Friday, 24 July 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to this week's Friday Chat Day.
I have my regular natterings awaiting you...


This is a new recipe and I'm very happy to share it as 
it's quick, easy and very tasty.
Apple Traybake.
The recipe makes quite a large quantity so you may wish to halve it.
Or, like us, never worry if there is too much cake!

450g cooking apples (approx. 4 large apples)
lemon juice, 225g softened butter,
4 eggs, 2tsp vanilla extract,
350g self-raising flour, 2tsp baking powder
280g sugar, demerara sugar for topping

Preheat oven to 180 C, 350F or Gas Mark 4. 
Grease and line a baking tin (approx. 20cm x 27cm).
Peel, core and slice the apples –
add the lemon juice to stop browning.
Into a large bowl or food processor place butter, flour,
sugar, eggs, baking powder and vanilla extract.
Mix until smooth, spread half the mixture into the tin.
Arrange half the apple slices over the top, spread
remaining cake mixture and layer remaining apples.
Sprinkle with demerara sugar.
Cook 45-50 minutes, leave in tin to cool.
Cut into squares, eat and enjoy!

Click here for the Apple Traybake printable.
This recipe has also been added to the Recipes page/tab 
at the top of the blog here.


Truly delighted to have sold one of my crochet blankets last week,
I did a little happy dance (to the amusement of the boys).
I will be updating the crochet projects/yarn/for sale tab here
as and when I have items available.

This week has found me still working on two projects,
the Harmony Square blanket, joining those squares is becoming
a little speedier but I do need to concentrate.

This stripey project is quicker, thankfully as it is an order.
I'm just over three quarters of the way through and then I'll add a border.
It's the Attic 24 Hydrangea pattern using Dereamore DK Studio yarn.
I wasn't sure about the mustard but it seems to be working now.


I've been scouring those Freecycle offers again.
This time a garden gate. 
Our shed has a little lean-to which we have made 
into a cat shelter, our one eyed cat Darcy loves to sleep outside,
(she can come in any time she wishes but she favours plenty of fresh air).
Because we are soppy we have attempted to make it as weatherproof 
as possible, this has resulted in tent fabric and tarpaulins - not the most
attractive of items.  So...I came up with the idea of hiding the shelter with 
a garden gate and some trellis.

The trellis is a freebie too as my Dad made it and no longer needs it.
It doesn't match the gate so I've invested in a can of this...

Never used it before.
I shall be spraying the trellis this weekend and I'll let you know how it goes.
My 'gate that leads to nowhere' project.


My viewing this week has fallen into two diverse suggestions.
Firstly when I'm joining those crochet squares I need something
that is background but still enjoyable.
Agatha Christie's Poirot - all episodes available on BritBox,
selected episodes available on ITV Player. 

David Suchet does make a splendid Poirot, having played the character 
for 24 years I guess he had plenty of practice.
I also recommend his book Poirot and Me which tells the story of
how he secured the part and all the work he put into making such 
an authentic character.

And for when I was able to concentrate more 
I turned to Netflix for Snowpiercer.

Survivors of Earth's second ice age live out their days on a luxury
train that travels at high speed to plough through the snow and ice.
There is a hierarchy system, the poorest at the back of the train (the tail),
whilst the privileged in first class enjoy entertaining and luxury food.
It's a little gruesome at times with punishments metered out involving icy limbs!
The whole concept is intriguing.

And this week a pooch that isn't Bella...

This is Bear, my sister's Romanian rescue dog,
he's absolutely adorable.
It's impossible not to spoil him.
Definitely recommend getting a rescue dog, it's the equivalent
of giving them a whole new life.

Also this week, my Mum didn't get to celebrate her birthday 
fully as she was taken into hospital for surgery.
She's quite poorly but on the mend now, likely to be in hospital for 
another week.  It's so hard not being able to visit and doubly difficult
trying to get information from the hospital.
We are keeping everything crossed that she continues to improve 
and comes home soon, we've got a proper birthday celebration awaiting her.

Well my friends that wraps up this week's chatter.
I do hope you are all well and wishing you a lovely weekend.
Continue to be careful and safe.
Much love,


hazel young said...

