Friday, 17 December 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Eek Christmas is around the corner...
and here's a squirrel!

(Photo looks hazy as taken through my grubby windows!)

I have no idea what this one is doing - part relaxing, part exhausted maybe?
The school behind my house has closed down so the field is becoming
overgrown, it is now a haven for wildlife which has been lovely.
Although not the mice - we have one cat that is on hunt alert 24/7.

Instead of pretty festive photos which would be normal at this time of year,
let me share with you a plastered conservatory.

Not everything went to plan last weekend, unfortunately the electrician 
couldn't do the work in the conservatory on Saturday and instead arrived on Monday.
My schedule to move everything back, reclaim the lounge went out the window.  
Instead, I attempted to tidy the garden, it was very wet but managed to
make it even more accessible to squirrels.

But when the electrician did arrive on Monday, this felt magical.
We haven't had lights in here for ages.

We then spent hours putting everything back in the conservatory.
It is just piled in boxes as we no longer have units but at 
least the lounge is back in use for Christmas.

I then remembered back in 2019 that I shared this nugget of info with you...

But my boxes are temporary so I'm going to keep telling myself that.
I did have a big sort out, because 32 dinner plates here are totally unnecessary! 

I'm feeling a little anxious at being behind with all things Christmas, 
but I've decided to be kind to myself 
(and my family - they don't want a grumpy Mum at Christmas) so... 
for the first time ever I am not putting up my Christmas tree and spending 
hours decorating it.  Instead I've bought a tiny tiny potted real tree and added lights. 
It looks even smaller in this photo.

And outside is the Christmas tree that I bought online a couple of years ago,
(it arrived no more than a twig) well look at him now!

I shall pop up some garlands, decorate the fireplace and probably add more 
lights and that will be fine.  

I am my own worst enemy in that I give myself tasks and deadlines, 
I must do something about that in 2022.  
Anyone else do that?

So with the electrician delay there was another positive, 
I was able to book an appointment and look into a new kitchen.  
It is rather flash nowadays, you get to see plans in 3D
and even in VR - that was weird but interesting.

A chap came out and took measurements first, I was mortified
when I got to the showroom and realised he had also taken photos -
typically it was the day I hadn't had time to empty the dishwasher and tidy up -
mugs and plates stacked on the draining board along with 
pet bowls all over the floor.  The designer promised me she had seen worse
but I bet she's seen better! 

So now I am considering all sorts for a new kitchen. 
All going well (and the bank robbery goes to plan - just kidding),
I am having it installed in March.


Whilst waiting for the yarn to arrive for my scarf I started
something new, this is going to be a baby blanket.
I wanted a subtle rainbow look going through it so hopefully 
I am achieving that.

Then the scarf yarn arrived so I'm in a nightly dilemma of what project to do.
This baby blanket is a definite telly project.


Kirstie's Handmade Christmas - Channel 4 

Kirstie is back!
It is time to make some pretty, often impractical things,
or things that require 30 years experience in metal working!
I jest - I do actually like this programme a lot and I will always be thankful
for Kirstie introducing me to pom-pom makers many years ago.

And that was my week and this time next week 
it will be Christmas Eve.
I will be posting, I cannot guarantee scintillating content...
I really do appreciate those of you who stop by and read 
my natterings each week.

Take care friends, keep well and have a perfectly brilliant weekend.

6 comments: said...

Good Morning Christine.
Thank you for another great chat.
Good luck with all you builders.
Take care and have fun kitty.

hazel young said...

Love the squirrel Photo lol. Yay conservatory done. Tick. Just think you will have the festive period to empty and declutter and start a fresh new year. I often don't put up my tree due to ill health, so I get you. Love your little tree and the outside tree too I'm sure the squirrel will love it. I make lists everyday, but no longer beat myself up if I don't complete them. If I don't get anything done I change the day on the list and if I get some done I just move the not done items onto the next days list. Love the thrill of crossing things off I have done even if it is just washing the pots or doing a little exercise. It takes time but be kinder to yourself. The world won't end if you don't get it done and there are no list police. OO lovely a new kitchen fabulous. I hope we get a tour afterwards. Love the rainbow blanket. Love a bit of Kirstie too. Love your weekly natters. Take care stay safe xx

Christine said...

Exciting times with the new kitchen!
Love your little tree.
I think Christmas has crept up on us all this year...

Anonymous said...

decorations adorned around a house don't make a magical Christmas; you have two lovely boys and a fantastic family who will make the Christmas a special time for you. I don't believe any plans go straight forward these days for anyone. I have a friend whose hubby passed 2 years ago and she doesn't put up her tree and decorations anymore; indeed she is escaping to her caravan but in an effort to bring some part of Christmas back to her I've made her a mandala Christmas tree from card and with miniature lights which I hope she will put up there. Your plans for 2022 sound exciting and good luck with the 'bank' (lol). WakeyL

karenlotty said...

It’s great that your conservatory is ready in time for Christmas As someone has already said it’s the people who make Christmas magical
I think I have used too much hand gel and not enough hand cream as my hands are too dry and sore to crochet!
Take care x

christi said...

look forward to your chats each week. i hate to burst your bubble but i don't think march will be on the docket. that's what they say ... but it's a lie. they said may with mine and by aug. it was finally done. i went ahead and did my own demolition the day before they came. they ope the boxes and one piece is damaged. and of course you can't start without that piece. so back to the vendor. i was running out of things i could cook in the microwave and there was "stuff" everywhere. best of luck. wishing you the merriest of Christmas'!

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