Thursday 22 December 2011

The Gift of Pudding!

Today I'm sharing with you some little gifts that I sent out to American friends this year.
I'm hoping the post has been kind and delivered them in plenty of time! 
Marks and Spencer Christmas Pudding - yum yum!
I only wish I could have sent the clotted cream and brandy butter too because 
it just adds those essential extra calories! 
The puddings have been simply adorned with bakers twine and Labels Twenty Two stamped tags.
Thank heaven for microwaves!  
Are you a pudding or mince pie (or both) eater at Christmas?   
I truly admire those people who make their own, I bet they are delicious.
Back tomorrow dear friends.


Kate said...

Oh my! What wonderful gifts ;) love the tags, I need to make a few of those today!

Lucycat said...

Your friends must be thrilled to receive these puddings they are very lucky,you have made these puddings look very special. x

Craftychris said...

Loving the tags, I still have mine to make. Your friends are very lucky indeed! xx

Unknown said...

I am absolutely thrilled! This will be our family's first Christmas pudding on Christmas day! We don't have too many firsts any more! THANK YOU Christine!!


Redanne said...

What a lovely gift to give a friend, they look gorgeous. My favourite has to be mince pies...but then again, I do like puddings too! Could not choose a favourite really. Regards, Anne Rx

melanie said...

great Idea all my craft bit`s have been put away, I`m christmas pud girl ,Melanie

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

What a lovely friend you are, giving such a nice gift in the perfect size. I like a little piece of Christmas pudding (with custard for me) to round off my lunch but no one else eats it, so I haven't bothered for a couple years- sad aye.. aahh!! Think I'm heading to M&S today.
Hope you're almost ready for the big day.
Happy vibes are coming your way one and all.
Hugs Linda x

Carole Z said...

What a lovely gift and tags! We like both in our house...used to make the puds but lack of time now...just make the brandy sauce :) make pies tho still x Carole

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