Thursday 15 October 2009


Picture the scene - nine women working in an open plan City office, chattering, gossiping, making tea (or lack of it in my case!) It is not unsurprising that when we all stroll back to our desks after lunch if one of us is carrying a shop bag brandishing 'Next', 'Monsoon', 'Marks & Spencer' we are all but frisked to see what the purchases are! Today one such lady was 'frisked'! With a cheeky smile she held aloft a black lacy suspender belt. Now the responses SHOULD have been 'have fun' or 'enjoy' all said with a salacious wink - instead the responses WERE 'that's not going to be comfy', 'a woman wouldn't have designed that', 'couldn't keep one on all day' - oh dear! Does this mean we do not make the effort to be sexy? We're forgetting to embrace our femininity? Well I refuse to be down hearted because I actually think we do and I certainly work with a lady who is putting lots of effort into keeping the female race sexy! Go girl! ;-)

1 comment:

Karen said...

Maybe it's an age thing! I much prefer a comfy pair of tights these days - to my husband's disappointment :o)

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