Friday, 3 September 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Hope you are all well and welcome to a photo heavy Friday Chat Day.

Last week we celebrated Elliott's birthday with a trip to 
Huckleberry Woods Farm near Faversham, Kent.

It's a charming place, not commercial at all with a variety of animals,
alpacas, donkeys, chickens, turkeys, geese pigs and sheep.

As mentioned, we had booked a 'walking Teddy Bear Sheep experience'.
From the website we had sort of expected little lambs - 
what we got was great big sheep!

I hope this photo makes you laugh as much as us, 
Elliott's sheep had a mind of its own and as for mine, it refused to walk.
I didn't mind I still got to walk with Elliott's.

I loved all the different breeds of chickens,
they were so smart, obviously used to visitors with little pots of seed.

One of the two donkeys who competed for our bags of carrots.

A trio of Teddy Bear sheep.

Another angle of the farm, it felt very homely and a step back in time.
There was an area for tea, coffee and homemade cakes which we 
made sure we visited.

All in all not quite what we expected but we loved it and we would go back again.

We then took a drive to Herne Bay, goodness it was blustery.
We walked along the pier and had ice cream in the bandstand - how British is that!
It felt good to be at the coast and we agreed it was like a little holiday in one day.


Thank you for the lovely comments on last week's crochet cushion.
I've been commissioned to make 5!
Prior to starting those I'm finishing a WIP - joining squares, 
this is my coastal themed blue blanket which I've 
decided to call Sea and Sand.
Right now it is just about Bella size, quite a few more rows to do.

I will have more time to complete this project than normal as 
I'm going away today for a long weekend.
Actually going away!
My sister booked a trip to St Margaret's Bay near Dover and I honestly cannot wait.
We're taking all the essentials -
crochet, chocolate and wine! 
Work has been full on and stepping away for a couple of days
will be the perfect tonic... oh yes that reminds me - need to take gin too! 


I've gone from being able to watch so much telly to just an occasional film.

The Current War - Amazon Prime

Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, the greatest inventors 
of the industrial age engage in a battle of technology and ideas 
that will determine whose electrical system will power the new century.

Mr Cumberbatch plays Thomas Edison.
(Does this man ever sleep? He seems to be in everything!)
So the technology side got a little confusing but I did enjoy the film
and, if it is even half way close to the truth, then what a 
fascinating and possibly scary period it must have been.

Charity Kit:

I haven't forgotten it is Charity Kit Day on Sunday,
I'm scheduling everything before I go away.
It will be live on the blog 7am Sunday.
And here's a little sneak peek. It's something different this month.

Oh yes, I will be sending the kits out a day or two later because of being away.

No garden news this week because it looks quite scruffy
and the weather has been dull and grey.
It feels like we have plunged into Autumn and yet it is still Summer.

So that's my week, wishing you all a lovely weekend.
Please stop by on Sunday to take a look at this month's kit
and I will be back next week with my weekend away pics
and a whole new lot of waffle.

Take care friends.

9 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for all the great photos that looks a brilliant day out.
Have a great weekend Take care and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Fab photo's looks like everyone had a great time. love the crochet blanket squares and the colour choice. Ooo a girly weekend away, enjoy and relax you deserve it. Have a fab week stay safe xx

karenlotty said...

Enjoy your break away with your sister It must be lovely to be pampered (in no cooking I presume!) and just relax
The crochet looks fabulous You’re going to be busy with 5 commissions but isn’t it lovely to be able to enjoy what you are doing and someone else is paying the bill
Take care

Anonymous said...

Have a great break with your sister. Your time at the farm looks like you had lots of fun. WakeyL

jdunkley said...

Have a wonderful break. We are away too, going tomorrow. Our daughter gets married in a stunning barn in Surrey on Sunday. It's their third postponed date so fingers crossed for a lovely day.
Please ask the weather gods for assistance. Back to packing - imthe one who has everything inher bag. Blister plasters, paracetamol, tissues, etc etc etc packed.
Now together the dog ready for his mini break too.
It's all go!
Have a great weekend Christine and everyone else too 😀

jdunkley said...

Apologies for typos - I hate long nails!!! 🙃

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, that little farm looks delightful so I will let my nephew know about it. I love Herne bay and usually take a trip there on the bus when I am staying in Lyminge. There's a nice fabric shop in the high street - or at least there was!! Not having been there for two years who knows if they have survived. Have a lovely weekend with your sister. Despite the autumnal weather this past couple of weeks we have some sunshine today and it is supposed to get better. We will see xx

Littlelamb said...

Glad you enjoyed your time at the farm and your trip to Herne Bay. Enjoy your weekend away with your sister. You are going to be busy with all your crocheting. I have nearly finished another blanket and bought some yarn yesterday for another one. Enjoy your weekend and hope you have good weather.

Margie said...

What a great day out and a brilliant idea for a birthday treat. Herne Bay was where my grandparents lived and I had many happy holidays with them when I was little. Hope you've had a lovely break away. We're actually on holiday in Richmond, North Yorkshire but I still managed to bag one of those very cute charity kits xxx

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