Wednesday 14 October 2009

She's a Better Woman Than Me!

I visited a good friend today and still feel as if I'm walking around with my mouth agape with astonishment! We sat and had coffee in her bedroom because an army of builders seem to be ripping apart the rest of the house (and hopefully building the massive new extension) to accommodate her, the new man and the four teenage children they now have between them! While I sipped coffee, the electrician called, the architect confirmed the windows were the wrong size, the builder cut his hand, the eldest teenager could not find his basketball shorts, the father in law arrived with a casserole which did not fit in the microwave (her only form of cooking right now), the elderly dog she has now also adopted whined continuously to go for a walk and she calmly chatted as if all this chaos wasn't actually happening around her - I admire her, I feel humble and, more importantly, why do I not have the 'zero panicking gene'!!? ;-)

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