Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Woman in Black

I've had a very sleepless night - my son kept me awake - not through sickness, teething or anything so expectant or baby-like - no he is actually nearing 16 and has reached 6 feet! He kept me awake because he was terrified! He had been to the theatre to see the Woman in Black and came home completely spooked - (this is from the boy who watches 'Saw' films and happily brushes off all that horror and gore and tucks into a dinner). But this was a different fear - the real 'something under the bed' syndrome (not that he saw his bed he dived into mine grabbing a cat en route!) As for the actual play - superb - I think if you are happy to be thrilled, terrified, cling onto the edge of your seat and ultimately give someone a sleepless night - he thoroughly recommends it! :-)

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Marcie Steele said...

God, that sound really spooky. I can remember the first time I watched Stephen Kings' Carrie, when her hand appeared out of the grave at the end, I was sitting on the floor, screamed and ran out of the room...the mind is a strange tool x

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