Thursday 22 October 2009

Headfirst - Sylvia Fletcher

I got up extra early to deliberate my outfit today - I am going to a book launch this evening. A very good friend of mine (she is also part of my writers' group that meets monthly) has written a wonderful book - Headfirst - 'A glorious amalgam of her couture millenary poems & prose'. The launch is at the shop where she works Lock & Co - Hatters of St James's, a building erected in the 1700's. Amazingly this shop still stands albeit the floors are at alarming angles and it most definitely helps if you're only 4' tall! We are promised champagne and cup cakes. It is all so very delightful but it did make me ponder... her venue is perfect - it obviously suits the subject matter of her book, it is also in a grand part of London. If I were to ever get to that wonderful 'launch party' stage what would I do? I live in Gravesend - (yes it is as dire as it sounds) my subject matter is disastrous dating - what sort of venue ideas does that conjure up? Grotty pub, Lambrusco and tepid doner kebabs perhaps! Oh I do hope not!! ;-)


Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

Sounds like my kind of place - the grotty pub, I mean:)

Well done to Sylvia!

Karen said...

Well at least it would be cheap!

I hope you enjoyed the launch - sounds lovely :o)

Marcie Steele said...

I reckon you could have your book launch on the Mitchell Estate, the setting for my books! Sounds like one of the pubs that I write about.

Hope you enjoyed the launch x

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