Friday, 17 July 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

How are you? 
Can someone tell the weather we are in Summer please.
Normal recipe service has resumed this week so
let's start with that.


Not dissimilar to my original Scone recipe, this week it is 
Cheesy Scones.
I don't think there is any point having a cheese scone unless you
can taste the cheese so these are a bit of a calorific treat.
You can also add a dash of cayenne pepper and mustard powder, 
my limited spice rack didn't run to that but I don't think 
it has impaired them..non nom!

125g self raising flour, 1tsp baking powder,
½ tsp salt, 55g chilled salted butter,
100g mature cheddar plus 50g (finely grated)
60ml warm mix of milk and water

Pop a baking sheet in oven and preheat
to 220C, 425F, Gas Mark 7.
Place flour, baking powder, salt and butter (cut into cubes)
Into a food processor, whizz until it looks like fine breadcrumbs.
(Alternatively place all dry ingredients into mixing bowl and
rub in butter with fingertips).
Tip mixture into bowl and and mix in the 100g of grated cheese.
Add the milk and water, mix together until it begins to form
a dough.  Bring together with your hands but try not to knead.
Roll or press out to 2.5cm thickness and cut out scones
with a 6mm cutter/mug/glass. 
Brush tops with milk and sprinkle the 50g grated cheese.  
Place apart on the hot baking sheet and cook for 15-20 minutes.  
Remove from oven and eat as soon as possible -
don’t hold back on the butter!

Click here for the Cheesy Scones printable.
This recipe has also been added to the Recipes page/tab 
at the top of the blog here.


Some progress with this striped blanket in the Harmony pattern
using Deramores DK Studio yarn.
This is an order so I really should crack on a little faster,
I keep getting distracted with gardening.

This is the current situation with my Harmony blanket,
the joining is sloooooow.

At the top of my blog you may notice the Crochet Project page
has a little addition...'For Sale'.
Despite my ambition to make the world's biggest blanket fort I've had 
to concede that we do have too many blankets.
I've decided to put certain designs up for sale starting with these two.

If either take your fancy, all the details can be found here.

There is just one of each but I do intend to add more blankets
so please keep checking back.


My gardening bug is not abating.  
This week I ventured to a local garden centre (very impressed with
their management of spacing and safety so it was a double pleasure).
I came away with this beauty. I've never owned a rose bush before and
whenever I see the words 'hardy' on a plant label I am overjoyed!

Thank you to those who confirmed the name of my plants last week,
I'm loving Agapanthus 'Lily of the Nile' and 
I've just discovered they come in white too.

This week I decided to order a small bench for the garden, I'm hoping it will be nice
to sit outside with a cuppa and possibly crochet. 
I do have this bench but as you can see I've somewhat hampered the seating
with a Clematis.

I spent a lot of time online and found one I liked, ordered and then the boys suggested
this idea... I declined.


Occasionally on a weekend afternoon I dig out an old
black and white film, it just feels right somehow.
Delighted to discover that on the BBC iPlayer they have many classics.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, a shy woman (Joan Fontaine) marries a charming 
gent (Cary Grant) but she then begins to suspects him of trying to kill her. 

I had forgotten how disjointed old classics can be,
the scenes seem to cut out when they shouldn't but putting that aside,
it's wonderful and who doesn't adore Cary Grant.

And keeping it diverse...

Ready Player One available on Amazon Prime.
Science fiction action film directed by Stephen Speilberg.
Set in a dystopia in 2045, follows a young man searching for 
an 'easter egg' in a virtual reality game.
(Not the chocolatey variety, instead a hidden object in a video game).

If I didn't live in a house of gaming fanatics I probably would 
never have seen this film.
Instead I could relate to it, loved it and watched it twice! 

Thank you for your telly recommendations too,
like me many of you have enjoyed The Detectorists and Sinner.

It was my Mum's birthday this week and we are celebrating
properly on Sunday with a safe distanced barbecue in my sister's garden.
I'm going to prepare some veggie kebabs and something far less healthy
in the form of a cake - I'll let you know next week how that works out
and possibly potential blog recipes.

