Wednesday 5 February 2014


Hello friends

The very first Coffee and Create went very well and here
are some of the boxes created by Sarah, Sarah's Mum and Sandra...

We used Square Petal Top Box with white card.  In the felt we used Spiral Blossom Three
and Bitty Blossoms.
All very beautiful - thank you ladies.

The Pom Pom makers were brilliant fun and I've taken note of the
request to do a tutorial/video for the heart shape maker -
watch this space.
I'm not actually stocking the Pom Pom makers but now wondering whether I
should - what do we think??

I've teased you just a incy wincy little bit about February's Charity Kit,
I haven't teased you nearly enough!
To remedy that situation here is a sneak peek!
So it looks a little grey and boring but not for long...
here's a another tease...
I'm working on making it beautiful and sharing with you all the instructions,
photos and more.

The kit project is my design, I arranged for a company to create it from scratch and my
terrible drawings! It went through a few modifications until I was happy with it,
hence the delay!
It will be released for trade purchase at Stitches (the trade show in Birmingham) but because
it is my design I am able to get my hands on it earlier - which ultimately means
all my lovely blog followers get to have it early too!

As mentioned, it is a larger Charity Kit than normal which means it will
be February/March Kit - hoping to raise lots of pennies for my two worthy

I've already given away far too many details, but I'm really rather excited about
this kit and hopefully it has you all intrigued :)

Yesterday marked the 10th Anniversary of Facebook - wow - that went quickly!
Facebook automatically created a little video from everyone's account using various
photos, most 'liked' posts etc.
Here is mine - I'm quite happy with their selection!
Thank you Facebook.

Take care friends - back very soon!


Chris said...

Morning Christine,
What beautiful boxes your ladies have made, I am sure they enjoyed their day with you. I'm intrigued and excited about your upcoming charity kit, please don't keep us in suspense for too long.
Chris x

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine. The new charity kit certainly looks interesting and very different~ I'm looking forward to the big reveal! I enjoyed looking at your Facebook clip, I don't 'do' Facebook so I enjoyed the little peek. Pleased your session yesterday went well~ the boxes are beautiful!
Have a good day.Hugs ton you all,
Maggie x

Carole Z said...

So pleased your day went well and the boxes are gorgeous! I am getting really excited by the new charity kit too! Well I totally missed that it was FB's anniversary yesterday, better check on my history there :) Hugs Carole Z X

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Glad that the first Coffee and Create went well. The boxes are beautiful. Yes please to the demo of the heart pom poms :) The Feb/March charity kit is looking very interesting, can't wait to see it in full. Facebook did a good job didn't they. I must start using it! Take care.

Janice said...

Morning Christine
Love your FB selection, their random choices were perfect! So pleased your class went well yesterday, the Pom Pom boxes look so pretty.
I too am looking forward to the big reveal, how exciting for you to have designed it yourself and for it to be available at the NEC 😳
Have a good day and keep dry!
Janice x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Your lady's boxes are really beautiful, I bet the day was enjoyed by all.
You are so 'naughty', I have no patience at all, please hurry and tell us, I can't stand the suspense hahahaha.
I loved your Facebook snippets, I haven't been on FB for months, there aren't enough hours in the day haha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Love your snippets from FB, not a member myself, its all too much for me.
You must be very pleased that your first make and take day went well, lovely boxes.
Looking forward to the big reveal.

Jane Willis said...

Lovely boxes made by your "pupils"!

Looking forward to the charity kit - when's the Big Reveal?

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine im so excited about the new kit cant wait ! Glad the ladies enjoyed the coffee & create.......

Rita said...

Glad to hear you craft day went well. The boxes are stunning and the ladies must have been delighted with their makes. You are such a tease for making us guess what the new kit will be. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

Wendy L said...

Flowers look great cut from felt, great creations too by all. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Sure looks and sounds intriguing.
I´m not into Facebook myself but enjoyed the peek.
Love Val x

pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
Glad that your cake and create went well yesterday. Love the boxes, especially the felt flowers. you are a tease Christine, but the sneak peak looks very interesting.

hazel young said...

Glad you had a fabulous day. Loved the ladies makes they all are stunning. So looking forward to your new charity make. Have a great day xx hazel p.s stock the pom pom makers as I expect as you have them on display people will be wanting to create something similar to your pom pom bunting and Hirsty Allsop has made it very popular again they always sell out on create and craft.

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, glad y/day went well making beautiful boxes. Loving the look of the new kit and congrats on designing it, must be exicting that your design is going to a trade show. Emma in a very wet and windy Cornwall!!

ros hodgkins said...

hello Christine, I am so pleased that you enjoyed the first coffee and create, and the boxes made look lovely. Your facebook looked good, I am not really a fan but apreciate what it can do.
X Ros

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Really pleased you had a good day yesterday,the boxes look great.
Your next kit looks really interesting,what can it be?.
Have a good day, Take care. x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, yes I think you passed the test of teasing us all sufficiently today. The new kit sounds wonderful - look forward to seeing it in due course.
Lovely project ladies, well done. Bet you had a great time.
Your facebook video was lovely too.
Elizabeth x

Lacelady said...

Love the little boxes Christine, they are soooo pretty.

If facebook have done a video from mine, it will be very short. I hate it and only joined so I could follow my brother's F page. There is virtually nothing in mine - I dislike the system, and REALLY dislike how much people can find out about you, so there isn't much on mine.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Love the boxes your ladies made and glad everything went well. all my love Jean Z xx

LoraineC said...

What gorgeous boxes, and what a tease! I love your kits and am getting very excited, can't wait. Just started to rain again !!!!! Have a good day xx

loftylass said...

Hi Christine... so pleased you had a good day... the boxes your ladies made look lovely. More intrigued than ever about the next kit. I don't really so Facebook but enjoyed seeing your clip.

SusanP, Kent said...

So glad you had a good crafty session yesterday. Looks like everyone did well the boxes are lovely. Looking forward to seeing the mysterious new kit too. I don't 'do' Facebook, but I did have a look at the video 'montage'. Such fun!

Laura O said...

looking forward to seeing the new kit ,have had a few admirers of my little box.Laura O

Ita said...

Hi the boxes they are stunning,looking forward to seeing the new kit.

Ann said...

Hi Christine so glad you had a lovely time with the craft session lovin the little boxes the felt flowers are gorgeous.

So excited about the Feb/March kit you have really got me interested is it a set of tiny drawers??? love the vintage button
ooooooh cannot wait for it to be revealed..... How many more sleeps?????? :-) lol

I don't do facebook but your video is lovely.

Hugs Annxx

AnneRD said...

It appears that things are really getting back to normal at H&C. The boxes look lovely I am sure everyone had a great day. Anne x

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