 comments: said...

Good morning Christine.
Thank you another great chat,your crochet is so pretty.
There is alot of snow here too.
I have just done the charity card it is so pretty thank you.
Have fun with your new toy lol.Good luck to Elliott I had mine
on Wednesday, all is well.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. Glad to hear Elliot will be getting his vaccine this weekend. Definitely the weather for a roast dinner this weekend.


christi said...

so i got my dh an air fryer 2 Christmas's ago. i think he used it twice. then he though he wanted a hot pot and i said i'll get it but you haven't used the air fryer much. he then said he didn't want a hot pot. i was happy at that. we have minimal space. then a friend called and i wasn't home and she began to extol the virtues of her air fryer. next thing i know we have an even bigger air fryer. at least this one we use. i usually have him use it. so there is the take of our air fryer. i don't know if you have sweet potatoes there but they are good with a touch of ghost chili powder and salt in the olive oil that you marinate them in. have a wonderful day!

Margie said...

Great catch up Christine - the air fryer looks interesting. We have a Remoska which seems to do a similar job. Love your stack of blankets especially the colours of the one at the top. Did you follow a pattern for that one? Thanks for the recommendation of Indian Summers - we'll be watching that next. Got our vaccinations on Wednesday so just three weeks to go before we can get out to do our own shopping again. Pleased to hear Elliot is getting his jab soon and hope everyone else's follows very quickly and we can move towards a time of fewer restrictions. In the meantime, take care. Margie xxx

karenlotty said...

Love the chat
Your blankets are gorgeous and yes I have days where I flit from one thing to another and don’t achieve much
Your tele choices look good I tried to watch Indian Summers way back in 2015 and couldn’t get into it Maybe I need to try again
Have fun with the air fryer I don’t have one but have heard from lots of people how good they are
Have a good week and that Elliott gets in OK with vaccine

hazel young said...

Beautiful crochet Christine. Well done on your shop success, any excuse to crochet more lol. Not got an air fryer as have a halogen but hear they are good. Bonus Mitchell is cooking more, more time for crochet. we had two lots of snow still a little bit left in the garden but the streets and roads are clear. Definitely roast dinner or stew weather. Good new Elliott is getting his jab soon. Enjoy your week, stay safe, take care. xx Hazel

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