Friday, 4 September 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Normal blogging service resumed.
Hope you are all keeping well and thanks for stopping
by for my weekly nattering.
Let's start...


With that sudden change in the weather I didn't need much excuse
to make a warming pud.
This is Plum Betty - equally delicious as Cherry Betty.
A 'Betty' is much like a crumble except you use breadcrumbs and 
you layer it, bit like a sweet lasagne! 

Filling: 750g plums, 75g light brown sugar
Topping: breadcrumbs from 3 slices of bread (granary is nice),
50g light brown sugar, 1tsp cinnamon,
75g chopped walnuts, 2tbsp melted butter
 Preheat oven to 180 C, 350F or Gas Mark 4. 
Grease a shallow glass or ceramic dish.
Filling: cut up plums and place in bowl with sugar.
Topping: Mix breadcrumbs, sugar and cinnamon in bowl.
Start layering: A third of topping mixture in bottom of dish,
add half the fruit mixture, second third of topping mixture,
remainder of fruit. Bake for 30 minutes.
Mix remaining third of topping mixture with
chopped walnuts and melted butter.
Remove dish from oven, sprinkle mixture over
and cook for a further 30 minutes.
Cool before serving, lovely with ice cream! 

The printable is available here.
And all the recipe links at the top of the blog are still in place - hurrah!

The plums I used come from a farm in Wormdale, just up the road from 
my sister's home, they have a produce table set out with a cash box.
Each week when I visit my sister I stop and buy something.
We've had the most amazing runner beans too.


Still over the moon with my little pink rose, the buds keep coming.

A new Clematis is very happily growing with Honeysuckle.
I've ensured it is the correct group for pruning, imagine trying to
disentagle it.

My first attempt at growing tomatoes, all still green.
I've been researching this, I've now cut off the top of the plants to
encourage more growth into the tomatoes, time is running out for them to
turn red, it could be a case of picking them and allowing them to ripen indoors.
All a learning curve.

And another first - I'm using bulb baskets.

This will enable me to have the bulbs in one place and lift them for
Summer bedding next year.  I got the idea when looking up 'small gardens'
but I've yet to find a garden as small as mine! 


Zero, zilch, none! 
Well, not entirely true - I've done a little bit of the wide border on my
original Attic 24 Harmony Blanket and that's it.
This gardening and 'flat preparation' lark certainly eats into time.

I'm certain once Autumn arrives and my gardening will be limited
 I'll be crocheting like the clappers.


It's been a 'bonnet week' for me, I've been indulging in all things
Jane Austen.  Whilst batch cooking for Elliott's new freezer
(lasagne and shepherds pie),
I've been re-watching these gems.
Pride and Prejudice - the Colin Firth version of course!

Sense and Sensibility

The 2008 version is my favourite, Hattie Morahan
playing Elinor Dashwood is superb
(in real life her Mum is Anna Carteret -
Inspector Kate Longton in Juliet Bravo - that may take you back).
I subscribe to BritBox but these can be found elsewhere I believe.


We celebrated Elliott's birthday last weekend in true style(?) -
fish and chips, cupcakes and Prosecco.
My Sister hosted and Bella was of course invited to the celebrations.

This weekend is the 'big move'.  Elliott going into his own flat.
I am excited but in true Mother mode I'm a little anxious and I will 
miss him greatly. I am very lucky with the bond I have with Elliott and he's
not going far so all my blessings have been duly counted.

And finally, it is Charity Kit Day on Sunday.
Here's a sneak peek ....

It's looking festive...
Please stop by for all the details.

Until then, wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
and, as always, take care, don those masks and keep safe.


CraftyCoffey said...

Garden is looking great . I’m glad you all enjoyed Elliott’s Birthday celebrations -good luck with the move this weekend.


mim said...

Hi Christine, I can't believe Elliot is moving out where has the time gone? Good luck with the move. Green tomatoes--put them in a paper bag with a banana it helps them ripen . I grew loads one year but they were all green and I was advised to try the banana trick. Failing that, green tomato chutney? Margaret xx

hazel young said...

Recipe looks lovely Christine, I may try that with damsons if the wind doesn't get them all. Glad you had a nice celebration for Elliott's birthday. Tomatoes and garden looking fabulous. Love the crocheted blanket, fabulous colours. Good luck with the move, it is a bit daunting when the youngest moves out, but all will be well and as you said he's not too far away. Have a great week will pop in for the charity kit on Sunday xx Hazel

Littlelamb said...

Like the look of the recipe. Always looking for something to do with breadcrumbs.. sounds a good idea. No crocheting done here yet but won’t be long unless the weather gets warmer again. Blanket is quite big now so will keep me warm whilst I am crocheting. Hope Elliotts move goes well. Always a sad time when one leaves home but at least he won’t be far away. Your garden is looking good. Didn’t grow to tomatoes this year as thought I would be away several times and not able to look after them but that didn’t happen. Take care. Stay safe. said...

Hi Christine.
Another great chat, I am a bit late today, baby sitting again.
Good luck Elliott have fun.
The nights are drawing in now so it is knitting and crafting time.
Looking forward to Sunday and the charity kit.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

karenlotty said...

Great chat zYoir garden looks amazing and the recipe looks very tasty
It will be upsetting seeing Elliott move out but you will also be a proud mum Like you say he’s not going too far Lovely to see you celebrating his birthday together
Green tomatoes make a beautiful chutney - ready for Christmas!
Loving the crochet I have finished my Lost Souls Shawl But still need to sew ends in and “block it out”
Have a great week

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, This recipe looks yummy, I will be giving this a try, thank you.
Your garden is looking fabulous, you have definitely got the 'green fingers', I was amazed at the bulb baskets, I didn't know of those. Your tomatoes will ripen indoors, but they look big and gorgeous.
What a fabulous time you will have had at Elliot's birthday, and what a big thing it will be for Elliot moving into his own flat, the piccie with Bella is lovely, how he has grown into a big strapping lad, I wish him all the luck and best wishes in his new flat.
Take care, stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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