Friday 29 May 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Here we are again, thanks for stopping by
to see what ramblings I have for you this week.
I have my usual fayre of crochet, cooking, craft
with some added telly and Bella, of course.


Last week, I shared my Seaside Stashbusting Blanket that I had started
in natural colours (still haven't quite finished it),
but I've started another one.
It appears I have no restraint when it comes to my crochet projects,
I dart off in all directions with whatever mood I'm in.
I do have the excuse that this one is for a friend, she sent the yarn to me
so I am keen to get this one done and dusted.
These are a few of  my progress photos.

The colours do look different dependent upon the light, 
it's lots of blues and pale greens, it feels very seaside-ish.
For details of this pattern I've updated my yarn page here.

I'm in my final week of flowers, by Sunday I will have made 31
and I'm hoping by next Friday to show you that they are in
some form of  a garland.

If you like all things crochet and you have Instagram, please 
follow me there as I post crochet pics galore.
I've found Instagram to be a source of massive yarn temptation...


Did you like the printables?
I smiled when I spoke to my Mum as she had got my 
Dad to print them off for her and one of them is her recipe!
This week I have Date Crumble Cake for you.
Again Mum's recipe and a firm favourite for years,
delicious warm or cold.

225g/8oz self-raising flour, 
225g/8oz sugar, 
225g/8oz dates,
150g/5oz butter, 
1 egg – lightly beaten,
1teaspoon cinnamon, 
milk (optional)

Preheat oven to 190C, 375F or Gas Mark 5.
Grease a 20cm/8 inch tin – a loose bottom one is ideal.
Measure and place flour, sugar and butter in bowl.
Rub the butter into the dry ingredients until it resembles breadcrumbs.
Divide the mixture in half.  
Into one half add the egg and cinnamon,
mix to a fairly stiff dough consistency (add milk if necessary).
Spread into the prepared tin about ½ inch thick.
Mash the dates with a little boiling water and spread over the dough.
Spread the reserved half of the crumb mixture 
over the top of the dates, pat down lightly.
Cook for approximately 30 minutes.
Turn onto cooling rack.  

Click here for the Date Crumble Cake printable.

Tiny Garden:

OK this isn't super impressive but I'm VERY pleased!
The Clematis that I butchered last October  ...

is doing a fine job of regrowing
and twirling around my bench.
The boys remarked 'we can't sit on that then?' - 
Absolutely not!

I am no gardener but I try to learn a little.
I'm attempting to grow ivy plants from cuttings.
I need to create a screen to hide a huge building that neighbours have 
erected during lockdown - oh I could share my angst about that and 
inconsiderate neighbours in general, but this is my happy place 
and no-one wants to hear moaning.
Instead let me share this week's telly viewing/recommendations.
You know I only watch this much telly because I'm crocheting, right?!

Available on BBC iPlayer and BritBox.

I've mentioned this series before and it really deserves mentioning again.
I'm re-watching it all.
Written, starring and directed by Mackenzie Crook.
It is a single camera comedy drama and I think it is absolutely charming.
It ticks along at a gentle pace, the humour is spot on and clever.

My Midsomer Murders marathon has had a bit of a hiatus,
I'm now on the episodes starring Neil Dudgeon who I like immensely,
but I've found instead I'm watching shorter programmes -
timing crochet sessions perhaps.

Available on Amazon Prime   

Season 5 was released and I'm just getting around to watching it.
For those who may not know what it is about - 
historical drama with time travel via magic stones - a poor man's Stonehenge.
We are now in the 18th Century at the dawn of the revolutionary war in America.
It's a little bit silly but highly entertaining and Mr Heughan helps enormously,
a much younger him popped up in Midsomer Murders too.


Lovely response again to the third NHS Mini Card Charity Kit.

If you would like to purchase one of the few remaining kits
 please click here.

Mum news: she's doing better and has got itchy feet to get out,
she's definitely missing trips to garden centres and shops but,
like all of us, knows the safest place is home.
We are all missing our normal get-togethers for meals.
We have a little set up where we can visit and chat through the window,
we also have a little exchange table in the garden where we leave 
bits and bobs for each other.  Surreal how this has changed us all.

And finally the pooch, the pooch with a very dodgy haircut.
I got the clippers out and bless her, she was very well behaved but I chose
not to push it so I just clipped her back for now.
Her tummy and leg fur is still long so when standing she 
looks like she's wearing a tutu! Oh the shame of it.

And that's it for another week.
I do hope you are all doing ok, coping and keeping well.
Keep smiling and take care.

Much love.


hazel young said...

Love the blanket gorgeous colours and design. Love all the flowers looking forward to the finished project. Thank you for another recipe. Arh Bella bless her, hopefully she will be a little cooler now. Glad to hear your mum is feeling better and getting itchy feet is a good sign. Have a good week stay safe xx Hazel

Christine said...