Oh I nearly forgot the pooch (how could I?)
She's been pampered and been to the groomer.
(Us humans here are not brave enough to venture to hairdressers yet).
We call this her 'Meerkat cut'.

Until next week, whatever you are doing  
may it be enjoyable, take care, keep distanced and wear
those masks everyone.


hazel young said...

Oh yes please we need the sunshine back. I love cheesy scones and also cheese and mustard bread. Great that you are selling your makes that makes room for more. The current makes are coming along nicely. Lovely rose Christine. There are some creative people out there upcycling trash into treasure hence the bench lol. This would fit in with your garden. I hope your mum is doing well and enjoys her birthday. I hope the weather is good for you. Arh bless Bella she looks so different when shes had a hair cut. Enjoy your week xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you another lovely chat.
So glad to read your Mum is getting better.
Yummy scones too.
Well my dentist can now continue my treatment, so things are getting better.
Take care stay safe and have fun, oh a very cute Bella too, Kitty.

Carolyn Chiltoon said...

I often make cheese scones , really yummy. I love Bella s haircut . I managed to get mine cut this week so feel a bit more human, I didn’t do very good with the self trim . Love to all xx Carolyn xx

Margie said...

Hi Christine, lovely chat and thank you so much for the chance to buy one of your lovely blankets. Can't wait to see it and I know my Mum will love it. You made my mouth water with the cheese scone recipe - got to make those soon. Love Margie xxx

Littlelamb said...

Thank you for the blog post every Friday. Fridays seem to come around so quickly but always look forward to your post. Lovely blankets. The scone recipe looks good. Might give it a try. Nice to have something different to eat. Bella looks lovely with her haircut. Don’t think I will be going anytime soon. Love Agapanthus. Never seem to have any luck growing the. Though. One of the things about going to Jersey that I love is that most of the flowerbeds are full of large Agapanthus. Should be there now but deferred to next year. Not sure that will go ahead as EasyJet want to stop flying from local airport which will be a shame. Have a lovely weekend.

Kim Hupke said...

Thank you for your newsy Friday chats!
Please tell your Mum happy birthday from us! Today is my Dad’s birthday ❤️
Take care! We continue to quarantine, alas, I’m not as craft productive as you, it feels like most of my time had been spent cooking and washing dishes! Lol.
Be safe ❤️

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine Just love your description of Bella as her Meerkat look. Very apt.The cheese scones look very yummy. I must remember to order some butter I get so used to just having spread. I'm glad the Agapanthus is flourishing. The first time I ever saw these was in New Zealand but they have become very popular here now. I know what you are feeling when hobbies can take over and there are only so many blankets that you can use at one time so spreading the love is great. Have a lovely time at your sisters on Sunday. Fingers crossed the weather stays fine love from Jackie xx

karenlotty said...

Great chat and such a good idea to sell them We can only keep so much stash
My mile a minute blanket is coming along and really enjoying just sitting in front of the tele doing it but then I am a real home bird
The recipe looks good I have never used warm milk to make scones but will give this a go
Thanks for the tele suggestions
Bella does look adorable and yes she does look like a meerkat- bless

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Yum yum those cheese scones look so yummy, although my favourite scones are usually raisin scones, but I do love a yummy cheese scone too as long as it is slathered in butter (proper butter mind haha).
Happy Birthday to your Mum, I hope you all enjoy your weekend BBQ.
I had to chuckle at the look on Bella's face with her new haircut, I bet she feels much better now.
Your rose bush is lovely and a pretty colour.
I had to laugh at the 'chair' the boys suggested, hahaha.
Take care, have a lovely weekend, stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

CraftyCoffey said...

Great to hear all your news. The scones look delicious. Crochet is looking great and good choice on the plants, should brighten up your garden. Bella looks so cute after her haircut.
Hope the BBQ is good & the weather stays fine. Happy Birthday to your Mum.


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