Monday 3 February 2014


Hello friends
Today is the day - from now on the studio/shop will be open regular hours.

Yesterday was a final clear up day and it is looking a lot better!
Can you see the pom pom bunting..I finally made some and I love it.
 Polished tables too! 
(Don't look in my craft room though - had to pile quite a lot of stuff in there!)
 A new chalkboard sign detailing the homemade cake for 
Coffee and Create on Tuesday - yum! 
Spaces available if you fancy going Pom Pom mad!
Thank you to those who have purchased raffle tickets,
it is such a lovely baby blanket - Bella looked at it adoringly but I explained 'no'!
Enjoy your Monday - take care friends.


Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. CONGRATULATIONS, you have finally got there, wishing you all the luck in the world for the new regular opening hours : ) Love the pom pom bunting, it looks fantastic! I wish I lived closer and I would be with you tomorrow, have a great time anyway. Must get my raffle ticket, I forgot yesterday! Take care.

hazel young said...

Looks great Christine lets hope you get lots of visitors today. Love the pompom bunting looks fab. Have a great day xx hazel

Chris said...

Love the Pom Pom Bunting and the shop is looking great. I hope all goes well this week and you get lots of customers.
Chris X

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Brilliant !! your studio/shop being open, and everything sorted from the leak thank goodness. Everything looking fabulous, especially the pom-pom bunting.
Have a good day.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Liz Thomson said...

All looks wonderful and hope everything goes well just wish you were a little nearer like the northwest but if ever in the area I do plan to call in and say hello.
Love Liz x

Clai01 said...

Well done Christine,
Wishing you every success and it looks fabulous, keep us posted xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

The shop is looking beautiful again Christine, good luck with the new opening hours. Wished I lived closer! Susan x

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine.Wow, the shop looks great~ good luck with your new opening hours. One day I WILL come your way and visit!Loving the pompom bunting and the e~raffle tickets are a good idea~ Elliott's idea I'm thinking?
Hugs to you all,
Maggie x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
The shop is looking great. Good luck, I am sure everything will go well for you. Take care. x.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Your shop is looking wonderful, I really wished I lived closer to pop in on a regular basis. Really miss not having a craft shop in the area... we only have the Range and Hobbycraft and there are no dedicated crafters in there to advise or even have a chat with


marg said...

Hello Christine
So pleased that all the leaks etc are behind you!
Good Luck with the craft shop!
Take care

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Shop looking good, you must be so pleased to get back on track.
Loving the pom pom bunting.
Good luck.

Oksana said...

Hi Christine,
The shop looks fantastic, enjoy. Wish I lived closer!xx

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, the shop is looking gorgeous and perfect for classes, love the pom pom bunting. Good luck for the classes but im sure everyone will enjoy them. Thanks for the raffle ticket. I wish you all a good week. Emma x

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, The shop look lovely wish I lived nearer to you. The pom pom bunting looks great, hope all goes well for you love Jean Z xxx

Lacelady said...

Well done on getting to this point with the shop Christine, it must have been tough. So Congratulations!

ros hodgkins said...

Hello Christine, I am so pleased you are now officially open. I am sure you will have read many times "I wish I lived nearer", but it is true.
X Ros

LoraineC said...

All looks fantastic,hope all goes well for you. Just bought my raffle tickets xx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
congratulations on your studio/shop being open REGULAR hours now.......... I promise when I'm down your end, I shall drop in. Can't wait to have a chat face to face.
Hugs, Rose

loftylass said...

Hi Christine.... It's looking good again and the pom pom bunting looks great (you could be setting a new trend!!).... how nice to see your life is settling back into routine once more.

Ita said...

Hi Christine,a big Congrats.on the shop.I wish you the very best of luck.

Carole Z said...

HI Christine, congrats on the shop opening hours..hope you get lots of visitors today..would be there if I could! Love the bunting :) Carole Z X

Teresa said...

How exciting and everything looks fabulous in the shop!! I know you will be so busy with it and it will be amazing with all the crafty things that you create :)

SusanP, Kent said...

The shop looks tempting! So much so that I hopped over to the website and placed an order - couldn't resist (I've been sitting on my hands trying not to spend since Christmas - it's been agony). Congratulations on reaching this milestone at last. It has been a long and arduous journey, but there'll be no stopping you now. I hope to visit soon.

LyndA said...

It's all looking very fine.Wish we were near enough to pop down and see you. Wishing you all the very best xx

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Way to got there in the nick of time, well done you! It looks fabulous, you must have been working very hard. Pom Pom bunting's looking good 😉
Hope this new start goes well for you, I'm sure it will.
Janice x

Laura O said...

shop looking very good,well done.Laura O

Toni said...

Hello Christine, the shop is looking great and I hope today has gone well for you. I wish I lived nearer.
I love the pom pom bunting and I hope to see pictures of what you are going to do tomorrow with pom poms. I just love them.
Toni xx

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