Love the clematis, it's really looking good. What a superb blanket(s) you're hooking, super colours.
Be careful with the's a bit of a thug and won't always go where you want it. Have you thought of planting a couple of bushes and letting them give back to you? Ceonothus, purple/blue flowers just now, and Weigelia, pink flowers, just finished. W has a variegated type which is just lovely even without the flowers. They don't need much care, just a trim now and again after flowering. There is a variety of clematis that is evergreen.
Sorry,tend to ramble (!) about gardens.
Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Well, another week has flown by. Bank Holiday Monday threw me and I've been behind all week. The colours your friend sent are perfect and I'm sure she'll love the finished product. Little Bella does look like a fluff ball at the bottom, but then again DON'T WE ALL in the hair department. I've resorted to hairpins to keep mine off my face which reminds me of when I was a little girl. Lovely to hear of your mum's continual improvement. Keep safe. WakeyL said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you, a lovely chat again.
Your crochet is lovely so pretty, Christine I have to finish one project first.
surely your neighbours would have had to have planning permission to build a structure
that big?
Bella is still so cute, she maybe getting a little warm now.
Christine the cake looks wonderful.
Take care and keep safe Kitty.

JeanD said...

Morning Christine, I love your seaside blanket(s). I don’t normally make more of the same thing, because I enjoy doing one but then want to move on to the next thing. However, this week I’ve made two more crocheted rainbows, one for my sister in law and one for my sister, This only came about because Kevin volunteered me to make one for his sister, so that made me feel I ought to make one for my sister as she’d said she’d like one when she saw the photo of mine. I just said ‘you’ll be lucky”, and now she will be - I’ve made it for her birthday present. I made your coconut lemon cake and it ‘s delicious. Perhaps you could start another section on cake recipes? I’ve just made my second sourdough loaf which turned out much better than my first attempt. I feel I’m making good use of my ‘lockdown’time. The only thing is I’m easily sidetracked! Take care. Jean

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine Just love the colours of the new blanket and it grows so quickly- or you've been watching too much tv!. With the changes in visiting starting next week I expect you'll be able to visit your mum and dad and sit in the garden with them which will be lovely but perhaps you'd mum had better wait a bit longer before she visits the garden centre. Bella us as "shaggy" as thd rest of us but it suits her! I can recall being about 25 or 16 and I was forever cutting my hair and trying new styles. Somehow I haven't got the courage to do so now. I know what you mean about neighbours but if they have erected a big shed I'm not sure if Ivy is the answer as it could prove detrimental to your own garden. As mentioned by Christine a variegated wiegela grows quite quickly and us very pretty. You'll have to get your mum on the case for nice shrubs which grow quickly. Another thought is forsythia. Once established that grows well. Best wishes Jackie xx

Kim Hupke said...

So nice to catch up with your news on Fridays!! (I finally figured out how to respond on your blog!)
Your crochet project is gorgeous! You are so talented!
I feel Bella’s shaggy pain, I bravely cut my hair on the top and sides this week, I can live with the back longer!
So nice to read your Mum is feeling perkier! So what kind of little treats do you leave them? It’s so hard not giving my parents big hugs right now.
It’s a gorgeous day on the farm in Iowa today, my plan is to be outside and enjoy it! Enjoy your weekend!!

karenlotty said...

Love the chat I’m enjoying my crochet at the moment with 2 projects that need finishing I love your seaside blanket a Maybe I need to start bigger projects and not lots of little animals!
Bella still looks cute
I am so pleased your mum is getting along so well
Shame the neighbours are being inconsiderate
Your recipe sounds good and so does your tele viewing
Off to watch Hairspray in a mo Part of The Shows Must Go On series
Take care

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, So glad your Mum is feeling better and can't wait to do things again, she will be much safer staying home for the time being though.
Your crochet is growing, wow you manage a lot of crochet in one day.
Thank you for the new recipe, looking forward to giving this a try.
Bella still looks gorgeous even with her partial cut, I don't envy you, when we had poodles and they were too old to go to the groomers, I cut them, it took both of us and took me an hour each dog and the air was blue the whole time, I think that groomers definitely earn their money, I know they have all the necessary items required for the job, but they definitely earned my respect when I used to cut our doggies.
Stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Littlelamb said...

I can’t be.ieve it’s Friday already again. Love the Seaside blanket and the colours. You have been very busy with it. Glad your mum is feeling a lot better but best to stay away from Garden Centres and shops at the moment I think. I have been self-isolating for 11 weeks today. I have been snipping bits of my hair. I have cut the back once but feel it needs doing again. Can’t see me getting to the hairdressers for a while yet. Have a good weekend and hope you and your parents will be able to sit in the garden together.

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