Friday, 26 February 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to Friday Chat Day and I hope this week you've seen some sunshine.
A true sign that Winter is nearly behind us.
I had to squint and look really hard but I found signs of
Spring in my garden this week, tiny buds of life
and daffodils flowering -  it felt absolutely joyful.

I think I may have lost a few plants that I put in last year,
the snow was too much for them but a lot have survived in my tiny tiny garden.
Looking forward to the next few months to see what appears.


I've been all over the place with crochet this week,
deviating from my main projects and starting something new.
I've been wanting to make a Christmas toned blanket in the 
Harmony squares design using less rounds.
Yes, with the first signs of Spring I thought...Christmas! 
My progress so far, I'm liking it and looking forward to designing a border.


Upstairs Downstairs - BBCiPlayer

First aired in 2010 I decided to re-watch this drama.
I do vaguely remember the original 1970's series.
There's two seasons to digest so settle down with plenty of tea and biscuits.
It is thoroughly entertaining.
Some familiar faces and goodness me does Keeley Hawes ever stop working?
She seems to be in so many things.
Claire Foy (before her Queenie days in The Crown) plays a fantastic part.

The Captor (aka Stockholm) - Amazon Prime

After taking hostages in a Stockholm bank, ex-con Lars Nystrom 
demands the release of his old partner in crime from prison. 
As the situation escalates, Lars starts to let down 
his guard as he develops a bond with one of the female employees.

So this was an interesting film, based on a true story of a bank raid in 1973
and where the term 'Stockholm Syndrome' originates.
It is quite incredible and farcical at times.

Other stuff:

This week at home has been very computer based, our own IT department.
We (mostly Mitchell!) has been setting up new laptop, monitor, 
docking station, webcam and more.
Since the reshuffle at my city job I'm now working for a different team
and I've entered the world of commercial conveyancing.

I've been sent a whole office set up as going forward, like many firms,
flexible working will be in place - hurrah - less coach journeys.

Mitchell and his apprentice...

I am learning SO much new stuff and I admit to feeling quite 
overwhelmed at times, finding my way around online searches and Land Registry
but thankful the team are wonderful and very helpful.

Also we were all told to take a 'well-being' day off so yesterday was my day.
I'm not sure I embraced the 'well-being' - I cleaned Elliott's flat!
Perhaps that large gin in the evening counted though.

Lily questioning this working from home lark!
She is no help whatsoever with commercial conveyancing.

No recipe this week but I can confirm the air fryer is in full use
by Mitchell - he and Bella shared a packet of air fried bacon this week!
He also perfected his brownies by adding a whole bag of chocolate chips...

This weekend...cabin bound as working on the March Charity Kit.
Thinking I may have to do some housework, it is so easy to leave things
when there are no visitors but now when the sun occasionally shines
goodness I can see the dust! 

Take care friends, keep well and safe.

Much love,


hazel young said...

Beautiful photos Christine. Love your new blanket great Christmas colours. Loved upstairs downstairs as a child. That computer stuff is all too techy for me, my son is in I.T so I leave it all to him. Love the little apprentice. Looking forward to the charity kit. Have a good week, stay safe xx

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. The garden is definitely showing signs of life here too.

Michele said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you another lovely chat.
Bella thinks it's playtime how can you say no?.
Yes spring is on it's way, lighter evenings and mornings.
Looking forward to the charity Kit.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

karenlotty said...

It is lovely to see Spring is on its way We had our garden re-landscaped last autumn I cannot wait to visit a garden centre and get advice on what to plant etc - we are not gardeners so we need all the help we can get! It’s a real blank canvas at the moment
I am still crocheting amigurami animals and monsters I love Kerry Lord’s books
Tele has been a bit hit and miss for me Watched It’s a Sin and Finding Alice which both finished last week
I am still enjoying working from home and for a completely new team too It will feel very strange going into an office and officially meet them for the first time
Take care Hope mum and dad are ok too

Margie said...

Its been lovely here today and so good to be outside in the garden instead of stuck indoors. All my bulbs are now popping through so I'm looking forward to seeing what comes up where as I'm afraid they just got shoved in late this time! Good news about your job even if it means learning a lot of new stuff and at least you can still work from home. The Christmas blanket colours are lovely and I'm sure it'll look gorgeous when its finished. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts xx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, thank you for the garden pictures. I have lots of bulbs in flower now and other stuff is sprouting nicely with all the good weather we are now experiencing. I don't think it matters that your thoughts turned to Christmas and your new crochet project - just go with the flow. I must say the colours look very nice together. What an upheaval learning a new job as well as having to learn all the new technology. Thank goodness you have Mitchell on hand. I'd be stuck doing it but there again I have to remember it is 20 years since I retired so if I was still working I might be a bit more up to date with all these things!!
Have a lovely weekend, Jackie xx

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