Monday 1 May 2017

The full tutorial...

Hello friends

I do hope your Bank Holiday is going well,
I'm pleasantly surprised by the weather - I have a very happy Bella!
I've been lazy on the cooking front, takeaway last night instead of a roast.
Today I'm full steam ahead making design boards for
Create and on that soon.

Back to today...
I received lots of interest regarding the Zinnia die so I thought
I would post the full tutorial on how to make these gorgeous flowers.
So here goes ...

The dies measure approximately:
Star Floret: ¼” (10 pieces)
Petal 1: ⅜ x ⅞”
Petal 2: ½ x 1”
Petal 3: ⅝ x 1⅛”
Disc Floret: ⅞”
Leaf: ¾ x 1¼”
Stamen: 2½ x ¼”
You can see here I've started to die cut all the elements to create a full Zinnia flower.

Each disk floret has 10 points, you adhere a petal to each point.
Here I've used 9 disc florets to create three of each petal size.

I also added some ink to the central area to add some further depth.

Layer up the petals alternating them slightly.

Having a lot of layers really creates a gorgeous full flower.

To create the stamen, I cut a total of 5 stamens and join them together to create a long length.

I used a quilling tool to start off rolling it and then reverted to my fingers.
As I rolled I began to 'fluff out' the top section.

Until it looks something like this. Glue the end down firmly.

Position and adhere to the middle of your flower.

The finishing touches - leaves and star florets.

Zinnia is available to purchase on the website here - nice price too! :)
Take care friends and have a lovely Monday...hoping you're not working though!


3 comments: said...

Morning Christine and Family.
Thank you a lot of work for a very lovely flower.
Have a good bank holiday kitty.

hazel young said...

Lovely tutorial. Enjoy your day xx hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, There's a lot of work involved with this flower, but the finished creation is gorgeous.
Enjoy your day, so glad Bella is enjoying hers.
Lots of love from Patricia x

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