Friday, 22 October 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday!
This week's blog post is about a cake and a castle -
cue lots of photos.

My sister celebrated a special birthday and I arranged for an
extra special cake featuring her dog Bear.
 I one hundred percent recommend Melanie Cakes at Sevenoaks 
Isn't it amazing!

The real life Bear so you can see how well she captured him,
even down to his bow tie collar.

The cake featured chocolate drizzle/drops, party rings, jammie dodgers,
fondant fancies and more! 
I can confirm it was delicious.

We had the most wonderful time away on the Kent coast again.
Three visits in as many months and I still want to go back.
I am feeling drawn to this area, the mix of beautiful countryside and sea.

We put on an afternoon tea and my parents drove down
which made this visit all the more special.

Also on this visit we made a point of going to Dover Castle.
Unfortunately we did not get to do the underground tunnels
but that's fine - we can go back.
This isn't my photo but shows just how magnificent the castle is.

Grey skies but thankfully no rain.
You can't help but wonder how many feet have passed through 
this entrance.

Elliott, my nephew and sister followed these steps
and went up to the castle roof (I declined - dodgy hip!) 

And these are some of the photos Elliott took from the top of the castle:

Views for miles...

and miles.

Back inside where I was, 
I espied stunning stained glass windows in the chapel.

Back outside there are separate exhibits and the gift shop -
always a gift shop!
There's a museum and on display is a scarf that Queen Victoria
crocheted with quite a story - I'm saving that until next week to share.

Within the castle grounds is a church and we sat in here
out of the wind and enjoying the peacefulness.
In fact we had the church to ourselves for so long we wondered whether
we were locked in, but all good - we were able to get out!

It's a wonderful place to visit but lots of hills and steps,
we slept well that night.

On Monday as we drove back home, we stopped at Walmer,
blustery and beautiful.

I've already started to look at dates to return!

Back home a special anniversary popped up on my Facebook
memories - the cabin was put up 7 years ago this month.
This is it before I put all crafty stuff inside - it was thrilling have that blank canvas.

It is still looking great although Dad is doing some repairs to the roofing felt
this week, the magpies keep pecking away at that.

So - definitely photo heavy this week, I'm going to be saving
my usual natter of garden, telly etc until next week otherwise I fear
you may never get to the end of the post.

This weekend, working on November's charity kit, tidying the garden,
seeing Elliott, meeting up with a friend at Lakeside, getting the house sorted
for the new boiler installation that is starting  - oh goodness not sure 
that's all going to fit into two days - wish me luck! 

Take care friends - thanks for stopping by.


hazel young said...

Fabulous cake, I bet it tasted as good as it looked. Beautiful photos. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous stain glass window. Glad you had a fabulous trip. Have a great week stay safe xx said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the lovely chat.
I went to Dover castle on my 70th birthday it is a brilliant place.
Thank you for the great photos.
The cake looks to good to cut into.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. The cake looks absolutely amazing, so glad you enjoyed the meet up .


Spyder said...

I clicked over from Bloglovin' after spotting that fabulous doggy cake and to see the real Bear, who is sooo cute (and as an ex dog walker/boarder I've met a few cuties and some little demons!) only to suddenly relise I've been reading your stories for over two hours! (I'm a slow reader!)We moved here to The New Forest from Cliffe in Kent when I was nearly seven and feel cheated that I don't remember visiting the White Cliffs at Dover or that amazing Dover Castle! But then mum and dad never had a car until we moved. I went to the little school in Cliff that took children til they were seven (definitely gone now)and then went to a bigger school, I remember was by a church. I keep saying to Hubby, 'I want to go back, just to see the road I used to walk home from school".(On my own from the age of 5, kiddies would never do that these days!)Mind you, I did have the bus fare, 2d. but soon learnt I could buy 8 Black Jacks or Fruit Salads from the sweet shop.... and yes, why did they stop making Opal Fruits, they were the best!
I'm sure that growing vine is a Virginia Creeper(the berries and leaves can be harmful, ok for birds though!) and I love your Kit house. So sorry I didn't find you sooner! Would have loved to join in with that! Will look in again to catch up on your adventures!

Jackie Durrant said...

Good morning Christine sounds as though you had a wonderful holiday. Dover Castle is a bit special isn't it. Have a good weekend xx

Carolyn Chilton said...

Good morning, what a fab cake , and the castle looks really interesting , love the stained glass. I am having to take it easy as I had a bad fallfour weeks ago and the bruises didn’t fade but broke down so I now have an infection in my leg which is very painful. Have a great week xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures cake and scenery. I'm surprised you haven't been commissioned by the local tourist board (lol). We had a similar problem with our shed roof so we opted for the panels that you put on to conservatory roofs you can buy them yourselves (Metrotile) to fit as a permanent solution. Have a fun filled weekend. WakeyL

Littlelamb said...

Fridays seem to come around very quickly these days. Always look forward to your chatty blog and lovely photos. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Hope you manage to go back again soon. Your sister must have been very pleased with the cake. I can remember the cabin being put together. Where have those seven years gone. Sounds like you will be having a busy weekend. Hope you manage to get all the jobs done.

karenlotty said...

Wow What a cake It’s gorgeous and so like Bear
Your trip looked amazing too We still haven’t ventured far enough away to stay somewhere overnight OH has gone away with his football cronies for a weekend but that’s all
I’m intrigued to hear about the crochet Queen Victoria did
Take care

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