Friday, 4 June 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Hasn't it been lovely to see some sunny weather?
Admittedly (and typically) after a couple of warm days I did say,
'phew it's a bit hot'! 
But it does feel like we've finally moved into summery warmth, 
long light evenings and plenty of birdsong first thing,
 although we do have to wait until 21 June for the official start of Summer.

Over the long weekend Elliott and I built this.
A new wall unit for his flat - he is hoping for that TV to transform
into a way bigger super duper flat screen!
OK it was flatpack Ikea and we did have to enlist Mitchell's help 
in sorting the glass doors but we were very proud.
We are not exactly great at DIY.
I was also rather impressed that we carried all the boxes up three flights of stairs!


I've got these, three of them in fact, different colours.
I've got no idea what they are!
I'm certain my clever blog readers will know...

Last year I went a bit mad with buying plants and I thought I made a list -
my list has failed me. 
I like them whatever they are and so do slugs and snails - grhhh!
I need to get my beer traps back in action.

Here is something not so attractive...
the rear alleyway to my home.

It all needs to be cleared as I'm having some work done 
and the workmen need access.
I've decided to have my conservatory roof replaced with tiles.
They are specially designed lightweight tiles.
I am very much hoping this will mean it will be a useful room 
in the winter as opposed to a walk-in fridge. 
I've got visions of a little crochet corner in there as it does look out on my
teeny weeny tiny garden which would be nice.


 That leads me neatly onto crochet progress - or lack of.
I've slowed up this week, work has been full on and a few nights at the 
point where I would normally pick up my crochet I've fallen asleep.
I have finished the squares for my Hello Autumn Blanket - 64 of them.
I intend to join them in Stone colour and have a mixed border,
I'm hopeful to get to that this weekend.


 Less viewing this week too.

I do subscribe to Britbox and they have started to make their own 
original programmes - The Beast Must Die is one of them.

Gripping revenge thriller set on the Isle of Wight. 

 'Gripping' might be an overstatement!
There is an awful lost of flashbacks and the first episode feels like you are 
wading through treacle but it is picking up a pace and I feel compelled 
to continue.  Scenery is beautiful and now another place has been put on my
'to visit' list.

Lesley - I haven't tried Colony on Netflix but I've added it to my viewing list.
(I make lists!)

Charity Kit:

Charity Kit Day on Sunday, they come around so quickly.
This month's chosen charity is Fibromyalgia Action UK.
And here's a sneak peek(s) - this month it is
a kit containing two mini cards.

Blog post will go up 7am Sunday morning and
I will do my usual splashing of details on social media.

Other stuff:

No recipe but delighted to see that Tina made my
lemon and coconut muffins as mentioned last week.

This originated from an adapted recipe in a magazine back in 1989,
before you could look online for every recipe.
Oldies are always the best.

And that my friends wraps up my news this week,
quite uneventful at the moment with this full time work malarkey, 
(which could be for the long haul),
but be prepared for the shared excitement of a 
conservatory roof at some point, me attempting to empty it
will be interesting.
I know - edge of the seat stuff! 

Take care, please stop by on Sunday and
have a thoroughly wonderful sunny weekend.

9 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you, a great chat today.
Your plant looks like a Fox glove.
Your crochetis very pretty.
You have all been very busy with your diy
it looks lovely.
Looking forward to Sunday.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Hi Christine, I am the same as you love at bit of sun but it is way too hot at the moment unfortunately my house is super hot in summer and summer cold in winter which is not good. Love the unit, lol hope the TV grows. Your flowers are beautiful and they look like foxglove to me. Omg that does need a bit of clearing. Conservatory crochet corner sounds nice and liking the progress on the new blanket. I don't have this channel but I have seen it advertised and it does look great. Isle of Wight is a gorgeous place been there many times to different areas. I am currently watching The Oval, which I think you review a while ago. Omg such a strange series, but I can't stop watching it. Sneak peek of the kit looks great. Have a great week stay safe xx

Christine said...

What great unit! Well done for having a bash
Love your crochet colours.
Your plant is a foxglove, lovely colours can be brought by the birds, they brought me some white ones.

karenlotty said...

Lovely chat I am complaining that it’s warm but I wouldn’t have it any other way At long last I have decent garden furniture and so I am enjoying sitting in the garden for a change
I love the crochet I am still knitting a baby jacket I’m enjoying doing a bit of knitting for a change
Apart from Sewing Bee and Glow Up I haven’t watched a lot of tele
The unit looks great You can’t beat a bit of IKEA
Take care

Carolyn said...

Definitely a foxglove and it obviously loves your garden , just be careful it doesn’t spread everywhere. Only jealous because I can’t grow them , they do t like my soil. Get the boys to tackle that passageway .lookforard to Sunday’s full view. Have a great day .xx

Anonymous said...

Well Done with the DIY unit you've made a great job. I'm sure the TV will be on his 'Santa list' (lol). It is amazing what a tiled roof makes to conservatories, it doesn't totally make them warm but not the ice box they can be; hoping all goes well. WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine,

Well what a busy week you have had. I must say the new unit looks very smart - and empty!! another picture in six months time may tell a different story. I love the colours you have selected for the autumn throw. It's going to look lovely when it's done. I did think the plants were foxgloves looking at the bottom open flowers but then the top ones seem to be a different colour so I'm not sure. Clearing the alleyway is going to be a fun task though perhaps it won't take as long as you dread. It is certainly a lot cooler today so perhaps you have had some time to get out there and make a start and I'm hoping the boys will help you too. The change to your conservatory will make all the effort worthwhile so enjoy your weekend Best wishes Jackie xx

Littlelamb said...

Like the look of th3 unit and you have done well all of you putting it together. Can’t help with the flowers I am afraid. Our hot weather didn’t last long. We had rain yesterday afternoon and this morning and no sign 9f any sun. Tomorrow looks as if it could be a better day. Love your autumn coloured blanket pieces and look forward to seeing it finished. Shame you haven’t been able to do much of it this week. Looks like you could all be busy at the weekend with clearing the alleyway.

Margie said...

Hi Christine, your plant looks like a very post foxglove. I have a few wild ones growing in the garden and they are very pretty but that one looks fabulous. Love the autumn blanket squares - you are doing more than me at the minute. Once the sun is shining, I'm full time in the garden doing battle with the weeds! Lovely long evenings though but it'll soon be the longest day so make the most of them. Enjoy your weekend. xx

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