Saturday 29 April 2017

It's a Bank Holiday weekend!

Hello friends

I'm late posting today, recovering from two very busy city days.
Two words can frighten office staff 'month end' and four words...
'end of financial year' can absolutely terrify us! :) 

All sorted now and I indulged in a little lay-in this morning.
(Never sure that's wise, I'll be playing catch up all day).

So what is happening this weekend crafty friends?
I do not have a great deal planned aside from craft - of course.
Putting the finishing touches to May's Charity Kit -
please look out for that first Sunday of the month.

I've discovered even more previous charity kits so they will be uploaded
to the website here (possibly after my second cut of tea today!)

There's an offer on the Platinum 6 over the Bank Holiday weekend,
 with each machine purchase you also receive a Contour die 
and free postage and packing.

I'm really loving my Platinum 6, it has such a nice sturdy platform,
cuts with equal pressure and folds away neat and tidy.
(For those times when we have a craft area clear up!)

Now for a crafty offering - I'm still finding many previous projects
and hope you don't mind me revisiting those with you.
Today in anticipation of a sunny weekend...(?)
a heart project featuring Create a Zinnia.
An MDF heart painted and stamped with a script stamp to one section.
I then die cut the heart, applied lace and went to work with the Zinnia flower.

I used multiple layers for this very full flower, inking the middle to
add depth. I love how the leaves emboss.

Create a Zinnia is available on the website here and I do believe
it is at a bargain price too!

Take care friends.


hazel young said...

Beautuiful plaque Christine love the Zinnia xx hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I can well imagine those words strike fear into the staff, I can remember lots of phrases used to strike fear into us at work, especially Staff Appraisal time when we had to come up with lots of 'blow your own trumpet' things to put down on your Appraisal, I never liked doing those at all simply because I would rather fade into the background than blow my own trumpet haha.
Your embellished heart looks fabulous.
I would love the Platinum 6, I really could do with a smaller machine, but I can't possibly afford it at present, hopefully I will get it sooner rather than later !!
Have a lovely weekend, I know what you mean when you have a lie-in, I'm the same always playing catch up afterwards and it doesn't seem worth it !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Littlelamb said...


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