Thank you for the recipe Christine. The crochet blanket is really coming on, well done you. Congrats on your sale Whoop whoop, none crafter's just don't get it. Love the gate idea it looks like it has always been there. I have now watched all the Poirot episodes, they will keep you going for a while. Bear is gorgeous. Sorry to hear about your mum, hope she recovers and is home soon, Then you can celebrate her birthday and recovery in one. Have a good week xx Hazel

CraftyCoffey said...

Great news post. So sorry to hear your Mum is poorly & you didn’t get to celebrate her birthday together.

Crochet & the garden are looking great.

Michele said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the lovely chat.
So sorry to read your Mum is poorly again, I send my very best wishes for her speedy recovery.
The recipe sounds so delicious, thank you.
Good luck with all your gardening projects, I hope the sun shines for you.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

JeanD said...

Morning Christine, I’m sorry to hear your Mum isn’t well again and hope she.comes home soon. So worrying for you all.
I’m going to try your apple tray bake because, for years now, I’ve been trying to replicate an apple cake my Grandad used to bake, without success so far. I remember it being in squares so this recipe is definitely a possibility. I’ll let you know. Take care, Jean x

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine, I too am very sorry to learn your Mum's not been well and needed surgery. Our positive thoughts are with you that she makes a good recovery and is home soon, as I'm sure you are all missing her, especially your Dad. We too have been watching Snowpiercer. I'm going to have to drool over the apple cake for as tempting as it is I feel my waist line would not forgive me for indulging. WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine,
So sorry to read your mum is in hospital again and all the birthday celebrations had to be postponed. I hope she will soon be back home again with you all. In the meantime it looks as if Bear is on watch for her!!
The apple cake sounds absolutely delicious so I really really must buy some butter for all your recipes.
The crocheting seems to be coming on apace and I love the brightness of the granny squares. It must have been so pleasing to sell one of your blankets as well.
Have a good weekend. With all the rain forecast the garden will be happy and you can do some crocheting!
Bye for now, Jackie xx

Littlelamb said...

Hi Christine. So sorry to hear your mum is in hospital again. Hope she is soon on the me t and can come home and celebrate her birthday. Well done on selling a blanket. Not surprised. They are beautiful. Love both the ones you are doing now. Brilliant idea with the garden gate. Hope the paint job goes well. Take care and have a good weekend.

Kim Hupke said...

Thank you so much for the weekly updates! I always love to see what project you are working on, it amazes me how your personal style goes into each and every project whether crochet or a card, a style I admire.
I’ll keep your mum in my prayers, hoping she will be able to come home soon and that you will be able to spend some time with her, even if only looking through the window.
Big hugs my friend! Stay safe, we continue to quarantine on the farm as Iowa’s numbers rise.

karenlotty said...

Great chat First off I hope your mum is doing OK It must be so hard not being able to visit
The crochet looks lovely and congratulations on the sale of one of your blankets I have finished my ‘mile a minute’ blanket A few mistakes I’ve noticed but overall I’m really pleased and it has mustard in it too
The garden looks fantastic and what a find
Bear looks gorgeous and his/her name is so apt
The recipe looks a nice one I love apple cake So will probably enjoy thi
Have a good week x

Margie said...

And thank you Christine for my lovely blanket! Its going to keep Mum warm over the winter when she's sitting watching the TV. Sorry to hear your Mum has been poorly and hope she recovers soon and can enjoy her belated birthday celebration. The apple cake sounds scrummy - will have to give that one a go. Thanks again for saving me all that work on the blanket - promise I won't tell Mum I made it! Margie x

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I hope you have your Mum back home very soon and on the mend, it must be awful for you all, she will really have a brilliant birthday celebration when she is home.
Congratulations on selling one of your beautiful blankets, and your next one is progressing beautifully.
The recipe looks yummy.
Bear is such a lucky doggy and he looks like he is having a wonderful life, to give a rescue dog a lovely home must be so rewarding. We got our kitties from the rescue.
Have a lovely weekend, stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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