Friday, 11 September 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

How has your week been? 
Definitely seeing the leaves turn a little, 
beautiful Autumn is on its way.

Lovely response to this month's Charity Kit,
that little car is popular - just one kit left.
If you missed it or fancy another please click here.

It has been another busy week in the Emberson household,
so much so apologies - no recipe! 
Dinners have consisted of speedy offerings, mainly toast.
And talking of 'toast' have you ever tried this...
toasting sweet potato slices?

I saw this on Instagram and I'm still undecided whether (a) to try it and
(b) whether I would like it!  Let me know if you give it a go.

A week or so ago I did have more time in the kitchen and did some batch
cooking for Elliott.  His freezer now looks like this.
There is Shepherds Pie too otherwise he could end up looking like lasagne!

Elliott is now fully moved into his flat, carpets went down last week
and last weekend we made many trips to and fro with all his belongings.
Goodness he packed a lot into a little room! 
Mitchell, my Dad and nephew all helped and were dab hands with 
fixing curtain poles, building flat packs and more.
Here's a before and after pic of his bedroom.


Very pleased we put down new carpet, the previous one had a real whiff! 
Love his choice of duvet cover - cats in space!
His cats - Pixel and Lily were intrigued by his absence but in typical cat fashion
have quickly found new laps to sit on.

Have to admit it is very strange without him at home, of an evening
we would always walk Bella together so she is a little confused too
but she is very happy with the huge park opposite Elliott's flat.
We've walked her there this week and still discovering how big it is.
Worcester Park in Greenhithe.

And here she is 'helping' me make up Elliot's bed.
Her little vampire teeth make us laugh every day.


It's finished! Tadah!
Attic 24 - Harmony Blanket.

There was a moment when I deliberated not doing the border but so
pleased I did, I adore the colour blend.
Lucy at Attic 24 is amazing, her patterns are truly the best to follow.

It's a huge blanket - single bed size, lovely soft and squidgy.
I am now part way through making the same blanket Summer Harmony.
From a girl that didn't like Granny Squares I have been fully converted.


Channel 5 - All Creatures Great and Small
I read last year that this series was on its way so I've been eagerly
awaiting it and it appears so have many others as 
Channel 5 received its biggest viewing figures in almost five years.

It was worth the wait, utterly enjoyable and Samuel West 
as Siegfried Farnon is spot on.
Long may it continue.


With the feel of Autumn on its way I've been out 
clearing my little garden.
Tomato plants are gone and with thanks to your advice
green tomatoes are now ripening alongside a banana.
I've planted bulbs and hopefully next week I'm putting in some 
winter pansies and/or Cyclamen - although I've never had much
joy with Cyclamen, they tend to look sickly quickly.

And my Hydrangea has put me in quandary - 
this is the one I obtained via Freecycle, at the time it wasn't flowering
but it soon took off. I think this is a Lacecap variety.
Pruning - I've come across so much conflicting advice,
I'd like to reshape it as it has some wayward stems and do I chop
over those flowerheads now?  

Mum, a little poorly again this week, in fact a rushed
trip to A and E but thankfully back home now and recovering.

And Mum now has a gardener who is brilliant and likes Bella - win win. 
As much as I have discovered my love of gardening I wouldn't have
been able to tackle Mum and Dad's large garden so having help is perfect.
I came across this picture that shows my cabin first going up and you can see
Mum and Dad's garden is a tad larger than mine. 

And that rounds up my week.
Today I am visiting my sister for a day of chat and crochet,
after such a hectic week I am truly looking forward to sitting on my bum.
This weekend, back to see Elliott and do a few bits.

Take care friends, I think we have a bit of a rocky road
ahead if we watch the news extra safe.

Much love,


hazel young said...

Well done on the charity kits Christine. I have never heard about toasting sweet potato, I may give it a try. The park near Elliott's flat looks nice and so does his room, love the duvet cover. Beautiful blanket you are such a clever crocheter. Enjoy your day and have a great week stay safe xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you a lovely chat.
I would be a bit worried about putting sweet potato in a toaster
would there be any moisture going into the electrics?
I hope your Mum is feeling better now.
Elliott's room looks lovely too.
Bella is so cute even with her fangs.
My card kit came Christine the card is so beautiful, that will go to special people.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great roundup of news. Sorry to hear your Mum wasn’t well but hoping she’s recovering now. Goodness/-their garden looks amazing + huge.

Glad Elliott has moved into his flat ok. Love the food parcels with instructions!


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, life is about 'adjusting all the time' at the moment as you are experiencing with Elliott and the pandemic, but we cannot standstill and stagnate. I've taken some cuttings from my hydrangea and am trying to cultivate them. Mine did not flower and when I looked on the internet it would seem that I should have pruned it in the Spring but then some sites said Autumn, so it's confusing. I can see a beautiful crochet blanket making its way on to Elliott's bed in the future in the appropriate colour co-ordinating wool. Sorry to hear your Mum's not been well but on the mend. What a beautiful garden your parents have but this is only achieved with lots of hard work. Have a great week.WakeyL

Carolyn said...

I love your Friday chats. Sorry to hear your mom has been poorly, that’s the problem with us old uns .Elliotts room looks VERY pristine , will it last ? Your crochet is lovely ,something I could never master. The hydrangea, I would leave till spring as the blooms help to protect against frost . I love my garden, which is big , I am able to still manage for the moment , but it seems to be getting harder as I get older (76) The autumn crocus are lovely at the moment, and they are a reminder of a dear long time friend who I sadly don’t get to see these days , I was going to travel to see her this year but COVID put a stop to that . My sunflowers have been spectacular this year ,one is over 7ft tall. Stay safe xxx

karenlotty said...

Great chat Great to see that Elliott has moved in OK Although my daughter doesn’t live at home She and her family are in the throes of moving and will be just down the road from us Hooray!!
Never tried toasted sweet potato Not sure I fancy it Maybe I’ll try it when I’m next preparing them for roasting
Well done on the charity kit
Sorry to hear your mum has been poorly and hope she’s well and truly on the mend
Take care

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