Friday, 29 October 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day which is a rushed FCD as 
I am typing it just hours before publishing because it has been a funny ol' week.

To begin with, I've been in the office in London quite a lot -
it is month end = pure panic/manic at work and to
add an extra dollop of pressure it half year in the financial year so we have 
invoices flying around desperate to catch fees before our next quarter.

Must admit I've never worked in a role where last week of the 
month just goes by in the blink of an eye, I've become the queen of 
spreadsheets to try to keep track of everything.

ANYWAY... enough of boring work talk would you like to see
a new boiler?  I bet you don't get asked that very often!

Here it is, not connected to anything at the moment as yesterday
was a full day of removing the old boiler, cylinder and tank.
Another reason why I'm typing this blog post last minute,
house is very much upside down right now.
Does having work done on your home affect you?
I have real problems settling to do things when everything is topsy turvy,
I keep trying to tidy/move things.

I know with COP26 happening right now I'm not being very
climate aware but in my defence, my old boiler was apparently 30+ years 
and had become dangerous and my home just isn't suitable to have 
the new fangled air pump heating.

But the most exciting thing about having a combi boiler is 
that I have an empty cupboard where the cylinder used to be - 
even Mitchell suggested I use it to store yarn! 

And talking of yarn/crochet - I'm taking part in a challenge 
on Instagram to post daily using these prompts.
Just about keeping up.
If you are on Instagram and fancy a nose - I'm here.

I promised to talk to you about a special crocheted scarf
that I saw on display at Dover Castle and here it is...

This scarf is only one of eight crocheted by Queen Victoria and sent to South Africa in 1900.
It was awarded  to selected servicemen during the South African War. 
It was apparently worn over the shoulder, passing under the shoulder strap, 
across the chest and buckled on the right hip.
This photo depicts a wife of one of the servicemen wearing it.
Questions have been raised as to whether Queen Victoria 
had crocheted the scarves herself but it was reported that the Duchess of York 
(later Queen Mary) had informed one recipient that 
she had helped the eighty-two year old Queen 
when she had dropped stitches whilst making the scarves.
The colour was listed as khaki but I think it may have faded.
I think that is lovely and look - she got the sides beautifully straight!

Last post...
lots of thanks for the cake comments last week, 
wasn't it a smashing cake, not much left of it now - 
apart from the dog, of course.

Carolyn - so sorry to hear about your fall and further complications,
I do hope you are on the mend.

Lyn (Spyder) - wow thank you for taking time to read my 
natterings, lovely to read about your Kent memories.

And I'm afraid a shorter post that normal again this week because
my bed is calling me - this little picture spoke to me...

BUT just before I go I must tell you I managed to go to the cinema,
I haven't been for so long and we saw the latest James Bond film.
No Time to Die.

Oh goodness it was fab - I don't know if it was brilliant because
it was well, just brilliant or because I haven't sat in front of a huge screen for
months and months and months.

If you like the car chases and fights but done with a little bit of 
class and wit - (if that makes sense) then it is a must-see,
although I would say it helps to have watched the previous 
Daniel Craig Bond films.

So yes - must go - but what am I up to this this weekend?
The boiler installation continues
and I hope to go hide somewhere and crochet!

Take care friends - have a super weekend.

9 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the great chat.
Wow you are so busy, good luck with
your new boiler.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Gosh a busy work week, hope you can rest at the weekend. Nice looking boiler and love the idea of a yarn cupboard. Love the scarf and the story behind it. Have a great weekend and week stay safe xx

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. Good luck with the boiler & workmen.


jdunkley said...

Every time I see crochet work I want to learn 😟
Despite being crafty in lots of genres I just cannot get the hang of it!
We are booked to see Bond (well, Daniel Craig to be honest πŸ˜‹) at The Woodville in early Novembe, £5 including tea/coffee and biscuits πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. A bargain if you don't mind waiting for a few weeks after a film is released.
I hope that your boiler installation goes well, the weekend weather is supposed to be cooler and damp.
Looking forward to next Friday's blog to see more and to see if you are nice and cosy again

Jackie Durrant said...

Good morning Christine and nice to catch up on your news. The new boiler will make such a difference I'm sure so you still "doing your bit" as it will be much more efficient. I haven't seen the Bond film yet but it seems to have been a hit with all my friends. Enjoy your crochet weekend xx

karenlotty said...

Great chat and as others have said you are still doing your bit for the environment with having a more efficient boiler
Interesting read about the scarf, how/why it was made and how it was worn
Not really interested in the Bond movie but I am excited to go to a big London theatre next week !!

Margie said...

Morning Christine - wow what a busy time you're having! Yes, I can totally relate to the boiler saga - we actually had a room to house our old boiler as well as a cupboard for the tank so now have a spacious storecupboard and a room waiting to be converted into a walk-in shower room (when we can get a builder). The new boiler is amazing and having hot water on tap instead of having to switch it on half an hour earlier is a luxury. I think our boiler was even older than yours though! xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, remember those days of month end chasing and the tension. hate having work done in or around the house; makes me on edge. Result will be great though and worry free for the winter months. Sound idea about the cupboard; give that son of yours a pat on the back! WakeyL

Littlelamb said...

Hope all goes well with the boiler. I agree with WakeyL I don’t like having jobs done and people around who I don’t know. Love the story about the scarf. I am on to knitting this week. Nearly finished a hat ready for the chilly days although a bit chilly and windy here at the moment. Just seen it could drizzle in the next 30 mins just when I am going to go to the library to return some books. Hope you hav3 a good weekend and less busy are work next week. Take care and stay safe.

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