Friday, 10 December 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Welcome to another round of natter - Friday Chat Day.
Compared to previous natter days this one is shorter as 
it has been a work work work week.

Let me start by sharing some flowers which are the nicest thing in my
conservatory right now.
For my birthday, the boys bought me a monthly flower subscription.
Such a nice idea, the gift that keeps giving.
These are already a few weeks' old so lasting amazingly well.

Conservatory news (thrilling!)
I am doing a happy dance today as the plasterer is coming and tomorrow
the electrician.  I will no longer have just plasterboard,
dangling plug sockets and no lights.

By the weekend (once I tackle the dust) I should be able to move stuff 
back into the conservatory (piles of boxes) and at least get the 
Christmas decorations up, I am very late this year.
It is hard to feel festive when the house looks like something out of Hoarders!

This has helped me feel a little festive though,
one of the decorations in our reception at work - adore the animals
at the foot of the tree.

I'm not sure I'll be returning to the office now until next year after Boris' announcement,
very sad for all the venues that were hosting Christmas lunches, parties etc.


I'm making a scarf - shock it is not a blanket!

I needed a smaller project to concentrate on at the moment.
I have only got this far because I ran out of yarn -
words I did not think I would utter for a long time.
Truth it, it is specific yarn in a specific colour (Stylecraft - Peony)
so waiting for it to arrive.
The pattern is from YouTube and is a lot easier than it looks.
Once finished I am returning to blankets - of course.

Charity Kit

Just a few kits remaining if you missed out on this month's kit,
please pop across to the blog post here.

Also thank you for your understanding moving the kits to 
alternate months, next one is February. 
I am still happy to receive charity ideas too please.


It is definitely that time for trashy Christmas films on
Netflix and Prime - they are so bad they are good!
They all follow a similar pattern which is laughable.

A Castle for Christmas - Netflix

This one definitely tested me - really not sure what to think
of Brooke Shields in this.
But the set designers are amazing, possibly some of the best 
Christmas decorations and bucket loads of fake snow.

And that rounds up my week, they go by in the blink of an eye
at the moment.  
I hope you are all keeping well and your 
Christmas plans are on track.

Take care friends.

6 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you another lovely chat.
Good luck with all the plasterers.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Christine said...

What a stunning foyer decoration!
Love the scarf, gorgeous colour!! lol
I have to agree about the scenery in the film.... One of my ladies appeared on the Princess' dressers so I have to say they have good taste rofl
It may be a good thing this working from home, Jan and Feb are usually the worst weathers.
Enjoy your conservatory.

Anonymous said...

Hello Christine, Wow, what an alternative Christmas foyer decoration (love it, love it, love it)! What a thoughtful and beautiful gift your boys have purchased for you (you did a good job with these two!). The weather over the next few days will be good for drying out your plaster; your nearly there! You're not alone in not having your Christmas decorations up yet as we've still got to make the effort of getting them out of the loft. Take care. WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Good morning Christine, wow your office decoration is something special, just a shame it won't be appreciated for the whole of the Christmas period though I expect you are pleased at the thought of not having to travel to London in January. Don't worry you are not alone in not having decorated yet. I've been so busy all week I just haven't had time!! Have a nice weekend moving in to your conservatory xx

karenlotty said...

Thanks for the chat I have been crocheting a baby cardigan for a change and have just enlisted in a FB group to crochet/knit octopuses for prem babies Apparently it helps them keep calm thinking it’s the umbilical cord and stop them pulling in tubes etc Definitely worth a look I’m just awaiting a pack to arrive as (quite rightly) they are very strict in what yarns can be used
Take care

hazel young said...

Gorgeous flowers and what a great idea of a subscription. Lovely conservatory news. Wow what a gorgeous display. Love the colour of the scarf. Love the charity kit and glad it's selling well. Have a great week stay safe xx

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