Friday, 17 September 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday!

Sunshine and rain...rain again tomorrow.
I think that is how the saying goes?
What a mixed up weather week it has been.

Now if I start a blog post talking about the weather you can
pretty much guarantee I've got slim pickings for you.
Compared to my previous weeks of photo heavy posts,
in stark contrast I have barely any photos this week.


I do have some garden pics - a dahlia that I grew from seed.
I gave Mum quite a few and hers are doing far better than mine.
Mum and I were wondering if it possible to harvest the tubers for next year?

Every time my rose flowers I just adore the pink.

I have masses of this and it is super tall.
I need to (a) remember what is, and 
(b) whether I have to do something with it for Winter.

These few snaps make my garden look colourful, truthfully
a lot of the colour is disappearing now and I can see Autumn beginning to take hold.

Oh yes, I do have my new little shed.
Whilst I was away Mitchell put it together.
It's very cute and I like the colour.
I've yet had a chance to fill it and undecided what should go in that little top section.
Aldi were selling these in natural wood but if you fancy a coloured one,
I bought mine here.


I have finished the back and front of a cushion (one down four to go).
I'm going to join and have a go at putting in clear plastic press-studs/fasteners
so that a cushion pad can be inserted/removed.

The design is pretty simple and uses tried and tested granny squares
but I think I may actually have a go at writing this pattern up.
Something I haven't attempted before - actually writing a pattern.


Again, very slim pickings this week on the telly viewing front. 
I've been going to bed way earlier than normal - 
commuting back to London is tiring.

I did catch a new Disney+ TV release - 

Only Murders in the Building 
Three strangers share an obsession with true crime and suddenly 
find themselves wrapped up in one.

Starring Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short.

Once I got over the fact how much older both Martin Short and Steve Martin look
(of course they do, in my head everyone still looks like they did in 1990!),
it was enjoyable - as the story unfolds there is little surprises and twists.
Just two episodes in and I'm eagerly awaiting more.


No recipe I'm afraid, in fact going to ask you lovely people
for some tips on healthy quick meals.
When I finish work (especially on my city days) there is so much temptation
to eat snacks instead of dinner and/or a takeaway.

I'm trying to get organised to batch prepare/cook meals.
I pretty much live on a diet of salmon fishcakes, jacket potatoes
and a bag of steam veg to tick the healthy box.
I'm not a meat eater apart from some chicken.
Any tips/recipes gratefully received.

Other stuff:

Work this week has been interesting in that my team of lawyers
had to come down to Kent to visit a company.
One of them needed to do a webinar literally minutes before the meeting
so he did it from my front room before we dashed off to the meeting. 
It felt a little surreal seeing my boss standing in my house,
bit like when you was a kid and saw your teachers outside of school.
I reckon I've earned a few brownie points.

This weekend - well, as I type this I'm imagining just sleeping through it
but I know I won't - I've got a long list of things that need to be done.
I'm going to hopefully get some crochet time.

I do hope you are all well and wishing you a lovely weekend.
Take care friends.

7 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
A lovely chat thank you, your flowers look beautiful.
This is a very quiet time of year time to recharge ourselves
ready for the festive season, I have started on my Christmas cards.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great photos, the shed looks lovely.


karenlotty said...

Great photos That shed looks lovely My OH is an Aldi king and loves to shop there He rarely comes home without something from the middle aisle!
The crochet looks amazing Good luck with the pattern writing I have tried it in the past and found it very difficult
Cooking Do you want us to email you recipes I have a delicious soup recipe that even Heinz tomato soup man loves too
Take care everyone xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, what lovely pics; such a cute shed. What about a cauliflower cheese meal with garlic bread? If you cheat and use a packet sauce it reduces the time needed to make it. I'm sure as you get back into the swing of the commute your body will adjust and you'll have more energy. WakeyL

Littlelamb said...

Love the shed Christine. The cushion cover looks good. In between crocheting another blanket I am knitting diamond shapes to make into a blanket. Enjoy your weekend whatever you decide to do.

hazel young said...

Hi Christine, thankfully we finally had some rain but just one day, each time its forecast we miss it. The garden enjoyed it. I don't have any Dahlia's but when watching gardening programmes they say to lift them and store in a dark dry place and replant the next year. If I remember right Monty Don was on about them in either last weeks episode or the week before. Your flowers look beautiful and gorgeous shed. Love the crochet cushions. Good luck on the pattern writing. Only Murders in the building sound good, my kind of thing to watch. Hope you have a restful weekend and the commute gets easier as you get back into it. Any news on the conservatory? Take care have a great weekend. xx

pinksparkle said...

Love your pink rose, and the shed. Would like you to write your crochet cushion pattern, although I haven't mastered join as you go! Maybe on a cushion first before attempting something as large as a blanket. Hope you get to relax with some crochet at the weekend.

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