Friday, 19 March 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Welcome - it's another Friday Chat Day and yes, 
don't they roll around quickly.

Little Lamb - so sorry to hear about your knee and surgery, 
hope you will be up and about and back to crafting soon.

Melonie - not nice that you had symptoms from the vaccination - 
hope you are feeling well now.

Anyone else had adverse reactions to the vaccination?
I haven't had mine yet but due hopefully later this month.

Mother's Day was fully celebrated last weekend.
I am pleased to report I indulged in my requested Chinese and Prosecco.
The boys spoiled me with lovely gifts and I prepared a little afternoon tea
for us all - this was the tray for Mum and Dad.

The cake top right is a family favourite - Lemon and Coconut,
the recipe can be found on the tab at the top of my blog 
or click here for the printable.


It has been a productive crochet week.
Actually finishing off projects - very pleased with the Meadow Blankets,
both in stripes and Harmony squares.

Bella chose to model this one!

And I finished another little Mini Squares Cushion Cover.

I crocheted a different reverse this time and I like the pattern.
Also I bought new little colourful pretty buttons.

This item is now in my Folksy shop if you would like to see more details -
please click here.
These cushion covers seem popular and I'm happy to make them.
I also took a commission this week for a dark grey bed throw,
that one will tax the eyes!


With lockdown and all of us spending so much more time at home are you 
noticing more?  I'm seeing things in my home that I just overlooked before.
My home is small and I have very little storage space - 
 I do not have a loft as it was converted into a room.
I do not have a garage, I do have a shed and it is packed full!
In fear of the walls closing in I have to declutter often and 
I always feel a whole lot better afterwards.  

I've been reading lots of articles/tips/advice and I liked this one
regarding storing DVDs.  We do not watch DVDs that often now since we 
stream and view online but I cannot quite part with them 
so with the help of plastic wallets, I went from this...

to this!

Alphabetically stored so they can be located easily.
Admittedly the wallets were not cheap - approx. £16 for 100
but the satisfaction afterwards was worth every penny! 

I also read that to help declutter throw something away every day,
(I don't think it includes everyday rubbish - cartons etc!)
Makes sense - by the end of the year you are guaranteed that your home
is 365 items lighter.  Let's not count the items we buy and bring into the home though!


This week's viewing has included Shetland - Britbox 

Set in the Shetland Isles and adapted from Ann Cleeves' novels.
Douglas Henshall expertly plays Jimmy Perez, a Detective Inspector.
Storylines are clever but it is all rather bleak, scenery and weather.
I think you have to be made of stern stuff to live up there. 

Eye for an Eye - Amazon Prime 

A top notch cast in this thriller - John Travolta and Morgan Freeman.
Mr Travolta plays a Private Investigator returning to his home town in Texas
and has to deal with multiple cases.
This film also stars Brendan Fraser who is very changed from his 
heyday in The Mummy films.


So it is very Texan,  sleazy nightclub, shootouts - all the ingredients,
but once you're in you have to watch to the end.

This weekend, no real plans. I may make more yarn tags
(please see last week's post) and I imagine crochet will be high on the list.
Until the weather decides to be kind I could be back to 
decluttering, Mitchell is keeping a tight grip on all his belongings! 

Take care friends, 
keep safe and have a relaxing weekend.



CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. The crochet looks great. Might have to waste Eye for an Eye as it sounds good.
We need to seriously declutter but it’s not likely to happen!

Michele said...

Morning Christine.
Wow that is a lovely spread for tea time.
Bella looks so cute.
Thank you for the great chat.I have had my
caccination and was just fine.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

karenlotty said...

Thanks for the great chat The afternoon tea looks lovely What a great idea
Your crochet looks amazing and Bella certainly makes s a cute model
We certainly need to declutter and I like the idea of throwing something away every day Maybe I’ll start tomorrow 🤣

hazel young said...

Lovely looking afternoon tea, glad you all enjoyed it. Loving the crochet blankets and cushions the colours look fab. Well done on your commission. Bella bless her, so cute. Great idea re the dvd's. I love a good declutter or even a little reorganisation can sometimes find a little more space. Definately need some warmer weather, so cold today. Have a great week stay safe xx

pinksparkle said...

Hi Christine, so much pretty crochet! I love your dog Bella, she is so cute and adorable. Can I ask if you know if the Spellbinders die you used in this months charity kit is available anywhere in the UK? It is such a great size and design. Thanks.

Hope and Chances said...

The die used for this month's Charity Kit is Spellbinders Large Die of the Month for December 2018. I was fortunate that they sent that one to me. I'm not certain it is available on their website now so it may be a case of looking out for it online. x

pinksparkle said...

Thank you

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