Sunday 24 February 2019

We are disappearing...just for a little bit!

Hello friends

First off thank you for the plant/shrub advice,
I've been 'Googling' them and made a list of the ones I like
and I've noticed you can buy shrubs online but I think I'll pop to the
garden centre as they do cake! 

Remember that new website I've been talking about?
Well, it is finally happening! 

Here's a sneak peek of part of the home page.
We will finally have our new logo uniform across everything.
It is a much cleaner looking website and easy to navigate and search.

To enable the move across we will have to close down our 
existing website on Monday 4 March so please do not panic if you visit
and it doesn't open up or has a different screen.
This will give you a chance to place any orders for those
emergency crafty supplies!
And it gives us chance to make sure all the stock is on there
and correct quantities and we get all the commerce in place etc.

We hope this will not take too long, I am placing my trust
in the household geeks! 

So what will be new and how will this 
affect you shopping at Hope and Chances?

Our new website will have the same website address:

It will be tablet and mobile friendly! Hurrah! 

Loyalty scheme will continue.
(If you have a loyalty code to spend please email us for new details).

All card payments and PayPal will be accepted as before.

If you created an account on the existing website I am afraid
we cannot transfer that, 
you will need to create a new account - sorry!

Big thanks to Elliott who just took this all out of my hands,
I was so wrapped up with Mum and other things I just couldn't 
get my head around organising it all. 

Please check back here, emails and social media for updates 
as to when the new website will be launching or just listen for me
shouting from the rooftops of Kent!

Gargantuan thanks and hugs to all of you for being brilliant
customers to the original website and we cannot wait to welcome you to the 
new one - happy shopping...soon! 


Sam Squires - A Crafting Niche said...

Big changes ahead. I'm sure the transfer between sites will work out fine. Hope you're Mum is doing ok. Sam x

JeanD said...

That’s really exciting news, Tension will be mounting in your house I’m sure, but it will all be worth it in the end, and an excellent excuse to celebrate with some bubbly, and cake of course. :) Jean x

Ann said...

Hi Christine

Good luck with all the website transfer you have such clever boys I am sure it will all

smoothly for you.

Hope you are now recovered from the horrid virus it's a pain mine lasted for weeks and then

It had the cheek to come back in another variant hmm!!!!!!!

Pleased to hear Mum is recovering she is a lovely Lady please give her my love.

Good for you going to the Garden centre the small ones are always my favourites and they

always have nice cake and scones etc., I have started buying small shrubs and pretty pots

the same with my roses I love the old English ones especially the David Austin ones and

some of them are suitable for growing in pots I repotted a lovely white hydrangea into a

big royal blue pot about 3 years ago and its still going strong they are thirsty boys

they like lots of water. I only have a small garden now but with pots you can ring the

changes as things come into blossom they get the front seat and when they finish flowering

we transfer them to the back as the foliage is still lovely I am also trying to get lots

of evergreen shrubs then you have interest all year around.

Look forward to seeing the new website

Luv n hugs to all Annxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Thanks for the 'heads up', I'm looking forward to seeing your new web.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Exciting times ahead new plants, cake and website. Hope it all goes smoothly xx Hazel said...

Hi Christine.
I happy to read your Mum is getting better.
Good luck with the new web site, it is all above me.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Chris said...

Hi Christine
Good Luck with the change over, I’m sure the boys have got it all covered. Looking forward to seeing the new site.
Have a lovely day, it was glorious here yesterday, we sat in the garden drinking wine and soaking up the sunshine.
Chris xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Good luck with the new web site.
Bet the boys have everything covered.

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine so nice to read some cheery news. Hope all goes well but any little hiccoughs and your geeks will soon sort it xx

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